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Brian Tallet clearly doesn't want to go back to the bullpen!  The big lefty delivered seven superb innings as the Jays held off the Oakland A's 6-4 Saturday afternoon in the Golden State.

Tallet had a 1-0 lead to work with when he took to the mound as the Jays put together a two-out rally that was capped off by an RBI single from Adam Lind.  That cashed in Alex Rios, who reached on a hit-by-pitch and then advanced to third on a Vernon Wells single.  Lyle Overbay led off the second with a homer to right off A's starter Sean Gallagher.  They had a chance to add to the lead when Travis Snider doubled and Marco Scutaro singled to put runners at second and third with one out but they were left stranded. 

Toronto did get their third run in as many innings when Wells singled, stole second and came home on Lind's run-scoring double.  They did strand a pair of runners in the fourth but they did score in the fifth when Jose Bautista singled, stole second and got to third when A's catcher Landon Powell chucked the ball away into center field.  He came home on an Overbay sac fly to make it 4-0 Toronto.

Meantime, Tallet was just flat-out dealing!  He scattered a pair of walks over the first two innings and a single in the fourth before he was victimized by a Jason Giambi blast over the right field fence in the seventh to put Oakland on the board.  Tallet rebounded by getting the next three hitters in order.  He did get a gift call from home plate umpire Paul Nauert when he rung up Matt Holliday on a 3-2 pitch that appeared to miss the plate.  That led to Oakland skipper Bob Geren getting the heave-ho but he did keep Holliday from being tossed.  Still, Nauert appeared to blow a call the previous half-inning when he called Snider out at the plate after he tried to score on a shallow fly to right off the bat of Marco Scutaro.

Toronto did add some badly needed insurance in the eighth when Overbay doubled home a Bautista single and he came in to score on a Scutaro single to make it 6-1.  Jesse Carlson worked a one-hit eighth and turned the ball over to a rusty Scott Downs in the ninth.  Not having worked since that awesome comeback win over Cleveland Tuesday afternoon, Downs yielded a two-run homer to Giambi and then loaded the bases on two singles and a walk.  Adam Kennedy picked up his first hit as an Athletic to draw Oakland to within a pair of runs.  However, Downs got Powell to foul out to right on the next pitch to seal the deal for the Fightin' Jays.

With 15 hits, the Jays should've got more than six runs but it was just enough to win on this day.  Only Rios and Raul Chavez didn't get in on the hit parade.  Scutaro and Wells had three hits each with Wells pilfering a bag.  Overbay and Lind had two-hit afternoons and drove in five runs between them with Overbay getting three.   Bautista also had a pair of safeties and a stolen base.

Pitching wise, Tallet gave up one run on two hits and two walks while averaging a K an inning over seven frames.  He improves to 2-1 on the season and lowered his ERA a nickel below 5.00.

The Jays wrap up this five game road swing with another 4:05 p.m. EDT contest in Oakland.  In a battle of lefties, Brett Cecil hopes to outduel Dallas "Ned" Braden like Ricky Romero did last month at the Rogers Centre.  Cecil is hoping to get his first major league win and follow up on a solid debut against Cleveland this past Tuesday.


In other TDIB notes.....

*   The Tampa Bay Rays helped the 21-12 Jays get back into top spot in the A.L. East by hammering Boston 14-5 at Fenway.

*   Baltimore beats up on the Yankees 12-5 at Camden Yards.  Meantime, Joba Chamberlain expects to start against the O's today despite a sore thumb.

*   Ryan Zimmerman's hit streak is up to 27 games after homering in his last at-bat and that helps the Nats beat the D'Backs 2-1.

*   The power went out at Miller Park but not in the Brewers bats as they beat the Cubs again, 12-6.


Finally, I want to wish my mom, my two sisters-in-law (one's expecting their first child this fall), my future mother-in-law and all awesome moms out there a Happy Mother's Day!!

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Mike Green - Sunday, May 10 2009 @ 11:31 AM EDT (#199704) #
Scott Richmond is listed as the scheduled starter for Wednesday's game, after Halladay's start on Tuesday.  Janssen is likely to get the start on Tuesday for the Fisher Cats, so it is not clear how the rotation will set up after Richmond.
92-93 - Sunday, May 10 2009 @ 12:34 PM EDT (#199706) #
Robert Ray should make his last start on Saturday, with Doc on Sunday, Janssen debuting on Monday, and then Richmond-Tallet-Cecil all pitch with an extra days rest.
Gerry - Sunday, May 10 2009 @ 12:39 PM EDT (#199707) #
As of their last starts Ray was pitching a day ahead of Romero making it tricky to setup a replacement.  By pitching Richmond on Wednesday and pushing Ray back to Thursday Romero and Ray now line up so when the Jays decide to call up Romero they can just swap him in for Ray.  With Ray now pitching on Thursday his next start wouldn't be until Tuesday the 19th against Boston.  Depending on next week the Jays will decide who they want pitching against the Red Sox.
92-93 - Sunday, May 10 2009 @ 01:37 PM EDT (#199710) #
As of now Tallet is listed as the Thursday starter, so I was just assuming they keep Cecil on his regular rest and push Ray off until Saturday. I guess if they give Cecil an extra day until Saturday and give Friday to Ray, that will set up Wednesday the 18th against Boston for a possible Romero return on 6 days rest.
Richard S.S. - Sunday, May 10 2009 @ 02:52 PM EDT (#199713) #

I like  articles: An Interesting Idea and comments &  Bring on the Janssen and comments as explaining some great ideas.

Casey Janssen makes one more start, 12th May, rejoining the team able to start 17th-18th May.  Ricky Romero makes 2, possibly 3 starts, 13th May, 18th May, possibly 23rd May, rejoining the team able to start 23rd-24th or 28th-29th.  Jesse Litsch will make the first of 4 or 5 starts, probably starting the 12th-15th May, rejoining the team able to start 27th-30th or 1st-4th June. 

Cito has a policy whereby regulars cannot lose their job due to injury, only to continued poor play after return.  Toronto's day offs: 28th May and 1st June, will allow the rotation to be reset.  I prefer Halladay, Romero R., Janssen, Litsch and Richmond; Tallet in the pen; Ray, Purcey and Cecil in AAA.

This is my evaluation of the starters.  Romero is an ideal #2 starter.  Janssen is an ideal #3 starter, with strong #2 starter potential.  Litsch is an ideal #3 starter, with #2 starter potential.  Richmond is an ideal #3 starter, with #2 starter potential.  You may not agree, but you must admit, this is a good pitching staff.

TamRa - Sunday, May 10 2009 @ 03:12 PM EDT (#199715) #
that will set up Wednesday the 18th against Boston for a possible Romero return on 6 days rest.

I can't see that at all. Romero wasn't solid in his first rehab start and they can't possibly be assuming he'll be major league ready by the 18th, meanwhile Janssen will have completed his 4 starts and will be ready to pitch (on five days rest) on the 18th - I think it's certain that's Janssen's start. Romero probably gets two more rehab starts before he comes back.

I don't think we can predict whether Cecil or Ray will go on Friday based on what we know:

5/12 - Doc
5/13 - Richmond [Romero rehab]
5/14 - Tallet
5/15 - Ray/Cecil
5/16 - Cecil/Ray
5/17 - Doc
5/18 - Janssen*1 [Romero rehab]
5/19 - Richmond
5/20 - Tallet
5/21 - Cecil
5/22 - Doc
5/23 - Janssen
5/24 - Romero*2
5/25 - Richmond
5/26 - Tallet
5/27 - Doc
5/28 - off
5/29 - Janssen
5/30 - Romero
5/31 - Richmond
6/1 - off
6/2 - Doc
6/3 - Janssen
6/4 - Romero
6/5 - Richmond
6/6 - Listch*3
6/7 - Doc

*1 - Inserted in front of Richmond so that he and Richmond and Tallet each get an extra day instead of his throwing on the eighth day. Dunno if they will do it this way but it's logical

*2 - Inserted between the righties to avoid the back-to-back lefty situation

*3 - If Tallet continues to be nails, it's not impossible Listch could bump Janssen to the pen or even (if he's not sharp) Romero to the minors instead - and of course Listch has to have a successful recovery for this to even matter.

More food for thought:

If you pitch Janssen on the 17th and give Doc an extra day too, then you push Doc out of the Baltimore series and into the Boston series which is a not inconsiderable benifit.
This is the ideal set up, given everyone's scedule, IMO:

5/12 - Doc
5/13 - Richmond [Romero rehab]
5/14 - Tallet
5/15 - Cecil
5/16 - Ray
5/17 - Janssen
5/18 - Doc [Romero rehab]
5/19 - Richmond
5/20 - Tallet
5/21 - Cecil
5/22 - Janssen
5/23 - Doc
5/24 - Romero
5/25 - Richmond
5/26 - Tallet
5/27 - Janssen
5/28 - off
5/29 - Doc
5/30 - Romero
5/31 - Richmond
6/1 - off
6/2 - Janssen
6/3 - Doc
6/4 - Romero
6/5 - Richmond
6/6 - Listch
6/7 - Janssen

But the Jays have never demonstrated to me that they look ahead to see how they can maximize their matchups. So I doubt they employ my suggestion.

TamRa - Sunday, May 10 2009 @ 03:17 PM EDT (#199716) #
BTW, refering back to Bastians comment several days of today, win or lose, the Jays have spend 29 days in first place this season (if you don't go by precentage points) - that equals their total days in first place for all of 2002-2008
Magpie - Sunday, May 10 2009 @ 03:50 PM EDT (#199718) #
There are a lot of promising arms around this organization. It's also true that this organization still has exactly one - that's right, one - pitcher who has actually spent an entire season in a major league rotation, from Opening Day until the final weekend.

Which makes me cautious. Purcey (7), Richmond (5), Janssen (4), Romero (3), Tallet (2 as a Jay), and Cecil (1) have roughly the same number of quality starts in their collective careers as Josh Towers (21) had by himself in 2005. None of Marcum, McGowan, or Litsch have made it through an entire season in the rotation.

There's a lot to be hopeful for. But caution is still advised. Very little has been proven yet. Not to my satisfaction, anyway.
TamRa - Sunday, May 10 2009 @ 04:01 PM EDT (#199719) #
From John Lott:

He [Janssen] is expected to make one more minor-league start, and if all goes well, could be ready to pitch against the Chicago White Sox next weekend, manager Cito Gaston said Friday in Oakland.

Taken literally, that would imply that Janssen either goes on Saturday (which would be 3 days rest) or that Doc will push back to Monday...but Cito might not have been speaking very precisely when he said "next  weekend" and Janssen might yet go on Monday.

TamRa - Sunday, May 10 2009 @ 04:05 PM EDT (#199720) #
There's a lot to be hopeful for. But caution is still advised. Very little has been proven yet. Not to my satisfaction, anyway.

I sympathize with your point but the reason I'm so optimistic is the sheer volume. when you figure you have to come up with 4 quality guys over the next few years out of a dozen or more possibilities (Marcum, McGowan, Listch, Romero, Purcey, Janssen, Tallet, Cecil, Mills, Ray, Castro and Zep) that's cause for optimisim. It would be, IMO, stunningly unlikely that over 2/3 of those guys are utter failures.

Moe - Sunday, May 10 2009 @ 06:04 PM EDT (#199724) #
It would be, IMO, stunningly unlikely that over 2/3 of those guys are utter failures.

Maybe not utter failures but not healthy 200IP, <4ERA either.

And letting them throw 100+ pitches in their 2nd start won't help...
Jays2010 - Sunday, May 10 2009 @ 06:14 PM EDT (#199725) #

I agree with all the points; nobody has proven anything (other than Doc) over a full year, but with this much volume, the days of Ohka/Thompson/Zambrano seem long gone. So what to do with all of these pitchers? A pitcher can always be traded for a bat, but do we even need a bat? Where? This team really isn't getting significantly below average production from any spot. The only thing, to me, that makes sense is the need to turn a "good" production spot into a "very good" or "elite" spot. Obviously this is difficult to do, because as some pointed out a few months ago, teams don't trade one potentially elite piece (i.e. Matt Cain) for a quantity of good pieces (Lind, R Romero, Campbell+). Although, in hindsight, that would not have been too bad for the Giants (if they could have stolen Arnsberg to work with Romero, that is).

To me, the most obvious pitching trade target is Eric Bedard. In terms of all the other top of the rotation arms in the majors, none seem available at a price we might be able to pay (i.e. the Giants won't be trading Lincecum anytime soon). The Mariners will likely sell and with Bedard and Washburn likely leaving as free agents and the team in need of pitchers behind Felix Hernandez (Carlos Silva!), our quantity might actually be able to get some quality. With Bedard's injury issues and the recent protectiveness over blue chip prospects with the economy, the M's won't be getting back a centrepiece player like Laporta (or at least I can't see it). For example, in our case, JP would NEVER trade Cecil as a piece for Bedard. So perhaps filling two rotation spots with solid number 4 starters is something the M's would consider.

Picking specific players is always fruitless. GM's will never do exactly what you want them to. But, for example, a package headlined by Litsch (when healthy) and Purcey or Janssen, would it be too much or not enough? Presumably Bedard would sign an extension here and we'd get into the same problem we had with Burnett: an elite pitcher (even more elite) with injury/durability issues. Is it worth the risk? Considering our ridiculous pitching depth (i.e. we could lose Bedard for 10 starts a year and still get average production from our 6-8 starters), maybe it could work. Plus, having Doc pitch ahead of Bedard would ensure a rested bullpen for Eric, espescially if he needs to top out at 100 pitches as he has been accused of doing. In terms of any kind of pitching upgrade, he seems to be the best fit but he would obviously be a high risk proposition at this point.

Alex Obal - Sunday, May 10 2009 @ 06:19 PM EDT (#199726) #
I'm with Will. I think one important caveat is that volume doesn't mean much if you pick the wrong guys. But the Jays still have an outstanding pitching coach and an outstanding defense, including some pretty good catchers. And they're still just getting started.

I'd much rather have Arnie, Barajas, the Jays' D and an army of rookies than the league's worst defense, an unhelpful pitching coach and 15 Jeff Suppans at my command.
Moe - Sunday, May 10 2009 @ 06:25 PM EDT (#199727) #
So what to do with all of these pitchers?

As long as you don't know who will work out, you hold on to them. If you give the wrong one away, it will come back to hound you.

This team really isn't getting significantly below average production from any spot.

These comments amaze me these days. A year ago the entire team was done and now there are no needs. However, it's more likely that the Jays need a SS and C for next year and if Rolen gets injured again (would that really surprise anyone) a 3B. Maybe catching can be filled from the minors, but not SS.
Magpie - Sunday, May 10 2009 @ 06:26 PM EDT (#199728) #
One game means nothing - nothing - but gosh! That was impressive.

Even if it was Oakland.
Jays2010 - Sunday, May 10 2009 @ 06:29 PM EDT (#199729) #

Moe, I agree the team has needs at the spots you mentioned. I just meant that at this point virtually every position is producing fairly well. For example, JP isn't going to trade Scutaro and a pitcher for Hardy. Maybe he should, but he won't. So in terms of areas where he might consider upgrading (and that Beeston will approve a payroll addition), the fireballing Canadian might make the most sense.

Cecil, Marcum, Romero, Janssen, Litsch, Purcey vs Hughes, Chamberlain etc. Perhaps Baseball America and others will think twice. Go JP!

OBG - Sunday, May 10 2009 @ 08:25 PM EDT (#199734) #
Cecil looks very graceful on the mound, based on the few innings I caught today.

And how cool was it to see Steve Young with his brood sitting in the stands wearing Jays caps the other day?
Mike Green - Sunday, May 10 2009 @ 08:39 PM EDT (#199735) #
In the medium term, pitching is definitely an organizational strength. For myself, I antiicipate that the rotation will be Halladay, Cecil, Marcum, Richmond and one other.  That should do just fine. 

I never had any doubt that Brett Cecil had the ability to be a very good major league pitcher.  The only serious question in my mind is whether his arm will stand up to 200 innings.  For now, his arrival could not have come at a better time for the club.  There will be a parade of pitchers returning, but until then, Cecil's hot start gives the club a huge boost.

It is very gratifying to watch one-time prospects like Cecil, Hill and Lind thriviing.  Not all of them do, of course (Justin Maureau, Josh Banks, Russ Adams come to mind right away), but it is heartening when the cold-hearted assessment turns out be right and the hope from that assessment comes to fruition. 

greenfrog - Sunday, May 10 2009 @ 08:53 PM EDT (#199736) #
The thing about the Jays' pitching depth is that it isn't just about volume (although there is that). They have some solid talent as well, as we saw today.

I really think the strong defense (infield defense, especially) is helping the pitchers. It's got to boost their confidence to see so many of the hard-hit (or otherwise well-placed) balls turn into outs.

You think Doc might be getting, oh, just a bit pumped for Tuesday night's game?
Geoff - Sunday, May 10 2009 @ 10:45 PM EDT (#199740) #
Got to love the opening paragraphs of today's AP recap:
The Toronto Blue Jays are headed back from the West Coast with the AL’s best record, its most productive offense and almost too many good starting pitchers.

The Oakland Athletics have the league’s second-worst record, a miserable offense, no proven starters—and little reason to think this rough season will get better soon.

If Blue Jay fans aren't riding on the biggest high they've had since Roy won a Cy, they have been using a substance other than Blue Jay optimism to get their fix.

There have not been many opportunities for the Jays to confidently pat themselves on the back but this has to be one of those moments now. The only thing that could bring down this team would be if Aaron Hill were suspended 50 games for whatever it is he's taking for his awesomeness.

There are still questions and challenges ahead (i.e. every series until October) and it may be all thanks to the schedule that got them here, but it is nice for the Jays to be playing with all the confidence in the world before they stare down Jeter and friends.

Meanwhile, poor Oakland. There was a time when these Jays didn't have the heart to crush an opponent so rudely. Such as 2001. There will be no Escobar or Loaiza May beasts to see here.

Give me 15 Carpenters, not 15 Suppans.

Mylegacy - Sunday, May 10 2009 @ 11:37 PM EDT (#199741) #
Blue Jays starters: An embarrassment of riches? Or - a mirage of small sample sizes?

We agree on King Doc.

It looks like Romero was very, very smooth and that so is Cecil. Both seem mature, efficient, confident and GOOD. In my opinion - these two guys have serious long term upside. BUT - "Young pitchers will break your heart." 

Tallet and Richmond are the twin towers. Both late bloomers are really tuned in - but - to me - both have little room for error. They are horses we should ride while they're running well - but they should be put back in the barn at the first signs of stress.

Janssen is almost ready - BUT Janssen has never shown - as a starter - any dominance. Before I removed anyone but Ray for him I'd have to see them struggle.

Ray - is OK. Sort of like Richmond - but with less polish and inner steel.

Litsch is a very capable number 4 guy. IF - he was our number 5 guy - that wouldn't be so worse.

Purcey needs to get control - as he always had to do. IF - he gets it he's could be AJ. I have me doubts.

Marcum and McGowan are both middle rotation horses. If healthy. We'll see as they get closer to a return.

Mills is a left handed Ray - could be a serious contender BUT not there yet.

Last - BUT very definitely not least is Rzepcyznski. This guy could be Cecil or Romero Two.

That gives us THIRTEEN REAL STARTERS at, or very nearly at, the MLB level.

SO - the question is can we get 162 quality starts from this talented - but young - crew? Can we get 200 innings from four or five? OR - a combination of six or seven that gives us the equivalent of 4 or 5 guys giving us 200 innings?

The bottom line is ARE THESE GUYS FOR REAL? IF they are - wow - we're set for a decade. Is this fast start just a sucker feint to make us think we've got more than we have? Do we invest 20+ million for Doc and Wells IF we have five or six guys that could keep us in the playoff mix for a generation? Do we trade Doc to an NL team for three ubber prospects - say a young Rolen, a young Scutaro and a young Cecil?

JP - what say you?

brent - Monday, May 11 2009 @ 01:23 AM EDT (#199743) #
The Jays lead is perhaps even greater than it appears. Boston has played a few extra games at home, and the Jays still have 4 extra games at home to even up their home-away games. This Jays team is good.
92-93 - Monday, May 11 2009 @ 01:26 AM EDT (#199744) #
Mylegacy, let's include Fabio Castro and make it 14 MLB or near-ready MLB SPs.
Mylegacy - Monday, May 11 2009 @ 01:55 AM EDT (#199745) #
92-93 I blush. I'm a big fan of Fabio and I left him out. How rude of me. Thanks for taking me to the woodshed.
ayjackson - Monday, May 11 2009 @ 10:07 AM EDT (#199749) #

This is probably indicative of nothing, but the Jays depth chart (updated today allegedly) is showing Casey as the #5 starter and Tallet as the #6 starter (Doc, Cecil, Ray, Richmond the others).  It also shows Janssen as no longer being on the 15-day DL (not sure when this happened).

This is likely just the reflective of the liberty of the website administrator, but is food for though.  Assuming that Janssen is ready to go, what's the rotation/roster adjustment?  Is it as simple as Janssen in, Ray out?  I think one more look at Ray would be helpful, because he looked to be pitching better than his line would indicate. 

ayjackson - Monday, May 11 2009 @ 10:24 AM EDT (#199750) #

...and Blair had this in his latest column:

Gaston doesn't think it's fair to let Romero lose his spot in the rotation because injury, and he likes the idea of having another lefty in the bullpen. That would suggest Tallet goes back into the pen, but Gaston reminded everybody that Cecil was a closer in college.

Cecil to the bullpen is a move that makes a lot of sense at some point this season, I'm just not sure now is the right time.  He's making gains on endurance right now and I think the move to the pen should come around the all-star break (to save his innings count).

Moe - Monday, May 11 2009 @ 10:39 AM EDT (#199752) #
Do we trade Doc to an NL team for three ubber prospects - say a young Rolen, a young Scutaro and a young Cecil?

There is no way we should trade Doc for anyone if the Jays are contending. Maybe you don't resign him if it takes too much, but a contender trading his ace, this would be plain stupid.

Yes, there are a lot of arms coming up, but as others have said before, they haven't proven anything. Josh Towers had a great year (and 2 ok ones). Chacin was Rookie of the Month twice. Both are long gone. Do I think that none of the young guys will work out? No, of course not; but I think we can be glad if at the end there are 4 solid starters, 1-2 useful releivers and a couple of stand-buy guys in the minors (remember, you need 7-8 staters minimum to go through a season and the margin of error in the AL east is small). 

I'm not sure whether that's justified, but the Jays have a reputation of burning out a lot of young arms. Reading about the overhyped Boston and NYY prospects, I get the impression that they are treated more carefully. I doubt Cecil would have thrown 100+ pitches with the Sox yesterday. Getting the most out of Tallet and Richmond is fine, but your top prospects who "shouldn't even be here"?

Anders - Monday, May 11 2009 @ 11:53 AM EDT (#199766) #
The Jays lead is perhaps even greater than it appears. Boston has played a few extra games at home, and the Jays still have 4 extra games at home to even up their home-away games. This Jays team is good.

To be fair, Boston has by all accounts played a more difficult schedule than the Blue Jays. The Red Sox have played Tampa 10 times and the Yankees and Indians 5 times each. While these teams have struggled they are certainly not bad team (verdict's still out on the Tribe I suppose.) They've played 7 against the A's and Baltimore, the two worst teams in the league so far. Despite the Jays road heavy schedule, they've had an easier turn of it. The Jays and the Red Sox have played many of the same teams, except instead of the 15 against the Yankees and Rays the Jays have gotten Detroit, Chicago, KC, Texas and additional games against the A's - both have played LAA, Cleveland, and Minnesota. This analysis is very cut and dry, but I think it's a little too early to proclaim that the Jays have the scheduling advantage - they've played one of the easiest schedules in baseball.

With all this being said, the Jays do have some favourable scheduling quirks - 9 of their last 12 are against Baltimore and Seattle. Their interleague schedule is a little tough with Atlanta, Philly x2, Florida, Washington and Cincy, but the other AL East teams are in similar boats (though Tampa's "natural rivals" are the Marlins who they play twice, and their out of division series is the Rockies, which is pretty favourable. Baltimore gets the Nats x2, but they dont count.)
Magpie - Monday, May 11 2009 @ 12:53 PM EDT (#199769) #
Do we trade Doc?

The idea is to get players like Roy Halladay.
Chuck - Monday, May 11 2009 @ 12:53 PM EDT (#199770) #

Do we trade Doc to an NL team for three ubber prospects - say a young Rolen, a young Scutaro and a young Cecil?

You mean an old Scutaro.

Ryan Day - Monday, May 11 2009 @ 02:57 PM EDT (#199782) #
I think trading Doc while you're in first place would be a pretty good way to ensure you never sell any tickets ever again. (Well, unless you're getting Albert Pujols in return.)
Timbuck2 - Monday, May 11 2009 @ 04:21 PM EDT (#199788) #
I don't think even Albert Pujols could stop the mass exodus of Blue Jays fans if we traded Roy right now.  Take a look at how many Halladay jerseys are in the stands every night.
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