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Things are very quiet with labor issues  hanging over MLB.  So lets start a new area for covering any oddball topics as they are bleeding into the prospects.
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The new class is getting closer and closer now. Lets look back at Jays who have gotten votes for it.
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Rogers has announced they are going to reno the Dome instead of building new at a cost of roughly $250 million.
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When I was younger I used to make 'best ever seasons' for the Jays by position (a lot easier in the 80's as there weren't many years to cover).  So what about this year?
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What's going on? Funny you should ask.
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Well, the first big free agent signing by the Jays has happened. Five-years, $110 million.
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Way back in August 2010, I posted the initial version of Bringing Up Babies. At that moment, we were all a little worried that Travis Snider hadn't yet taken the league by storm. Like he was supposed to.
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Small stakes bring you where you're caught in a rut
You feel uptight you just wanna throw it all up
Small stakes hit you with the minimum blues
Can't think big, can't think past one or two
so come on
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It is a big extension at 7 years $131 mil.
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This is a big one. Who is in the rotation in 2022? We know 3 almost for certain in Berrios, Ryu, and Manoah. But who will be the other 2?
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So, given we know the Jays have had issues at Third Base this year (to put it nicely) what are the options for an upgrade?
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It's come to this, has it?
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This is going to be a big discussion with the Jays looking to make big trades and/or signings over the next few months in an effort to win now. How risky are prospects? Are top 100 ones safe bets? Top 10? What about the Jays own top 10? Lets check.
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And then there were four.
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One Evil Empire was dispatched by another on Tuesday night, as Boston dismissed the Yankees in a somewhat ho-hum game. And last night the Dodgers got by the Cardinals in a tense, gripping affair that was only decided on the game's final pitch. Which took place four hours and fifteen minutes after the first pitch. It was wonderful, dramatic entertainment if you had the endurance required to stick with it to the end. But now we have an Elite Eight.

The ALDS kicks off this afternoon with the White Sox in Houston, two teams managed by guys even older than me. Cool. The Red Sox and Rays get underway in Tampa Bay later tonight. The Other League gets started on Friday.
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