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Yesterday I noted that Ryan Patterson had high batting averages in ever place that he's played so far.  Well, he didn't hurt his average any last night as he hit two home runs.

The farm teams went 3-1 on the night with the lone loss coming in extra innings.

Syracuse 3 @ Louisville 4 (11 innings)

Josh Banks had a mixed night for the Chiefs.  He gave up 3 runs over 6 2/3 innings, including a HR allowed.  On the plus side he struck out 8 with no walks.  His K:BB ratio is 17:1 for the season.  And you thought he had great control last year.  Brandon League pitched 2 1/3 scoreless innings with 2 walks and 2 strikeouts.  His ERA for the year sits at 0.82. 

At the plate John Hattig and Wayne Lydon each had 2 hits and a walk.  Rob Cosby also had two hits for Syracuse.

Binghamton 4 @ New Hampshire 8

The Fisher Cat bats started to warm up last night.  NH broke the game open in the fourth and fifth inning with 4 and 3 runs respectively.  Adam Lind led the way going 4-5 with a HR to bring his average up to .311 for the year.  Big Vito Chiaravolloti also hit a tater, a 2 run shot, and went 2-3 on the night.  Third basemen Eric Arnold had 4 singles in 4 ABs, Curtis Thigpen had two hits and Chip Cannon had three hits. 

Ismael Ramirez picked up the win for the Fisher Cats scattering 3 hits and 1 walk over 6 innings.  Ramirez had 3 Ks on the night.

Lakeland 3 @ Dunedin 6

The D-Jays scored 3 in the 8th inning to break a 3-3 tie to pull out the win.  Ryan Patterson and Dustin Majewski led off the inning with walks and after a Eric Nielsen fly out Christian Snavely hit a 3 run home run for the margin of victory.  At the plate Ryan Patterson had 2 home runs, a walk and a stolen base.  Neilsen and Snavely also had two hits on the night.

Lefty Eric Folwer got the start and gave up 1 run over five innings.  He struck out 5 against 2 walks and 7 hits (6 singles).  Sidearmer Connor Falkenbach picked up the win with a scoreless two out performance.

Lansing 7 @ Clinton 5

The Nuts' bats were going last night as the team put up 7 runs to bail out starter Kristian Bell.  Leading the way was David Hicks with 3 hits and 3 RBIs.  Third basemen Chris Gutierrez also chipped in with two hits.

Kristian Bell got the start and struggled over 5 innings.  Bell gave up 4 runs on 5 hits and 5 walks, striking out just one batter.

3 Stars!
3rd star - Eric Arnold, 4-4
2nd star - Adam Lind: 4-5 with a HR
1st star - Ryan Patterson:  2-3 with 2 HRs, a BB and a SB

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rtcaino - Wednesday, April 19 2006 @ 03:07 AM EDT (#145433) #

Nice to see the guys in NH swing the bat well. The offensive struggles of our positional prospects at double A have been causing me a disturbing amount of anxiety. Just adjusting to the level, I tell myself, just adjusting to the levelů

Jonny German - Wednesday, April 19 2006 @ 08:47 AM EDT (#145438) #

Don't foget that Fisher Cats stadium is a severe pitcher's park. Last year it scored .802 using ESPN's method, compared to .848 for Camden Yards and .816 for Petco Park, the most severe parks in the Majors.

Lucky - Wednesday, April 19 2006 @ 09:11 AM EDT (#145442) #
What do you mean by a severe pitchers' park?  It seems that the field has a very short right field line and would be good for left handed hitters like Lind.
Jonny German - Wednesday, April 19 2006 @ 09:19 AM EDT (#145446) #

Sure, maybe the park does play well to lefthanded power hitters. Overall though, it's a severe pitcher's park, as evidenced by the park factor. The one I quoted is the ratio of total runs scored in Fisher Cat home games to total runs scored in Fisher Cat road games in 2005.

Mike Green - Wednesday, April 19 2006 @ 09:31 AM EDT (#145451) #
Last year, the winds blew in from left in New Hampshire constantly. Kevin Pataky advised us that the hotel that was being constructed beyond the left field fence was intended to limit this, but I haven't yet listened to a Fisher Cat home game to see if it has worked.  Perhaps someone who has been to a Fisher Cat game this season could let us know.
Cristian - Wednesday, April 19 2006 @ 09:36 AM EDT (#145453) #
I think Lucky stumbles onto an interesting point.  Rather than one factor, would it not make sense to have 2 figures: one for each handedne ss of batters?  I've seen park factors broken down by type of hit before, i.e. a park that is doubles friendly but homer unfriendly, but I've never seen a lefty/righty split.  With all the quirky field dimensions nowadays, these figures might be useful.
Mike Green - Wednesday, April 19 2006 @ 09:48 AM EDT (#145457) #

Cristian, left/right park factors have been discussed in da Box, back in 2003.  I raised the question of the park in New Haven which favoured left-handed hitters, and John Neary and Craig Burley did excellent research to confirm the suggestion.  Unfortunately, minor league L/R data is no longer publicly available (SI used to have it).  So, any gathering of data would have to be done from scratch.

Pistol - Wednesday, April 19 2006 @ 09:48 AM EDT (#145458) #

I'd be really interested in seeing park factor splits for LH and RH hitters.  I suspect it's quite a difference.  The wind and dimensions favor the lefties and hurt the righties.

I'm not sure the hotel would cut down on the winds much.  It's in left center so it would block northerly winds to some degree, but most wind will come from the west  (the left field line runs pretty much North/South).

Mike Green - Wednesday, April 19 2006 @ 09:57 AM EDT (#145460) #

Interesting, Pistol.  The science of winds is tricky; the construction of a hotel in left center if the winds are coming from certain directions could lead to tunnelling of the winds, and actually stronger winds blowing in from straight away left. 

Green's minor league question of the day.  Yuber Rodriguez line is a mixed bag.  Like it or not?  For myself, 15 strikeouts, 2 walks and no homers in 37 at-bats smells trouble. The batting average is unsustainably nice, but I do like the 5-0 SB/CS. 

Lugnut Fan - Wednesday, April 19 2006 @ 10:36 AM EDT (#145462) #

That is a good question Mike.  Yuber strikes out a ton.  Most of his strikeouts are swinging.  When he swings, he looks off balance.  He lifts his back foot instead of pivoting on it and generating any power.  His head moves a lot too when he swings which changes the plane of the ball.  I think he should go to the plate with a lead off hitter mentality, work the pitcher deep into the count and walk more.  He is more aggressive and he tends to get himself out by chasing bad pitches (elevated fastballs seem to be his weakness).

With that said, he has gotten his fair share of hits this year for Lansing and his OBP is much improved for Lansing from last year.  He will have some serious trouble at the higher levels however IMO.

MatO - Wednesday, April 19 2006 @ 10:56 AM EDT (#145466) #
Wow.  It looks like 3 morning games today for Syr, NH and Dun.
Mike Green - Wednesday, April 19 2006 @ 11:05 AM EDT (#145471) #
Yep, another work day well spent, as Tug McGraw might have said.  Minor leaguers in the morning, big-leaguers in the afternoon. And if you want to check out prospects, Pawtucket (Dustin Pedroia) and Durham (BJ Upton and Delmon Young) face off this morning, and you can hear it on 
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