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As Spring Training winds down and the regular season starts to peek over the horizon, the Toronto Blue Jays face their old, er, new rivals from Philadelphia for the final time this year.

No radio or TV in Toronto, though the Jays home crew are doing an internet-only broadcast for MLB Gameday subscribers.
It's a battle of lefties: Gustavo Chacin vs Dave Williams. Or, if you prefer, the ace of the 2004 New Hampshire Fisher Cats vs the ace of the 2000 Hickory Crawdads.

No radio over the air and no radio at either team's official site. Looks like some Yahoo! boxscore following for us today.
It's the penultimate home game of the Spring today. The Yankees visit with Jaret Wright on the mound, the Jays send out David Bush. Kerry Ligtenberg, Vinnie Chulk and Justin Miller are also expected to pitch according to Dr Fence.
This one is on the, anyone know if there is a free webcast anywhere ?
Again, happy long weekend news: this game is being broadcast on the radio and at . Perhaps today the Jays can take some revenge for that unhappy homestand that opened last season at the then-SkyDome and beat the tar outta the Tigers today?

I'd be up for that.
There's eight Grapefruit League games left for the hometown heroes and three of them are against Cincinnati.

The roster still looks to be in a wee bit of flux.

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There's some excellent news for us Canadians: the Fan radio network is carrying today's game as a Good Friday treat for us, and it's a match-up between two cable television empires run by men named Ted! Needless to say, the game isn't on TV.

Can the Jays keep ahead of the surging Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim Which Is In California and maintain sole possession of first place in the American League? Will this showdown prove once and for all which Ted is superior? Which is the Good Ted and which is the Evil Ted? Will a clever Box reader point out that Ted Turner no longer owns the Atlanta Braves? Can anyone think of a funnier way to work California into the official name of the Angels? Will someone figure out that NFH wrote this in the middle of the night but decided to post it as-is anyways?
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From the Spring Training schedule, you'd suspect that the Minnesota Twins were being groomed by MLB to be the new rivals of the Toronto Blue Jays, but that just ain't so.

Instead, it's these guys. No Philadelphia radio feed today, and no Toronto radio, either, but there's a Toronto webcast available on Gameday.
Every year, it seems, there's one team that the Blue Jays seem to play over and over in the spring. Usually it's the Phillies, who train down the road in Clearwater, but this year it's the Twins, whom the Jays won't see again till the regular season, May 17th in Minneapolis. Dave Bush, the scheduled home-opener starter for Toronto, is slated to oppose Kyle Lohse. Expect the Jays to start sending their everyday lineup out there more frequently now, in an effort to get the squad cranked up earlier for the games that count and to avoid another disastrous April.
We saw Josh Towers shut down the Reds last year, and today we hope for the same against the other National League Central archrivals of the Toronto Blue Jays, the Pittsburgh Pirates. It's Roy Halladay versus Kip Wells, or so Spencer Fordin tells me.
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Today in Spring Training action the Jays take on the mighty Reds, a team tabbed to battle it out for the big potato this October by a certain Batter's Box analyst who will remain nameless to protect his reputation.

Unfortunately, the Toronto Raptors, a team that's actually playing a regular season sport, have forced this game off of the dial in Toronto. The good news is that it appears that the Fan network is carrying the game on their other channels, so if you've got a radio with decent reception you should be able to pull in a signal even if you're a Torontonian.
For some unknown reason, I found myself drawn into the Astros' playoff run last year, and followed them via the magic of internet radio. Maybe it was their terrible jerseys, or maybe it was the silly name of their stadium, who knows.

Anyhow, our beloved home team faces the Houston Minute Maids this afternoon, and the game will be broadcast on the Fan 590 for those of us in the Toronto listening area.
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It's the Bad Blood Brothers rematch! Of course, there were no fireworks last time and probably won't be any this time, either.

There's also no TV and no Toronto radio coverage. There is a TBay broadcast for you Gamedayers, so we're not totally in the dark on this one.
Looking at the schedule, a bunch of other grapefruit league games have already been cancelled due to rain, so I'm thinking that this game might not happen.

No TV, no radio from either side today, but those of you with Gameday can listen to a Toronto-helmed webcast. Well, you can if they play.
Apparently the Toronto Blue Jays are playing in the All-Twins division of the Grapefruit League this year. It doesn't bother me, but do the Twins fans get fed up with their former star being showcased at them over and over again?

I mean, think of what it would be like if we saw Carlos Delgado every other day during Spring Training! I feel a little bad for Twins followers.
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It's another no TV, no radio extravaganza today, where every Jays run scored is assumed to be a home run by Gabe Gross until confirmed otherwise.

Yesterday's loss dropped Toronto to third place, behind Cleveland and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Detroit could find themselves in a tie with the Jays if they pull off a victory today.
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