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With the All-Star Game now in our rearview mirror, perhaps we should salute the 2006 ASG MVP with a look back at an old Hall of Names classic, The Youngs and the Rest List.

But instead, let's look to build a team of players who are literally All-Star names -- though it turns out this might be harder than we originally planned, so be prepared to help ...

What we're looking for, especially after last night's game in Pittsburgh, home to none other than the greatness of Wilver "Pops" Stargell, is players who have the character string s-t-a-r in their names, first, middle or last (though it turns out there are none of the first type). That means while we will of course look to the guys named. "Starr," we will also look elsewhere.

When you do a seach for "Star" on the greatness of, just 15 names appear and one is a nickname, while ironically, just three of the 15 (including Stargell) ever made an All-Star team.

And as it turns out, four of those 15 were catchers, so even if we DH one of them, we're bound to run a bit short in this particular universe of players before we fill out a complete team, much less a complete roster. So what do we do?

Well, as we have learned in the Hall of Names previously, desperate times can call for desperate measures, and we might turn to foreign language equivalents for "star," such as the Spanish "estrella" and the German "stern" -- but each of those provides just one more candidate for the team, and even if we stretch and cajole to include the largest star in our system and players whose names include the character string s-u-n, we're only getting another half-dozen options, the best of whom -- and the only All-Star, natch -- is another catcher, Jim Sundberg, who doesn't make the team anyway since that spot is already filled, obviously.

So we can't legitimately put an All-Star lineup together, even with foreign language additions, unless we really stretch our German spelling quite a ways to fill the gaping hole at 3B. But if we do so, here's our lineup and a short list of hurlers who can take the hill in our very own Hall of Names All-Star game:

Player/Manager Joe Start (18-7, 1873 New York Mutuals)

C Bill Starr (.208, 1935 WSH; 1 G 0 AB, 1936)
1B Joe Start (.299, 1871-86)
2B Charlie Starr (.211, 1905, '08-09)
SS Dolly Stark (.238, 1909-12)
3B Snuffy Stirnweiss* (.268 in 10 years; AS 2B played 117 G at 3B)
LF Willie Stargell** (.282, 475 homers)
CF Billy Sunday (.248, 246 SB, 1883-90)
RF Art Sunday (.265, 1890 Brooklyn Ward's Wonders)
DH Matt Stark (.179, 1987 TOR, 1990 CHW)

RHSP Ray Starr* (37-35, 1932-33, '41-45)
LHSP Thornton Starr Lee* (117-124)
RHSP Dennis Stark (15-13, 1999-2004)

RHRP Herman Starrette (1-1, 1963-65 BAL)
RHRP Dick Starr (12-24, 1947-51)
RHRP Conrad Starkel (1 G, 3 IP; 18.00, 1903 WSH)
RHRP Leo Estrella (7-3 for 2003 MIL; 0-0, '00 TOR, '04 SFG)

C George Starnagle (0-for-3 in 1 G for 1903 CLE)
C John Star "Dick" Gossett (.159, 1913-14 NYY)
OF Adam Stern (.133 for 2005 BOS)

Okay, so we really stretch with Stirnweiss, not only glossing over proper spelling, but playing him out of his primary position. And while we managed to put together a full lineup (sort of) we are definitely short of pitchers and bench options. So get creative Bauxites ... how can this team be even more star-studded?

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Mike Green - Wednesday, July 12 2006 @ 02:42 PM EDT (#150575) #
Well, you could go whole hog astronomical,  and then use Wally Moon and Blue Moon Odom and both Mike  Marshalls and Willard Marshall and Saturnino (aka Minnie) Minoso. 

Freddie Mercury would make a cameo appearance from that great ballpark in the sky to sing the national anthem.

AWeb - Wednesday, July 12 2006 @ 03:52 PM EDT (#150582) #
Planets would be cheating, I object (like that matters). How about commonly known stars and/or constellations?

North Star give you Ron Northey, a good outfielder, and 6 others to choose from.
"Leo" gives you a bunch of players to choose from, including 2 Negro league HoFers, although I don't think any other "signs" turn up anything.
Dog Star gives only nicknames, but does include Greg Maddox and Fred McGriff...I forget, are nicknames allowed in?

Orion, Big Dipper, southern cross, nothing much there. There's a list of star names here, and here, with a few names that might help, like Nash, and umm..not much else. Star names tend to be arabic, and that's not exactly a baseball wellspring of players. "Sun" certainly seems to be fair game, since it is a star. If we are allowed to translate, we need someone who can do that for the arabic star names, so I'm out.

Mike Green - Wednesday, July 12 2006 @ 04:11 PM EDT (#150584) #
Jim Nash started off his career 12-1  The star MIRA will give you Angel Miranda and Paul Mirabella, as well as catcher Doug Mirabelli.  The star SHAM will give you  Art Shamsky, who actually had a big year with the bat during the Mets' Miracle year..  What with the career paths of Nash, Angel Miranda and Art Shamsky, you may want to rename the club the "Shooting Stars", although this sounds more like a hockey team.
Mick Doherty - Wednesday, July 12 2006 @ 09:49 PM EDT (#150603) #
AWeb, good leads. Mike, I thought about going all-Outer Space, but worried that I might have to include Bill "Spaceman" Lee, himself another former All-Star.

The "nickname rule" is we don't use them,  ever, unless, uh, we need to. And I think we got close anough to a lineup, if not a full roster that I left the one "Star" nickname  -- George "Three Star" Hennessy -- off the roster, though to be fair, his three cuppajoes as a WWII-era RHRP might've influenced that decision as well.

"The Big Dipper" and "Nash" sound like a fine start to an All-NBA Hall of Names team. Craig Burley, are you listening?

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The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.