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It sounds awful, but the Lugnuts behind late homers from DP combo Peralta and Klosterman rallied from a 4 run deficit to an extra-inning victory. The farm affiliates were a perfect 3-0.

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Alone behind locked doors
And have scrambled eggs for breakfast
And sit and read the box scores

One win for the Toronto farm, and woulda, coulda, shoulda.

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Francisco Rosario was great but Gabe Gross stole the spotlight. Josh Banks is back on form, the Dunedin bats were mashing, while Lansing were all wet. A 3-0 Sunday on the farm.
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The Sunday morning before Victoria Day might just be my favorite time of the year. A newspaper, brunch, no work the day before or after, good weather, and maybe a little gardening on the agenda in the afternoon. Ahh. Your interactive magazine brings good news too. Aside from the Jays' shellacking of the Senate, the farm affiliates went 3-1 on Saturday.

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There are certain dead giveaways that a once-successful creative venture is running out of ideas. There'll be an episode featuring a seance, or two characters stuck in an elevator. Or maybe there'll be a very special guest appearance by Dick Van Dyke. Or they'll add a cool new kid named Roy. Or Ted McGinley will show up. Or, in the case of the minor-league update, they start adding trivia questions on a 2-2 night for the farm teams.
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Welcome to Toronto, Aaron Hill. Syracuse's loss is our gain. Speaking of which, Syracuse and Dunedin lost games late yesterday, while the Fisher Cats behind Shaun Marcum cruised to victory.

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Morning start times across the board, and a 1-2 record for the affiliates. It's certainly an odd feeling when the Minor League Update is done at 3:16 PM the day before publication. I believe that's a new record.
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No near perfect games in today's report, but there was some fine pitching, nonetheless. 2 wins, 2 losses.
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He’s Gaudin for speed…

An undefeated night for the farm featuring a near-perfect game.

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Pop Quiz: Who had more hits, Lansing or the three other teams combined? You can probably guess, Lansing had sixteen, the other three teams had 5, 5, and 3 for a total of thirteen. You can probably also guess that Lansing were the only team to win yesterday. Lansing's Jason Armstrong was the star of the day.
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Whether or not you can jump a freight train, it is a sure thing that rain, early morning or otherwise, will disrupt a pitching staff. It happened to the big club in Cleveland, and the farm affiliates were not immune to Mother Nature's power on a 1-3 day on Saturday.

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Friday the thirteenth saw some ugly plays in Syracuse, and the affiliates went 1-3. New Hampshire had the only win while Kurt Isenberg pitched well in a losing cause for Dunedin.
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Syracuse wins in extras; Lansing lose early, and late:; and Dunedin go cruising. MacDonald, Thigpen and Griffin are your stars du jour.
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"April review!" you wonder, "but Ryan, aren't we almost halfway through May already?" Well, yes. Yes we are. Any more questions?
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The only team that won last night was the only team with John Hattig. Count the ring!
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