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If you subscribe to Lee Sinins' ATM (Around the Majors) Report daily (multiple) e-mail newsletter, then you know this already. If you don't, you may not understand the enormity of it. But in yesterday's ATM Report, as recorded here in ATM's blog archive, Sinins announced, "I have decided to submit my resignation from the ATM reports, effective immediately."

I don't know Sinins, have never met him -- we have exchanged a very few baseball/Web-related e-mails -- but this occasion demands two things: (1) that as a subscriber I take a moment to express how disappointing -- while understandable, certainly -- this is; and (2) that as a baseball fan, we take a moment to say "Thanks, Lee."

Not all is lost, however ...

... as Sinins himself followed his long explanatory e-mail with another short note that read thus:
    There is one other thing that I just realised. Earlier in the year, I purchased and have been placing the reports there each day. That site is already set up as a blog and now that the reports are gone, there is no reason why I shouldn't just continue to run that site, but as a when I think of things to write situation. I really have no idea how much writing I will do, but there is no reason why I need to just disappear.
Given that Sinins reported that he figured he was working about 30 hours a week on the ATM Reports for a return of about a dollar an hour, the fact that hs ISN'T disappearing is in and of itself surprisingly good news.

I admit, I am one of the readers who drove Sinins away. As he wrote in his resignation e-mail, "People on the list are speaking very loudly with their wallets that the reports are not worth supporting [through purchase of Sinins' Complete Baseball Encyclopedia]. It may have taken me a while to get the message, but I've got it. Whether or not you had supported me, I hope you enjoyed the reports. It is time to move on."

I can't speak on behalf of every reader, Lee, but I certainly enjoyed them; in fact, I looked forward to them every day. But if it's time to move on, you need to make that call; accept our "thank you" and, as they like to say here in Toronto, touch 'em all.

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HippyGilmore - Sunday, May 14 2006 @ 07:50 PM EDT (#146914) #
I realize now that I really took the reports for granted. I don't know Lee and, regretfully, I never purchased his encyclopedia. But every day I looked forward to the ATM reports, the only daily roundup of baseball news with SABRmetric leanings that I knew of. It beat the hell out of newspaper roundups and ordinary boxscores, and I'll be very sad to see them go.
Thomas - Sunday, May 14 2006 @ 09:52 PM EDT (#146918) #
I certainly appreciated Lee's work on the ATM Reports and his baseball encyclopedia is incredibly useful. I've not purchased it, but one need only read baseball blogs or Jason Stark for a few minutes to see it generate some informative or interesting list.

That being said, Lee's social commentary was sometimes apalling, as Jay Jaffe reported here. Apparently, MLB's bereavement list is a joke because Scott Downs was allowed to leave the Jays because of the hospitalisation of his infant daughter.

Lee made his argument in an incredibly cavalier and tasteless manner and I lost a lot of respect for him when I read that.

Mick Doherty - Monday, May 29 2006 @ 12:58 PM EDT (#147880) #
He's ba-ack ... This e-mail arrived just today, and though  it's not quite the same, it's good news for those of us who enjoyed the ATM Reports.

The ATM reports are back. Today's reports have already been posted.

Instead of being sent via email, they will only appear on my blog, at and at NetShrine. They will no longer appear  in email form. Eventually, I will be adding some (small and  nonintrusive) ads to the blog and want to direct all the traffic there.

I may eventually also start to use the blog as a blog, with other material appearing throughout the day. But, I'm not yet at that point. I'm still swamped with work, but the reports are resuming because if I'm going to work so much each day why not make some of the work more enjoyable.

I will continue to send out emails, but just to alert people when the new ATM reports are ready each morning.

The new ATM reports store is now open and is located at

It will soon be moved to

All items at the store have 3 prices. There is the price for the item itself (which is what will show up on the search page). Then, when you go into each item's page, there will also be prices for the item + the Complete Baseball Encyclopedia and for the item + the Complete Baseball Encyclopedia w/ 1 year subscription to the daily stats package. In all cases, there is a discount when the encyclopedia is combined with an item. That discount is reflected in the price shown, so please don't ask if there is a discount from that price.

I am running the following promotion, which I haven't had a chance to put onto the store yet. If you spend $100+, then you get a free year's subscription to the stat package. (Condition--the order must include a copy of the encyclopedia or you must already be an encyclopedia owner.)

If you ever notice either of the following 2 things, please let me know. I'm trying to make sure this error wasn't made, but I'm sure that its inevitable that it would pop up every once in a while. If you are on a search or category page and see that an item has a big picture, instead of the little one, it means that I forgot to hit the button to make the thumbnail copy. If you see in any item's page that, at the end it says something like at 5:00, the seller added ..., it means that I editing that part out from what prostores imported from my ebay store. If you see either of these things, at any time, please let me know.

Also, the store has a few hundred items, but still only represents a fraction of what I've got. More items will always be added and the blog will (1) update you when new items are added and (2) will typically have items of the day listed.
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The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.