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The streak is over, but the Jays did not go gentle into that good night.
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Yup, the Jays are hot and could be viewed as in the race for the first time since the 90's in mid-September.
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Iíll let J.P. keep his job if the Jays beat Garza Ö fair enough? (sly wink)
 - John Brattain, 1:03 PM Sunday

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So that was a pretty good game. The Jays win 9-0, Jesse Litsch gets the CG shutout, Travis Snider went 3-3 with a walk and a home run (and no strikeouts...well, yeah) and the Jays helped to severely cripple the playoff chances of another team.
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The Jays bullpen tried to give this one away, but the Twins defence wouldn't hear of it.

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Less than a month to go. What can we look forward to in the next (30 - 2) days?
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Ooh, you're a holiday
Such a holiday

Well, if you're just playing out the string, might as well make sure that the Yankees are just playing out the string as well. Gives one's life a little bit of purpose...

Anyway, I think I'll share some random predictions regarding the home team and the months ahead.
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David Purcey was fantastic.
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Well, we actually took one from those pesky Rays...
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Just one win down on the farm yesterday.  The affiliates were 1-4 on the night with NH getting the day off.
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A fine, gripping ball game. Alas, a Tough Defeat.
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Lost as quickly as I'm found
But soon enough it turns around
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The 6 game over .500 glass ceiling strikes again.
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The women put up a solid effort, losing in the medal round to Australia but the men didn't make it that far.  At least the Jays won.
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The Yankees come to town for a three game set, with third place on the line.

Oh my.
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