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Welcome to your new post as hitting coach for the Jays, Mickey Brantley. And also, welcome to photo of the day.

Here he is taking Vernon Wells' helmet, batting gloves and the remainder of his shattered bat as Wells prepares to take the field after grounding out:

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Bauxite Kevin Pataky sent me an e-mail last week that said, "Enclosed is a picture for you that I think most readers of Da Box can appreciate." We certainly can, Kevin.

And after a weekend that stunk in more ways than one, Kevin has allowed us here at Batter's Box to share it with everyone else:

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Our enlargement (pardon the pun) of Photo of the Week into a daily feature continues.

Here's Alex Rios, freezing on his way home just before reversing course to return to third base:

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When I did a quick count of how many of my photographs were of each player, I had to ask myself if I had some kind of man-crush on Eric Hinske, who showed up in about 10% of them. The next closest player was David Wells, and I shot so much of him because he was looking so hangdog and sad-eyed that I just couldn't help myself -- it was like watching a traffic accident, really. But I have no similar explanation for why I shot so much of Eric Hinske, and I also can't explain why so many of them are good.

So, today's photo of the day is of (surprise) Eric Hinske, in the field at first base:

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Another day, another photograph. Since the Photo of the Day seems to be a good luck charm for the subject, I've been digging through the photographs here, looking for people who could use an extra shot of good luck or mojo or whatever it is.

Some folks yesterday suggested that the Jays' relief staff could use a bit of the pixie dust, so here's Jason Frasor:

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As noted by Bauxite VBF, it's looking like Photo of the Day is a bit of a lucky charm -- yesterday's poster boy, Shea Hillenbrand, went 4-for-4. So Mrs. Hank has requested that I put up a photograph of a somewhat cold member of her fantasy team.

Here's Vernon Wells, tensing up as the pitch comes in:

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In honor of his strong performance again yesterday, today's Photo of the Day features Shea Hillenbrand.

Here he is on April 9th, taking David Wells deep:

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Our week of daily photographs comes to an end, but I'll be putting up a new picture every day at lunchtime again next week, starting on Monday.

In honor of Roy Halladay's magnificent performance yesterday, here's Doc on April 9th at the Rogers Centre:

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Our expanded Photo of the Day extravaganza continues!

Today we have Butterfield talking to Rios after Rios was caught stealing on April 9th:

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Our daily expansion of Photo of the Week continues with the mighty Gregg Zaun, who hit another homer last night.

This picture is of Zaun watching his grand slam sail towards the fences on Saturday:

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