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The regular season is ready to go. Now it is time to go on the record with your predictions for the season.
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The Blue Jays have enjoyed a pleasantly uneventful time in Florida so far.
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I think it's even on the television. Yusei Kikuchi will throw the first pitch of the spring.
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Football is over and baseball is back. Although it is not the required reporting date yet, many players are already in Dunedin along with several of the Blue Jays writers.
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I was wasting my time scrolling through the Twitter when my beady eye lighted upon this particular image and I thought I would share.
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... in less than 30 days? My, time flies.

Time for Fresh Thread.
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It's time for a new thread, and I have some trivia! I saw it on Twitter! It's got to be true!
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More than 200 comments? It's definitely time.
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Finally has happened - via Jeff Passan of ESPN.
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The winter meetings are underway in San Diego. The off-season has been relatively quiet so far. It is uncertain whether there will be deals at the winter meetings or just a lot of discussion.
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We just saw Gaylord Perry pass away, one of many guys who thrived in the era of no pitch limits. When guys could throw 300 IP in 5 of 6 years (Perry did it ages 30-36 with 'just' 280 one year) and had 6 more 200 IP seasons left in his arm after that (!!). I could go antidotal on it but I prefer raw data.
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There was much more to him than the spitball.
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And here's the new Hall of Fame ballot...
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I made a Data Table. I intend to share.
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Sign my name
Hold my breath
Sing my heart out
Beat my chest for, my babe
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