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Adam Lind went 4-4 as the Jays won against the Rays.  The rubber match is a day game today, at 1:10.

Lind is on fire at the moment, he is hitting over .500 on the road trip and he has moved his batting average over .300.  The Jays need him because Jose Bautista is out until the weekend and no-one else on the team is "hot".  Consider:

Juan Rivera did have a hit last night but his batting average is .215.

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Halfway to Joe D.
Okay, twenty-eight is when it may be worth starting to pay attention.

That's the length of Andre Ethier's current hitting streak, and exactly half as long as the legendary Joe D'iMaggio's streak back in '41. It's already the second-longest streak in the illustrious history of the Brooklyn/LA Dodgers. (Quick, a thousand cuttlefish says you can't name who's first, at 31, without looking it up).

So Bauxites, how far does Andre's streak extend?

With about 20 games played in the 2011 season, two Blue Jays farm club teams are in the cellar in their respective league divisions, one in second place and one on top.  Las Vegas, suffering a current nine game losing streak is at the foot of the Pacific Coast League Pacific South Division with a 9 13  record.  Likewise, Dunedin, riding a 1 game winning streak, but  hurting from a weak start of the season, is 8 13, and at the bottom of the Florida State League North Division.

On brighter notes, Lansing is tops in the Eastern Division of the Midwest League with a 14 7  record and a three game winning streak.  And at 11 8 New Hampshire started out strong and are in second place in the Eastern League Eastern Division, despite a two game losing streak.

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It struck me the other day that the Blue Jays staff doesn't have a lot of experience.

Specifically, I wondered if Ricky Romero, with just two seasons under his belt, might actually be second on the staff in career innings pitched.
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A big win last night for the Jays, with David Price and James Shields lined up for today and tomorrow a win in game one was important.

Jayson Nix has gone on the DL after Sean Rodriguez repositioned his lower body, Mike McCoy is back up.

Jose Bautista got the Jays to extra innings, he scored all four runs scored in the regulation nine.  Rajai Davis started his rehab last night, as did Scott Podsednik and DeWayne Wise.  It can't come too soon as Corey Patterson has returned to his being Corey Patterson and his batting average is down to .214. 

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Brad Emaus has been dispatched to Colorado, in exchange for RHP Chris Malone and either cash or a PTBNL.
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Following up on a off topic post in a previous thread... Anthony DiComo of reported a few hours ago that Brad Emaus was designated for assignment by the Mets.
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My buddy Eddie Michels in Dunedin, who reports for a number of news services, says that Outfielder Scott Podsednik is recovering from his bout with Plantar Facialis, a painful foot malady.  
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There were a few story lines around yesterday's win that I could have featured in the headline.  I went with the Jays win despite the "future of the franchise" riding the pine.  Adam Lind; Aaron Hill and Travis Snider have all been struggling and John Farrell elected to give them some down time.  I could have gone with how the West Coast trip has been the ruin of many a young teams dream but I didn't.  These west coast trips are tough and a 2-4 record shows that.  There is also a redemption angle, after blowing a lead on Monday the Jays capitalize on Seattle blowing a lead yesterday.  Chris Ray, really, in a one run game? 
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It was (more than) 20 years ago today ....

(That Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play? No, no, different tune ...)

Two decades plus one year ago, Cal Ripken Jr. started a streak. Not The Streak, mind you -- that was already underway -- but  in April, 1990, Iron Cal began an unprecedented 95-game streak in which he was Errorless Cal. Another  streak,  for  consecutive totalerrorless chances (431) by a shortstop., ran parallell, so it was no fluke.

Bet you didn't know that. Which leads to two related Question(s) of the Day ...

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That was quite a game last night.  From Bob Davidson to Brett Cecil to Yunel Escobar to Travis Snider to Edwin Encarnacion and missed opportunities there was a lot that happened in this game.  And unfortunately the end result was not good. 
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Another win for the good guys yesterday but it wasn't a totally good news day.  Jesse Litsch and Marc Rzepczynski were good and very good respectively while Travis Snider had the one big hit the Jays needed.

On the not so good side Yunel Escobar is being examined to see if he has a concussion after a collision at third base.

Elsewhere there must be panic in the streets of Boston as the Sawx drop to 0-5.  On the streets of Tampa, whose team is in the same predicament, there might be a slight note of concern.


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Twitter - it's a thing. In fact, a big thing. Let's check in on the state of Toronto baseball on Twitter
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We've looked at the team's hitting and pitching and defense the last two days. Today we give our overall impressions of what the Jays will be like in 2011.
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Yesterday was hitters, today it's pitching and defense. Tomorrow? You'll have to wait and see (I predict it's our annual concession stand preview, but I've been wrong before.)
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