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Okay, we're not exactly sure what happened here -- let's call this the Invisible Game Thread, the Thread that Fell Into the Sixth Dimension, the Thread That Wasn't There, what have you. Anyway. Twins win 4-3, Dave Bush loses again, a ninth-inning comeback falls short, and the Jays have lost a lot of the momentum they gained from the Boston sweep. Thoughts on today's misadventure?
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Jordan - Saturday, May 28 2005 @ 07:58 PM EDT (#117978) #
I only saw the first couple of innings before leaving for the afternoon, but one impression I had is that Russ Adams was double-pumping or double-clutching on his throws. The second time he did that led to his low throw that Hinske couldn't corral and opened the way to the two-run 2nd inning. Adams has to be virtually perfect mechanically to compensate for his arm strength, and he doesn't need to get into that bad habit.

Aside from the two solo homers late in his stint, Bush didn't seem to be doing too badly, and I thought he was getting squeezed on the strike zone a little. He was getting the grounders he was supposed to get. Not bad for three days' rest against a tough team.
Gerry - Saturday, May 28 2005 @ 08:21 PM EDT (#117979) #
I agree Jordan the strike zone was small and Bush had trouble throwing some of his pitches for strikes, especially his curve.

Early in the game Huckaby and Hudson came in to the mound to talk to Bush. Orlando put his hand over his mouth. Now in general I doubt that there are lip-readers out there passing signals to the opposition but in O-Dog's case do we think a lip-reader could read his lips? Regular people have trouble understanding O-Dog, is there a lip-reader up to the job?
Fawaz - Saturday, May 28 2005 @ 08:47 PM EDT (#117980) #
Today's start doesn't necessarily tell us a great deal about Gibby's use of/faith in Bush because he was on short rest, but Bush was clearly displeased about being yanked. He's been a really short leash lately, even though he hasn't been terrible. Compare that with how Chacin has been allowed to extend himself, even when there's been some trouble. Really, all the other starters have been allowed to work through trouble.

Between this start, the last one and the one where the pen was up warming in the 2nd inning, Bush has had enough weird outings for a couple of seasons. I'm beginning to wonder if he isn't looking over his shoulder for one Rosario. Shoot, even Scott Downs might get a look as a starter.
kpataky - Saturday, May 28 2005 @ 10:34 PM EDT (#117984) #

Zack Jackson was in uniform tonight for the Fisher Cats after his promotion from Dunedin. Rumor has it that he will be starting Monday's game vs. the Rock Cats. Jamie Vermilyea will be starting tomorrow's (Sunday) game in New Britain for New Hampshire.

Mick Doherty - Saturday, May 28 2005 @ 10:55 PM EDT (#117985) #
Thoughts on today's misadventure?

Yeah. At least Carl Pavano wasn't out there for the Jays today.

CaramonLS - Sunday, May 29 2005 @ 01:27 AM EDT (#117989) #
Flipping through Yahoo Game review, Downs looked like he pitched very effectively, how did he do (from the view of those who watched him), was it mostly luck or was he dominant?
Lefty - Sunday, May 29 2005 @ 03:24 AM EDT (#117991) #
Short leash or not its pretty tough to excuse any player let alone a near rookie showing up the manager on the mound. I have to wonder about his his maturity.

I'm pretty sure Gibbons will blow this mound tantrum off publicly, but Bush probably did himself no favours.

I'm really happy with Hill; how long will he keep this pace up. Man!

And the original S.S. Shannon Stewart was given a rough ride outta town by some. I love the way he's playing lately and I loved seeing him drop a couple over the wall.
Sneeps - Sunday, May 29 2005 @ 03:48 AM EDT (#117992) #
bush was wrong to make a scene, and gibbons was wrong to pull him. for some reason, he does seem to have it in for david. as much as a like gibbons as our manager, this is one of the players that he isn't handling very well. he's not giving him a chance to pitch through a rough stretch. david will learn, he's a crafty pitcher. he just needs time.
VBF - Sunday, May 29 2005 @ 09:30 AM EDT (#117993) #
I love the way he's playing lately and I loved seeing him drop a couple over the wall.

I agree. He's a guy that you like to see doing well. One of my favorite non-Jays.

From all accounts of Bush in the past, he came across as a very mature player. There isn't a rule that states that every player has to agree with the manager's decision. If he has a problem, out with it.

Now, the time and place is also an issue.

Flex - Sunday, May 29 2005 @ 10:53 AM EDT (#117994) #
I have no problem with Bush expressing himself pointedly on the mound, as long as what he said wasn't disrespectful. It's not as though he tossed the ball into the stands rather than hand it to his manager, a la David Wells.
Anders - Sunday, May 29 2005 @ 05:19 PM EDT (#118033) #
Just to note, Downs pitched well. However, the Twins cant really hit left handers
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