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Ooh, you're a holiday
Such a holiday

Well, if you're just playing out the string, might as well make sure that the Yankees are just playing out the string as well. Gives one's life a little bit of purpose...

Anyway, I think I'll share some random predictions regarding the home team and the months ahead.
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David Purcey was fantastic.
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Well, we actually took one from those pesky Rays...
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Just one win down on the farm yesterday.  The affiliates were 1-4 on the night with NH getting the day off.
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A fine, gripping ball game. Alas, a Tough Defeat.
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Lost as quickly as I'm found
But soon enough it turns around
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The 6 game over .500 glass ceiling strikes again.
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The women put up a solid effort, losing in the medal round to Australia but the men didn't make it that far.  At least the Jays won.
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The Yankees come to town for a three game set, with third place on the line.

Oh my.
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That's 50 games for the New Boss, and a  29-21 mark since the Second Coming. If you play .580 ball for the entire season, you win 94 games. If they play .580 ball for the rest of this season, they'll finish with 86 wins in what will officially be a Highly Disappointing Season.
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It's always fun to read the reviews.
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One roster move for the Blue Jays before tonight's game. With Scott Downs nursing a tender ankle, Brian Tallet has been activated off the DL. Scott Richmond has been optioned back to Syracuse. (Fixed the link!)

Oh, did somebody's head just explode? Cool.
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Purcey had been alternating decent starts with terrible starts for the big club this year, and yesterday he was due a bad one.  Instead he was lights out, he threw six shoutout frames and allowed just five baserunners - comfortably his best Major League start of the year.
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They say that money can't buy love in this world
But it'll get you a half-pound of cocaine and a sixteen-year old girl
And a great big long limousine on a hot September night
Now that may not be love, but it is all right

We had a brief glance at the evolving AL payrolls a few days back. It was suggested that we should see how they do these things in the Other League.
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