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Today we'll look at the Spring Training stat sheet and decide who should make this year's club.
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"You spend your life gripping a baseball and it turns out it was the other way around all the time."
-------Jim Bouton

The real story from last night's game was all about a former Blue Jay. Roberto Alomar made two errors in the top of the 1st, struck out looking in the bottom of the inning and then came out of the game.

It was Alomar's first game after missing a week with back problems, and he told Lou Piniella last night that he was having difficulty seeing. Speculation is rife that he will announce his retirement later today.

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Thursday's rains in Florida meant another spring day without baseball. I wonder if teams will gradually relocate to Arizona, because of the more reliable March weather there. Rainouts and rain delays are perfect times to look at the broader picture, so here goes.

With the departure of Carlos Delgado, a legitimate question has been asked: how will the Jays score runs this year? There does not seem to be an abundance of either power or speed, and some have suggested that an increased use of the hit and run, the sacrifice, and other one-run strategies might be in order. Let's have a closer look.

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One week ago, the Blue Jays defeated the Devil Rays 5-0 in Grapefruit League action. Yesterday, exactly one week to the day, the Blue Jays lost to the Twins 5-0. Coincidence? Yes.
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Can we get something straight before I mail it in for this Game Report? A tie is not like kissing your sister.
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Having neither seen nor heard yesterday's game, I can't tell you all that much about it. But will that stop me from trying? Hell no! Plus, by reading this thread, you could win a fabulous* prize.
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This matchup wouldn't have been must-see TV in the regular season, so as an exhibition match, it was even more of a snoozer. But there were still some positive signs as the Jays thumped Tampa in this Sunday tilt.
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The Jays aren't even halfway through their spring training games, so there are still a handful of "73s" seeing action for the Jays. In yesterday's game, for instance, Bryant Nelson went 0 for 1 as did Jason Alfaro.

In this game report, we take a look at five of these "73s".

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Pepper reminded us last week of Weaver's First Law:

No one gives a damn in July about a game you lost in March.

Personally, I don't even care all that much in March - however, recent events have reminded us of another of Weaver's Laws. To wit:

The best place for a rookie pitcher is in long relief.

So, what's going on here anyway?

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Spring Training Game Report: Yankees 8, Jays 0.

Mrs. Hank pretty much caught the essence of last night's game in one sentence. And while we did not shut it off and watch Survivor because I have some perverse sense of duty that made me watch to the end in order to be fully informed so that I could do a bang-up job on this game report, I didn't go back and watch my recording of the first couple of innings that I had only heard on the car radio. I couldn't do it to myself.

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This will possibly be the most pointless game report ever written, as the game was rained out. On top of that, as Dante Hicks would say "I'm not supposed to be here today!" So instead, I'll report on the spring training scores from the Classic Video Game league yesterday.
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It is written in the Acts Of The Scribes,
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The Blue Jays jumped all over Kevin Millwood with a five-run first and never looked back as they walloped a Cleveland split squad 12-9 in a game that was more one-sided than the score might indicate. The boxscore is available here.
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With an exciting comeback in the bottom of the ninth the Blue Jays came back to beat the Minnesota Twins yesterday 6-5. Tied at four after four the Jays scored in the bottom of the seventh to take a 5-4 lead. The game looked lost when Jesse Carlson surrendered two in the top of the ninth.

However, the Jays strung together a rally in the bottom of the ninth and pushed two runs across the plate for an exciting, although relatively meaningless, victory. The winning hit was provided by pinch-hitter John-Ford Griffin, which brings forth the question, what does the future hold for Griffin? And what have we said about Griffin in the past?

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Weaver's First Law: No one's going to give a damn in July if you lost a game in March.

On the topic of strategy, we'll discuss bench strategies the Jays could employ against right-handed pitchers this season.

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