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There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy, and the Arizona Diamondbacks are a phenomenon far beyond the range of our poor instruments.
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Rangers win tonight after putting up a *30* spot on the Orioles. When I first saw the score on ESPN I thought it was a preseason football score. WOW.

The Rangers 8th and 9th hitters each have 7 RBIs.

That can't help the O's pythaogoras!

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but is it or is it not the Accepted Wisdom that if you want players with high upside you should be looking at high schoolers in the draft? At least with respect to position players.

When did this happen, anyway? Is it a new thing? Should we take it seriously?

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One of these days - maybe tonight, who knows? - Scott Downs is going to come into a game with runners on base. And a graphic will go up on the screen, obliging Jamie and his amigo de soir (that's a mixed something) to make some sort of comment to the effect that Downs has allowed just 6 of 30 inherited runners to score this season.
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I've had a few vague and disconnected thoughts this week about Aaron and Bonds - I'm not sure why - and I started looking over their careers a little...

I went and made a graphic, and ever since I've been deeply, deeply confused.

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There is a line between a fan's hope that dies only when his club is mathematically eliminated and what we know to be realistic chances of actually winning. After Wednesday's satisfying thrashing of the Yankees, the Jays are straddling that line. Shall we look a little closer?
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Three nights watching the Jays battle the Yankees. I have some random observations.
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Some of you may wish he hadn't and some of you may not even care.

Some of you may even be waiting for Alex Rodriguez to take this record off his hands.

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Free Anonymous Reliever!
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I'm back online, and the winning streak ends. My fault. I should have known.

Never mess with a winning streak.

I'm sorry.
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The Internet? I remember!
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The Jays hit a bunch of HRs to beat the Twins 6-4.

Jack Wilson?  Apparently not.  Of course, I think that just might be trying to drive the price down - there's not a lot of SS options coming up this offseason.  The John McDonald line is nice and all, but everytime McDonald starts to get regular playing time he eventually hits a big 0-fer slump.  And he still doesn't have a hit since the All Star break.

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Jason Phillips has been released and Curtis Thigpen has been called up to take his place. 
"We want to give Thigpen a little look here and see what we got. That's basically it," Jays manager John Gibbons said after a 4-2 loss to the Seattle Mariners. "He's going to play, he'll at least get a couple of games a week."
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After last night's game the Jays recalled Brandon League.

Jordan De Jong was sent to Syracuse.
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The Jays are 1 game under .500 at the break.  What do you expect to see in the 2nd half?
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