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The Barfield Division hogs the limelight as top teams face off while Pistol Nine shatters a BBFL record.
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Only six weeks remain in the regular season. Six weeks to separate the men from the boys, the Duckhorn Cabernet from the Boone's Farm, the autographed Roy Halladay jersey from Aaron's Shea Hillenbrand jersey.
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The All-Star Break nominally marks the halfway point of the season, but in the BBFL only eight weeks remain before the playoffs. With only a four-day schedule this week and the 25-inning minimum still in effect, owners must insure that their pitchers will see action.
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Tales of wonder and woe as the BBFL enters its second half.
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Division Leaders at the Halfway Point:
Alomar: Edmonton Decepticons (80-47-5, one game ahead of the Gashouse Gorillas)
Barfield: Magic 9 (88-35-9, 6.5 games up on the 1-Tool Wonders
Carter: Sexy Underpants (88-36-8, 8.5 games ahead of the Wedding Singers)

A brief history of the BBFL at midseason:

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Alomar Division: A new leader, plus relationship advice.
Barfield Division: Pohnpei Papayas use 25 pitchers, throw 900 innings in one week.
Carter Division: Sox defeat Underpants in Battle Of The Garments.

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Alomar Division: Edmonton Decepticons gain on Mebion Glyndwr.
Barfield Division: Magic 9 holds off 1-Tool Wonders and Moscow Rats.
Carter Division: Sexy Underpants embarrass opponents.
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Alomar: Mebion Glyndwr holds off nine would-be usurpers.
Barfield: Magic 9, 1-Tool Wonders and Team Junior Felix play mean.
Carter: Opponents impotent against Sexy Underpants.

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Alomar Division: Box founder Kent "Toronto Walrus" Williams challenges Mebion Glyndwr.

Barfield Division: Magic 9 mesmerizes opponents while former Alomar member Moscow Rats stake claim for promotion.
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Alomar Division overrun by Gorillas, Halos, and a Walrus.
1-Tool Wonders maintain Number 1 ranking in Barfield.
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Hannibal dines on Shore Bird with fava beans and a nice chianti.
European Wannabe stakes claim on Cooney Island.
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W-A-M-C-O embarrasses The Commish and Glyndwyr wyns again.
Barfield leader is a Tool.
Wedding Singers sing "We Are The Champions" (this week).
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Season Four of the BBFL is underway.
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Reminder - the BBFL drafts are tonight at 9 pm EST.

Be there or be square left with a bad team.

39 of the 52 returning BBFL owners partook in Democracy's Greatest Adventure: the annual voting on rule changes. Owners resoundingly approved two changes to league administration and defeated two proposals regarding game play.
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