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I'm back online, and the winning streak ends. My fault. I should have known.

Never mess with a winning streak.

I'm sorry.
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The Internet? I remember!
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The Jays hit a bunch of HRs to beat the Twins 6-4.

Jack Wilson?  Apparently not.  Of course, I think that just might be trying to drive the price down - there's not a lot of SS options coming up this offseason.  The John McDonald line is nice and all, but everytime McDonald starts to get regular playing time he eventually hits a big 0-fer slump.  And he still doesn't have a hit since the All Star break.

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Jason Phillips has been released and Curtis Thigpen has been called up to take his place. 
"We want to give Thigpen a little look here and see what we got. That's basically it," Jays manager John Gibbons said after a 4-2 loss to the Seattle Mariners. "He's going to play, he'll at least get a couple of games a week."
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After last night's game the Jays recalled Brandon League.

Jordan De Jong was sent to Syracuse.
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The Jays are 1 game under .500 at the break.  What do you expect to see in the 2nd half?
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So, that was the first half. Plus a little bit more.
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Jays vs. Indians tonight. Doc takes the hill.

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Maldoff gives us the latest from JP on the FAN
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A few odds, a few ends. Consider the mighty Red Sox.
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Wow, was I wrong.
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So close.  I thought he was going to get it going into the ninth.
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Three hours and fifty-five minutes later...
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Many were the disturbing sights seen at the ballpark last night...
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Imagine Shaun Marcum with a faster fastball and a lower homer rate.

Now, imagine that guy facing Marcum as the starting pitcher for the Dodgers tonight...
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