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Ty Taubenheim, David Purcey and Ryan Houston each were hit hard on Sunday.  Kyle Ginley pitched well but only for four innings.  Lansing were the sole victors Sunday even though they only had three hits in the game, Matt Lane had the key hit to drive in two runs, and that's all they needed.

It's the abbreviated holiday edition today.

Durham 10  Syracuse 3

Not a good day for the pitchers, Ty Taubenheim gave up five earned runs in 6.1 innings on six hits and two walks.  Ryan Houston gave up four runs in a third of an inning and Mike Venafro gave up the tenth run.  The Chiefs had seven hits, Russ Adams had two.

Binghamton 7  New Hampshire 5

David Purcey lasted 3.2 innings, allowed five earned runs, six hits and three walks.  Tracey Thorpe gave up a solo home run in 2.1 innings, Jean Machi gave up a run in 3 innings.  Aaron Mathews was 4-5 to run his average to .331.  But he would like his one out back, he came to the plate in the first inning with the bases loaded and one out, and promptly hit into a double play.  Manny Mayorson was 3-5 with two doubles, two runs and two RBI's.

Brevard County 4  Dunedin 3

Josh Kreuzer hit two home runs in a losing cause and scored all three of Dunedin's runs.  Eric Nielsen and Kyle Phillips each had three hits.  Aaron Tressler pitched five innings and gave up three runs on six hits.  The fourth Brevard run was unearned off Ted Serro.  Daryl Harang kept his 0.00 ERA having piched 12.2 innings this season. 

Lansing 2  Wisconsin 1 

Lansing had three hits in this game, two of them in the sixth inning when they scored their two runs.  With one out Travis Snider reached on an error, Brian Pettway singled, Sean Shoffit struck out, Chris Emanuele walked to load the bases and Matthew Lane singled to drive in both runs.  Kyle Ginley started and pitched four innings, three hits, three walks, seven K's, one run.  Adrian Martin got the win with two shutout innings, Seth Overbey the two inning save.  Overbey now had 24.2 scoreless innings to start 2007.

3 star selection 

3rd star - Manny Mayorson
2nd star - Josh Kreuzer
1st star - Matt Lane

Team Records

Syracuse 18-24, 5th place, 8 games behind
New Hampshire 21-17, tied in 2nd place, 3.5 games behind
Dunedin 19-23, 4th place, 9 games behind
Lansing 21-18, 3rd place, 7.5 games behind

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VBF - Sunday, May 20 2007 @ 09:59 PM EDT (#168383) #

I had the pleasure of taking in my first minor league game. It was definitely a fun experience! There was little or no energy in the crowd (it got pretty cool and rain was off and on which made it more understandable) but I got a real sense of passion for baseball that the fans in the park had. The stadium is very pleasant and when or if Alliance Bank Stadium ever gets real grass (or FieldTurf with a full dirt infield), the place will look magnificient.

I also had the pleasure of visiting Cooperstown on Saturday. If you haven't ever been there, it's essentially Homer Simpson's vision of The Land of Chocolate, except baseball. Stores upon stores are full of memorabilia, merchandise, and history. If you're a fan of the Yankees, Red Sox, or Mets, you've really got it made as every other logo in the town is one of those teams, but there's still plenty to go around for everyone else. We went to DoubleDay Cafe where we had excellent food and walking around was alot like Niagara-on-the-Lake except without it being so fake and artificial.

The Hall was fantastic, it was grand and historic and just so well done. There was alot of great artifacts present and it really allowed you to take a step back in time. The hall which featured the plaques captured the mystique of baseball's past and present and just seemed grand. I purchased the membership which goes year round, and I definitely plan on going again, perhaps during the Hall of Fame weekend. (Though I imagine it will be so busy, there won't be air to breathe!).

The only negative about the Hall was leaving it, knowing that there's a very good chance that Tom Cheek will never get in there. It's such a shame. It brought a tear to me eye.

Tomorrow is the Hall of Fame Game, and Jordan Bastian says in Jays Notes that every starter sans Glaus or Hill will get at least one at-bat. Kutos to the Jays for this! It would have been much easier for them to take the short drive to Baltimore but it'll definitely be a treat for the fans to see them all playing in such a magical and historic park.

PeterG - Monday, May 21 2007 @ 10:32 AM EDT (#168389) #
Aaron Mathews and Seth Overbey are seriously due for promotion.
Lucky - Monday, May 21 2007 @ 11:18 AM EDT (#168390) #
There's no place for them to go.  At least, not Mathews.  I still think he probably needs to play a full year in AA before being promoted to AAA.  Yes, he is doing lights out---but this is just 6 weeks into the season and although he has been successful before, never like this.  I keep waiting for the bubble to burst.  Hopefully, it won't, but look at Wayne Lydon.
PeterG - Monday, May 21 2007 @ 11:25 AM EDT (#168391) #
With Duncan injured, there is a place for Mathews at AAA. Overbey has over 21 consecutive scoreless innings. A place has to be made in Dunedin.
Maldoff - Monday, May 21 2007 @ 11:46 AM EDT (#168392) #

Generally pitchers who are relievers in the low minors are not considered prospects, so management is not as inclined to move them quickly through the system, as they feel that they will eventually hit the wall as a "prospect".

Also, if looking at Overbey for a promotion, one must also consider his "co-closer" at Lansing, Paul Phillips. While Overbey hasn't given up a run, Phillips has better numbers in a few categories, including K/9 (12.5 vs 7.8), K/BB (8.3 vs 5.25) and K% (33.8% vs 26.9%). They are equal in B/9 (1.5), and Overbey has a slightly better WHIP of 0.661 (as compared to 1.056(, most likely due to an incredible .174 BABIP (whereas Phillips is a more "normal" .246).

Lucky - Monday, May 21 2007 @ 11:57 AM EDT (#168393) #

What is wrong with Duncan?  Also, Vento hasn't played for a month or more.  Do you know what is wrong with him?  I was talking about a permanent roster move, and in that scenario, wouldn't David Smith be next in line? ---he's definitely holding his own this year after ranking in the top few of the Eastern League in most categoreis last year---when it is hard to get in a groove for him.  For some reason, from the opening game, he was kinda designated as the 4th outfielder after being a solid starter last year, and has only played regularly there when Lydon left and before Patterson came up.  He has DH'd a lot, and sat out more than Mathews or Majewski, who by the way, have not DH'd at all this year.  Patterson has DH'd a couple of games.  It's hard to imagine that the organization feels the other 3 outfielders play better defense. felt Smith could play all outfield positions and has an above average arm.   After watching all 4 in spring training, Smith has the best arm, and runs as well as the others, and runs better than Patterson.  I know Patterson is a "prospect", though. 

Gerry - Monday, May 21 2007 @ 02:15 PM EDT (#168395) #
Duncan ran into the outfield wall in Syracuse a few days ago and had to be taken off the field in an ambulance.  Reports are that he has a concussion and injured knees and he was put on the DL.
Lucky - Monday, May 21 2007 @ 02:20 PM EDT (#168396) #
Thanks.  What about Vento?
ayjackson - Monday, May 21 2007 @ 02:40 PM EDT (#168397) #

OF at the minors could see a chain reaction move as we near June, with Snider possibly seeing Dunedin and Matthews seeing Syracuse.  Who moves up to the FisherCats?  JoJo Hetherington?

Gerry - Monday, May 21 2007 @ 07:52 PM EDT (#168404) #
Vento is off the DL and playing RF tonight.
Mike Green - Monday, May 21 2007 @ 09:04 PM EDT (#168405) #
Reidier Gonzalez is making his return from arm surgery tonight, and has thrown 4 good innings for Lansing so far.
ayjackson - Monday, May 21 2007 @ 10:01 PM EDT (#168406) #
I see the Blue Balbino (?) homered for the Jays in Cooperstown today.  Any news on how the rookie ball rosters will shake down?
Gerry - Tuesday, May 22 2007 @ 08:36 AM EDT (#168408) #
Auburn and the Gulf Coast Jays will be primarily stocked from the draft.  Seeing how the draft will not happen until June 7th, and the mix of college players ready for Auburn or high school players ready for rookie ball is not known, there is no word on rosters nor will there be until about a week after the draft.
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