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The ambiguity about whether my team name is singular or plural was deliberate. I'm the guy who suggested Miami Humidity when they had a contest to name the Marlins, just because it would have been so much fun to say "The Heat isn't so bad, but the Humidity is brutal."

My players may be Walruses, Walri or even Walrera (think opus) but I am the Toronto Walrus, 2004 champion of the BBFL Alomar Division. Led by a slew of free agent pitchers who outperformed expectations, my club defeated Lars Kvale’s AGF 9-3 in the two-week final. The jubilation I was feeling on the weekend is muted today, and fantasy baseball seems trivial indeed, but it was a satisfying finish to a successful year, in which I took over the lead in Week 2 and never looked back.

Mebion Glyndwr, a solid second in the regular season for Gwyn Price, won the third-place battle 8-4 over the Chatsworth Halos. The Consolation crown goes to Geoff North’s Horse Field Hammers, who tied 6-6 with Baird Brain but won the ERA tiebreaker. The defending champion Austin Senators will have to settle for ninth place this year after beating Hannibal’s Cannibals 8-4 in the only other match.

Before the final, I feared the AGF pitching staff. Knowing Randy Johnson would get three starts and my ace Curt Schilling likely only two made me even more nervous. I doubted I could win without capturing at least five hitting categories, because SV was the only pitching stat where I had an advantage. Taking a page from Brad's book, I decided to focus on IP at the possible expense of my ratios, but the collapse of Mark Mulder and a mediocre Barry Zito cost Lars (who is an A’s fan, so it must have hurt twice as much) and opened the door for my revolving-door staff to clinch the title in the second week. Unlikely Walrus heroes included Mark Hendrickson, Jason Jennings and Brian Anderson, guys I wouldn’t have touched all season but picked up for spot starts. They provided the IP difference and to my delight, actually helped my ratios. A little luck never hurts.

My hitters disappointed, as Carlos Delgado cooled off a bit and Jim Thome got hurt, but Bobby Abreu and Placido Polanco picked up the slack, while midseason FA pickups Coco Crisp and Craig Monroe continued to pay dividends. AGF got great efforts from Marcus Giles and Hideki Matsui, but they weren’t enough to compensate for brutal slumps by Paul LoDuca, Scott Hatteberg and Corey Patterson.

In a league this competitive, I will wear the championship jersey with great pride. Kudos to Lars for a fine campaign. Congratulations and welcome to the Barfield winners who will be joining us next year. Many thanks to Commissioner Mike Moffatt, Webmaster and statistician Scott Lucas and all the owners who made the BBFL's second season so much fun.

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_R Billie - Monday, October 04 2004 @ 12:24 PM EDT (#28452) #
Great job Coach on a practically wire-to-wire hold on first place. I didn't think it was possible to put together "the whole package" in a league this big and competitive but you pretty much did it. Much recognition.

And great job by everyone else too. This is definately my favourite league to play in.
_AGF - Monday, October 04 2004 @ 12:53 PM EDT (#28453) #
Congrats, Coach. Your right about the double disappointment of the A's and AGF losses, but you ride the horses that got you there. However, I know face an off-season question I never thought would come up: Is Mulder a keeper?

Thanks to everyone for a great league that acts a bit like the NFL. I think any of the Barfield winners have as good as chance as anyone to win next year. The draft is hugely important, especially the late round picks where I found Lo Duca (13th), Lieber (17th), Hairston, Jr. (19th), JT Snow (21th), and Tucker (22nd).

AGF's possible 2005 keepers:

Big Unit, Rivera, Godzilla, M. Giles, Mulder, Harden, Mueller & Zito.

The Unit, Rivera and Giles will be free agents after 2005 so they will definitely be on the trade market next spring.
_dp - Monday, October 04 2004 @ 12:57 PM EDT (#28454) #
Congrats Coach. Really had a great time in BBFL this year. I lucked into a bunch of guys having career/breakout/unexpected seasons (Beltre, Edmonds, Bellhorn, Jaret Wright, Tom Glavine, Dave Newhan), and still couldn't do much this year. The decision to keep Shawn Green over JD Drew was an "against the gut" one, and cost me a lot of offense. Aside from Coach's top spot, there was a lot of movement in the standing throughout the year, which made things fun. My squad next year will be better for not having Loaiza or Green or Josh Phelps on it...
Pistol - Monday, October 04 2004 @ 01:01 PM EDT (#28455) #
Over in Barfield Ghost Man on Third pulled out a win over regular season champion Slippery Pete in a convincing 9-2-1 win. Both move to Alomar, along with HOMER JAYS Simpson.

Top Ten Barfield:

2. Slippery Pete
3. Edmonton Decepticons
4. HOMER JAYS Simpsons
5. Good Sports
6. Team Junior Felix
7. MonkeymenCubed
8. Vancouver Cyphers
9. TMG Eh’s
10. Pistol Nine

A heck of a season in the upstart Barfield division. You guys are tough.
_Ghost Man On Th - Monday, October 04 2004 @ 01:13 PM EDT (#28456) #
Thanks to all the Barfield owners who made the league so much fun. And thanks to Yahoo! for autodrafting me Randy Johnson. I look forward to competing with the big boys in the Alomar division next year.
_Cristian - Monday, October 04 2004 @ 03:07 PM EDT (#28457) #
The Decepticons got a measure of revenge for losing 3rd place in the regular season to HOMER JAYS Simpsons due to Yahoo's wacky tiebreaker system. The Decepticons hammered HOMER JAYS 11-1 to take 3rd place in the playoffs. Oh well, as long as I'm staying in Barfield, it means I'm open to trades. I've got the following keeper level talents and can only keep 5:

Carlos Beltran
Mark Teixeira
Brad Wilkerson
Javy Lopez
Jason Bay
Carlos Guillen
Mark Buerhle
Brad Penny
Jason Isringhausen

Make me some offers people.
_Rob - Monday, October 04 2004 @ 03:54 PM EDT (#28458) #
Am I correct in assuming that "The Leftovers" division no longer exists?
_Moffatt - Monday, October 04 2004 @ 04:00 PM EDT (#28459) #
Am I correct in assuming that "The Leftovers" division no longer exists?

It's still around. It was never really officially a part of the BBFL. It was just a way for all the people on the waiting list to find a way to play.
_Rob - Monday, October 04 2004 @ 04:05 PM EDT (#28460) #
Oh was an independent league...right.

So if it's still around, what's on tap for 2005 with the reject division? Do I have to bother with five keepers at all?
Lucas - Monday, October 04 2004 @ 05:28 PM EDT (#28461) #
Congratulations, Coach. Essentially a wire-to-wire job.

I'll update the stat website when able. I just got back from a weekend in Vegas (almost put down a few bucks on Toronto in Saturday's game, but [wrongly] decided not to) and am getting married in two weeks, so it's a bit hectic at the moment. One thing I want to analyze is how everyone's keepers performed. My picking Preston Wilson over Keith Foulke turned out to be disastrous, but had I kept Foulke I probably wouldn't have drafted Cordero.
_Donkit R.K. - Monday, October 04 2004 @ 10:52 PM EDT (#28463) #
I have a pretty significant list of potential keepers (and some rather sketchy ones that keep asking to be kept anyway). A lot of these guys are quesiton marks, but... let's just say I'm pretty clueless as to who my last two keepers are. This is also my first ever keeper league, so, I don't have any experience to fall back on.
Potential keepers:
Jim Thome (is he due for a trip to the DL or will he be healthy forever)
Derek Lowe (pitched pretty well since I picked him up and is only a year removed from a very good seasona nd two years removed from a great season)
Josh Beckett (blisters? go away!)
Orlando Hudson (maybe I'm an optimist, and he certainly isn't at the overall level of some of my other keepers, but I can't see many, if any, better options at 2B next year...Larry Bigbie is actually my 4th ranked hitter, but I won't go there)
Doug Davis (what can I say, I liked the guy and he actually had a nice year - one of my top 5 ranked players :S)
Miguel Cabrera (alright, no questions here)
Moises Alou (I mean... the guy pees on his hands! On a serious note he was *excellent* this year, but out of nowhere and he's aging :S)
Jake Westbrook (my no. 3 ranked pitcher, and what the main thing I got for Johan Santana - you know, his streak started in June - I traded him after *2* June starts - you have no idea how much that hurts)
Francisco Cordero(my 4 rated player, but only a closer... can I use a keeper on 65 innings :S?)
Jason Kubel (maybe now I'm just stressing over it, maybe, but he still could be very good...)
Dontrelle Willis (I'm tired and you know the story...)

I also have a few guys potentially of interest to some of you (Guillermo Quiroz , Rick Ankiel, Jody Gerut, AJ Pierzynski...) that could be package in a keeper deal.
Quite frankly, I have no idea ~ I just mentioned 11 truly potential keepers and 4 more almost guys ... and Larry Bigbie :-P ... :-S
_Shrike - Monday, October 04 2004 @ 11:18 PM EDT (#28464) #
The Vancouver Cyphers would like to extend our congratulations to the impressive victory of Ghost Man on Third in the playoff championship, and the regular-season winner, Slippery Pete, of the Barfield division. I hope to see you in Alomar someday.

As far as the Cyphers' future prospects, after a slow start and some significant re-tooling during the season, the Cyphers have a surplus of quality keeper candidates (I list my top eight below), and team management would gladly entertain an off-season trade for fun and profit.

Pitchers (3):

Tim Hudson--scuffled a bit, but he is a dependable starter who should rack up numbers in all categories, assuming his strikeout rate rebounds.

Johan Santana--what can I say, I'm happy to have traded for the likely AL Cy Young winner.

Billy Wagner--excellent when he pitched, a top-flight closer if healthy.

Hitters (5):

Scott Rolen--even with nagging injuries, a fantastic third baseman.

Derek Jeter--simply an exceptional shortstop in fantasy ball, period.

Adam Dunn--an OF with 100 runs scored and 100 runs batted in. Tailed off but still managed a .266/.388/.569 line, which was a definite anchor in two of the rate categories.

Carl Crawford--a main reason my team was first all year in steals, he scored more than 100 runs and continued to improve his rate stats to a respectable .296/.331/.450.

Jose Vidro--always a dependable second baseman who offers everything but speed, and is destined to hit .300 or better when healthy.
_Brad - Tuesday, October 05 2004 @ 01:06 AM EDT (#28465) #
Does anyone know a good off-season/hot stove fantasy league? Thanks
_snellville jone - Tuesday, October 05 2004 @ 12:46 PM EDT (#28466) #
Congratulations, Coach, and thanks to everyone who made this second season a success. Looking back over my roster makes me more depressed that I didn't go anywhere in the playoffs. I'm probably going to have to try the same approach I used last year and trade from my depth of talent to upgrade a few positions. Potential keepers:

Alex Podriguez
Brad Lidge
Roy Oswalt
Mark Teixeira
Michael Young
Tim Hudson
Paul Konerko
John Smoltz
Jake Westbrook
Kerry Wood


Rocco Baldelli
Dontrelle Willis
Bobby Madritsch
Lew Ford

Last year I turned Alfonso Soriano, Javy Lopez, Edgar Renteria, Miguel Cabrera, and Brandon Webb into A-Rod and Tim Hudson. Interestingly, every player involved in these deals besides Miguel Cabrera (and Ivan Rodriguez who was on my team for a total of five minutes) had worse seasons than their 2003 campaigns. Both improved players wound up on the Eastern Shore Birds squad, so kudos.

Anyways, I'm willing to listen to offers, so if you see something you like, get in touch with me. (COMN for e-mail)
_snellville jone - Tuesday, October 05 2004 @ 12:48 PM EDT (#28467) #
I meant to include Gavin Floyd in my Fringe/Prospect list. Oh yeah, and I have no idea who that Podriguez guy is.
Lucas - Tuesday, October 05 2004 @ 01:50 PM EDT (#28468) #
Alex Podriguez is Scott Rodsednik's brother.
_Spicol - Tuesday, October 05 2004 @ 03:07 PM EDT (#28469) #
Alex Podriguez is Scott Rodsednik's brother.

Well, half-brother. Podriguez's liberal Mom had Alex, then married a Mr. Benjamin Rodsednik out of Cranston, becoming Mrs. Dorothy-Ann Mackenzie Podriguez-Rodsednik.

Great season, boys. Congrats to Coach, who continues to school us on the finer points of Fantasy baseball. The roster manoeuvring that happened in the finals was yeoman’s work. If any Alomar owners haven't done so yet, check out the transactions history.
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