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This is another in a not-quite endless series: final versions of things I examined while the season was in progress. Today’s text (and ensuing Data Table, and Pretty Pictures) concerns Starting Pitchers and Game Scores.
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How did John Gibbons organize the rotation this year? How did he juggle the starters and the off-days? Did he get anything done?
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As you might remember, we recently pored over a Data Table that used Bill James' Pythagorean Method to determine the Expected Win-Loss record of every major league team.

I regarded the results as very good news for the 2006 Blue Jays. If the Jays score 775 runs and allow 705 next year, they're much more likely to go 89-73 than to put up another 80-82 record. I may not have been Named for Hank, but I know when the glass is half-full.

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THere is another installment in what will surely turn out be a multi-part series: let's think of it as a Post-Mortem Analysis of the 2005 Blue Jays.
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Orlando Hudson: 2nd best fielder in the league.

This is kind of silly, but I can't resist. Sorry.

An old joke: someone (I forget who) used to do a spoof of a sportscast by saying: "And tonight's baseball scores: 4-1, 3-2, 6-0, and 7-2."

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Nearly a quarter of a century ago, writing for The Boston Herald, author and lifelong Cub fan Ron Berler coined the phrase and idea of "The Ex-Cub Factor."

Berler's theory was simple, as summarized by our friends over at "Since the Cubs last won the NL pennant in 1945, only once has a team with three or more ex-Cubs won the World Series." Remarkably, this is still true -- and Berler even came up with a cockamamie way to explain away the single anomaly, postulating that 1960 PIT 3B Don Hoak had somehow overcome his "Cub-ness" and thus did not officially count against the Pirates that year.

This so-called "Ex-Cub factor" is a much-quoted (and often-mis-quoted or mis-represented) theory of the baseball universe, so there's something to this; but there are other factors to consider, too, as we head into the post-season starting ... yikes! ... later today. Let's see ...

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There is a fairly predictable relationship between runs scored and allowed, and games won and lost. It does stand to reason, no?
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I posted my thoughts at BTF on how to deter behaviours that MLB and the union deem inappropriate (i.e., steroids). Here they are, in a somewhat orderly fashhion. You can skip to my solution at the end, if you are pressed for time.
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Well, as good as possible.

But one of the concerns expressed in recent days, by myself and by others, has been more or less as follows: if Vernon Wells is your best hitter, just how good an offense can you have?

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Towards the end of today's game, this exchange happened in the Chat:

CaramonLS: Can you do a comparative analaysis of other teams #3 hitters combined?
Magpie31: When I get home!
CaramonLS: I'd like to see where the Jays rank, because I was going over the teams in the AL Central/AL East... Out of those 10, Jays would rank last.

Magpie delivers! A Data Table, what else!

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It's an off day... I thought I'd make a little Data Table.

And we have been talking obsessively about how well the Blue Jays hit with runners on base, haven't we?

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I wasn't able to get an AL East report up this week due to illness, so I hope this suffices.
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I wanted to provide some supplementary information to Rob's piece yesterday on AL closers... ah, hell. I just wanted to make a Data Table. Get your Analytical Fix right here!
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I am once again running the Scouting Report project. The Jays ballots were one of the most-filled last year, and I'm sure it's in no small part due to the Batter's Box readers. If you can take a few minutes, I'd appreciate it.