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For the second time in a week, I'm surprised to find myself agreeing with Richard Griffin, who argues there is plenty of room in Cooperstown for flawed superstars, like Dimaggio, Ruth, Cobb and Pete Rose. While the Star columnist is usually way off base (blinded by jealousy?) when he "analyzes" the Blue Jays, he presents a rational case for the Hit King's reinstatement.

After 20 years in an industry that calls itself "sports and entertainment" while 100% dependent on gambling, I have some relevant experience and a couple of thousand words to say on the subject, but am not sure Batter's Box is the proper forum for Rose discussion, or if anyone cares what one old coach thinks about the topic, which polarizes otherwise reasonable people.

I laughed out loud at Jim Caple's column imagining the next Pete/Bud summit meeting. That's precisely how contrite and sincere Rose would be, and why he should never be permitted to hold a position that might affect a game. He shouldn't be a manager, coach or umpire, but he'd be a lot more interesting on Sportsnet than Faulds and Cerutti.
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_jason - Saturday, December 14 2002 @ 04:27 PM EST (#101246) #
Jayson Stark reports of a possible deal involving the Jays.

From the sounds of it the A's, DiamondBacks, and Jays are trying to resurect the trade that died when Matt Williams elected to use his no-trade clause. In whichever scenario, the A's would get Durazo whom they covet and the Jays would get Jason Arnold and John Ford-Griffin, the two A's prospects who JP covets. Stark cites the Reds as being the 4th team in this potential deal. (Oakland, Arizona, Cincinatti, Toronto.) I imagine if this is the case that the Jays might be sending either Lopez or Hudson to the Reds.

In another possible Durazo deal between the A's and DB's the only other team he mentions is the Giants, suggesting that Ortiz would go to the DB's. I find it hard to believe that Toronto wouldn't also be involved in this possible scenario as well given SF needs a RF and/or CF and Oakland and Arizona dont have much to offer in the way of that while Toronto can offer Cruz whom the Giants seem to have an interest in and would be a good fit for them in either outfield spot.
_Kent - Sunday, December 15 2002 @ 11:51 AM EST (#101247) #
Thanks for the link, Jason. And for redirecting this thread from the endless, tiresome, no-win Rose fiasco to what's really on the minds of baseball fans this weekend.

I like Jayson Stark; his "useless information" columns and his regular "rumblings and grumblings" are almost always a good read. He's at least been busier in Tennessee than the guys who resorted to describing the hotel lobby -- here's today's Stark summary of the "nothing doing in Nashville" meetings. Still no news, but it appears that in the last 24 hours, Brian Sabean, perhaps through a designated lieutenant, has leaked something that contradicts yesterday's rumour:

"The Giants are known to have talked to a number of teams about Ortiz, including the Blue Jays, A's, Phillies, White Sox and Cardinals. But they're not expected to deal him to either Toronto or Oakland, because it's possible those teams would then send Ortiz to one of their biggest division rivals, the Diamondbacks."

Spoilsports. This may postpone -- again -- what Toronto, Oakland and the Snakes have cooked up. The column is mostly about the Giants, and (presumably from the same "well-placed" SF source) there's more mutual interest in Jeff Kent's return than I suspected. Nothing will change the mind of an expensive, aging dugout problem like being rejected everywhere else, and San Fran may be stuck with him for at least another year.
_jason - Sunday, December 15 2002 @ 05:39 PM EST (#101248) #
I understand why the Giants would be weary of that possible scenario, but hopefully the 4 way with the Reds is still a possibility.
_jason - Sunday, December 15 2002 @ 06:47 PM EST (#101249) #
No sooner had I mentioned it...

Lopez is on his way to Cincci and we get Griffin and Arnold and it says a "player to be named by the athletics". (Although Im not sure if the player to be named later they are talking about is one of Griffen or Arnold.) Durazo ends up in Oakland and The DBs get Dessens from the Reds.

Well, I guess thats a vote of confidence for Hudson and Woodward. I dont know much about the prospects we are getting but it seems like a better move stocking up on younger talent, while T.O. management still has a grace period, than getting Ortiz for a year and then losing him to free-agency.

If anybody knows anything about Griffin or Arnold, Id be anxious to hear it.
_Justin B. - Sunday, December 15 2002 @ 06:56 PM EST (#101250) #
MLB Radio is repeatedly saying that Jason Arnold is the only player going to the Jays, while ESPN's news includes Ford-Griffin.
_jason - Sunday, December 15 2002 @ 06:58 PM EST (#101251) #

A pretty solid move by the Red Sox.
_Jordan - Sunday, December 15 2002 @ 09:03 PM EST (#101252) #
Yankees-Red Sox games should be even more interesting now, with opposing Giambis on each team. It's pretty clear the Phillies weren't looking for much in return for Jeremy since Hancock, while interesting, is hardly the prize of the Red Sox system. This makes two consecutive teams that have dealt Jeremy Giambi for less than his talents would make you expect he's fetch; one has to wonder if there's something to that.
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