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At the bottom of this Jeff Blair column there's a blurb that Dustin McGowan put on some muscle this offseason and now has a routine down to deal with diabetes.

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Gary Denbo takes over for Mickey Brantley this year. The Globe ran a piece on him today.
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Ah yes, if you hear those words spring training must be right around the corner.

Robert MacLoud has some pre-spring training tidbits as does Bob Elliot.  The biggest thing is that BJ Ryan might be ready when the season begins.

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After all, this time next week we will at least be thinking about Florida.
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The final No-Prize of the week goes to the Bauxite who can not only name the title of the song for which today's headline is the first line of lyrics, but can also use that song title in a sentence describing the current Blue Jay player of the responder's choice. Ready? Go!

FWIW, the All-Internet Board of Judges that oversees all Web sites has determined that this week's previous winners -- ayjackson, Chuck and ChicagoJaysFan -- are in fact eligible to win again. How exciting! Will we have our first repeat winner, or can some raw rook out there break on through to the other side?

While we wait to find out, some baseball ...
  • Robinson Cano got $30M from the Yankees
  • Luis Gonzalez got a little less than that, $1M, from the Marlins
  • Clemens/ you care or are you bored?
  • The Royals don't wan't Sammy Sosa. Will anyone?
  • Erik Bedard is apparently in Seattle for a physical, meaning the over/under date on this trade being completed is now June 6, 2016.
What else is going on?
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Okay, today's No-Prize goes to the person who can write a headline for this catch-all thread that is from a song with "Thursday" in the title. I got nothin' ... those old "Lady Madonna" Beatle lyrics are the closest I can come.

And for today's starters ...

  • Brendan Donnelly to the Indians. Good pickup!
  • Eric Hinske signed a minor-league deal with Tampa Bay. Makes sense.
  • Bobby Kielty re-signed with the Red Sox, also a minor-leage deal. Meh.
  • Happy 53rd birthday, Damaso Garcia!

Not much else going on ... or is there? You tell us!


First, again an official Batter's Box No-Prize, identify the source of the title of this thread. For extra credit, give a reasonable explanation -- I can't think of one! -- that the performing artist in question should be quoted in a baseball publication.

Now, yet again, erm, what's up? And yet again (again), ere are some starting points ...

Okay, y'all seem to like these catch-all threads, so here's another. First, for an official Batter's Box No-Prize, identify the source of the title of this thread. For extra credit, provide the next several lines ...

Now, again, erm, what's up? Here'are some starting points ...

Got answers? Got other questions? Provide information backed with a link within!

Update 12:30pm:  Alex Rios signed - 1 year, $4.8 million.

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So ... erm, what's up, then?

Super Bowl ... hoops ... hockey ... no so much baseball. Or is there? You tell us!

As usual, most of the spots are spoken for.
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The Blue Jays agreed to terms with four players on Thursday night, leaving Marco Scutaro and Alex Rios as the only Jays scheduled to head to arbitration. Reportedly the team is close to agreeing to a contract with Scutaro, which would leave only Rios and I'd be surprised if the Jays didn't come to an agreement with him, as well.
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Glaus for Rolen is official. The formal announcment will be today.
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Count me among those that don't like a Rolen for Glaus swap.
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Today is Joaquin Andujar's 55th birthday! Woohoo!

Okay, and why does Da Box even care about the eccentric -- some would say "wacky" -- old righthander? The four-time All-Star won 127 big-league games (and three more in the post-season) but was best-known for his, ah, irascible behavior and wacky (there's that word again) quotes. We even had a Batter's Box award named for him back in 2003 and 2004. (Um -- then we didn't any more.)

But the Andujar mojo lives on here at Da Box as well as in the spirit and gumption of all baseball fans. Celebrate the man's birthday today because ... well, hey, youneverknow.

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It's been a relatively quiet few days, at least in terms of signings and trades.

The 2008 schedule is out.  The Jays open up in NY and then have their home opener on Friday against the Red Sox.  The rest of the month gets easier after that!

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