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So I was skimming Bert Blyleven's page the other day, contemplating his upcoming Hall of Fame induction (conclusion: borderline "belongs" but I'm glad he's in -- I'm a "Big Hall" guy) when my eyes began to scan the "Transactions" list near the bottom of that page. By quick count, Bert was involved in five trades involving more than 30 other players (a few of whom never did make it to the big leagues) ... with that realization, my Hall of Names brain immediately leapt to "could we possibly build a full roster from that list?"

Not only CAN we, but it's really an outstanding team overall ...

The starting lineup has four former All-Stars on board, with another coupele of guys I was surprised to learn never had participated in the midsummer classic. The starting rotation has a Hall of Famer (Bert, of course) and two other legitimate All-Stars while the bullpen has two solid, if not spectacular closing options. Seven of the nine position players amassed more than 120 career homers (though just one made it, barely, past 200), so there might not be any Murderer's Row candidates, but there are a bunch of guys who are mid-tier consistent stars.

All that said, it's time to meet -- not to throw you a Blyleven-esque curve here, but sometimes the Bermanisms stick with you ...

**indicates Hall of Famer
*indicates All-Star

C Manny Sanguillen* (.296, 65 HR, 1967, '69-80)
1B Willie Montanez* (.275, 139 HR, 1966, '70-82)
2B Mike Cubbage (.258, 34 HR, 1974-81)
SS Jay Bell* (.265, 195 HR, 1986-2003)
3B Roy Smalley (.257, 163 HR, 1975-87)
LF John Milner (.249, 131 HR, 1971-82)
CF Al Oliver * (.303, 219 HR, 1968-85)
RF Ken Henderson (.257, 122 HR, 1965-80)
DH Paul Sorrento (.257, 166 HR, 1989-99)

C Gary Alexander (.230, 55 HR, 1975-81)
IF Danny Thompson (.248, 15 HR, 1970-76)
IF Nelson Norman (.221, 1978-82)
OF Tom Grieve (.249, 65 homers, 1970, '72-79)
OF Eddie Miller (.238, 49 SB, 1977-82, '84)
OF Jim Weaver (.161, 1985, '87, '89)

RHSP Bert Blyleven** (287-250, 3.31, 1970-92)
RHSP Jon Matlack* (125-126, 3.18, 1971-83)
RHSP Bill Singer* (118-127, 3.39, 1964-77)
LHSP Bob Owchinko (37-60, 4.28, 1976-94)
RHSP Tommy Boggs (20-44, 4.22, 1976-83)

CL-RH Victor Cruz (18-23, 37 saves, 1978-81, 83)
RHRP Adrian Devine (26-22, 30 saves 1973, '75-90)
LHRP Curt Wardle (8-9, 1 save, 6.13, 1984-85)
RHRP Rafael Vasquez (1-0, 5.06 in 9 games with '79 SEA)
RHRP Rich Yett (22-24, 4.95, 1 save, 1985-90)

And the two guys who didn't make the roster?
RHSP Jim Gideon (1 start, only appearance, /75 TEX)
RHRP Mike Cook (1-6, 5.55, 1986-89, '93)

OTHER "BERT"-INENT INFORMATION ... Blyleven is not only the ace and Opening Day starter, he's the team captain -- when the team is named for you, that seems pretty  obvious .... Boggs was 12-9 with the '80 Braves, but just 8-35 in his other seven seasons combined ... Owchinko's career 4.28 ERA is the worst in this rotation -- that would make him a star these days! -- and he's the sole lefty starter ... Cruz was a rookie with the '78 sophomore Jays and rang up a 7-3/1.71 season with nine saves. That earned him a trade to Cleveland (for Alfredo Griffin and a minor league pitcher) where he had back-to-back 10-save campaigns before being shipped to Pittsburgh as part of the deal for a Blylevven package ... Devine was a pretty decent closer for the '77 Rangers, notching 11 wins and 15 saves ... Slotting Yett as a reliever is a little dicey, as 49 of his 136 carreer appearances were starts ...

Sanguillen wasonce traded (PIT > OAK) even-up for a manager, Chuck Tanner ...Montanez had eight double-digit dinger seasons, reaching 20 twice and 30 once. Oddly, in his 30-homer rookie season of 1971, he knocked in just 99 runs, while in his only 100-RBI season (101 in 1975), he hit just 10 homers ... Cubbage played mostly at 3B and quite a bit at 1B, but we need someone to turn the pivot, and he did make 53 appearances (including 37 starts) at 2B ... Bell had one trruly standout season, 1999, when starting at 2B for the Diiamondbacks he hit .289/38/112. (Let's not dwell on what era it was in baseball at the time.) Still, he played more than 1500 of his 2000+ career ganes at shortstop ... Meanwhile, Smalley was primarily a shortstop, but played neearly 200 games at the hot corner ...

We'd have to think about it, but rather than the current Cubbage-Bell-Smalley 2B-SS-3B defensive alighnment, we might be better off with Bell-Smalley-Cubbage. Let's see how it plays out in spring training (in Holland, of course)  ... Smalley's father, also named Roy, was also a long-time big league infiielder -- but don't call our Roy "Junior"! Dad held the Jr. tag, and our six-hole is filled with a Roman numeral III ... Millner was traded for Montanez twice, once in a huge December '77  four-team Blyleven-anza, and later even-up in a traditional 1982 deal between the Expos and Pirates ... Oliver, who closed out his career with the 1985 Jays, had 2,743 career hits and 1,326 RBI. He dropped off the HOF ballot in his first year of eligibility, but surely belongs prominantly in the Hall of Gosh He Was Pretty Good ...

Alexander hit 27 of his 55 career homers -- almost half! -- in 1978 with the A's and Indians, but that season he also hit just .225 and srtruck out an AL-worst 166 times ... Grieve hit .276/14/61 and .255/20/81 for the 1975-76 Rangers, ended up their Gemeral Manager in the 1980s and "TAG" is now a permanebt fixture in the defending AL champ teevee brooth .... Norman could play short for a "two last names" team if we ever do one --  you know, Carlton Fisk, guys like that ...There have been four MLB players named "Eddie Miller, " and one was an All-Star (note: it wasn't our guy) .... There have also been three Jim Weavers, and we appear to be stuck with the caboose from that train, too ...

So, then -- I think this team is a playoff contender amd would have championship aspirations in either current league ... what say you, Bzuxites?

Morre to the point, were we to continue this "Trade School HoN Team" track, what other players might we look at? (Yes, I've already thought of Bobby Bonds.) And please, feel free to build one yourself and submit it to me for publication here! 

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Magpie - Sunday, January 09 2011 @ 05:29 AM EST (#228530) #
The best I can come up with is the Dour Doyles, starring that famous old Blue Jay, Doyle Alexander.

The lineup, quiet frankly, sucks. We're okay behind the plate with Rick Dempsey, and we have one of the greatest players who ever lived in right field, the one and only Frank Robinson. We also have a couple of good-field, no-hit shortstops in Larvell Blanks and Pepe Frias - we can put Frias at second base, he did play there a little. But after that, it's desperate work. Ted Wilborn and Royle Stillman round out the outfield. That's gruesome enough, but it gets much, much worse. We don't have any corner infielders at all - we're reduced to putting Elrod Hendricks at first base (he did play a few games there) and career minor leaguer Craig Landis at third.

But the pitching staff! Now we're talking! Forget Dour Doyle - John Smoltz is our ace. He's supported by John Montefusco and Doyle himself from the right side, and southpaws Scotty McGregor and Rudy May. We don't even have room for Pete Richert, who was a fine starter himself, before becoming a key part of Earl Weaver's bullpen. But the bullpen is stacked as well - Duane Ward and Tippy Martinez lead the crew, which also features Richert, Grant Jackson, and Andy McGaffigan.

We'll need to win a lot of low scoring games. Pretty well any time F-Robby takes an 0-4, we're gonna lose....
Thomas - Sunday, January 09 2011 @ 10:46 AM EST (#228534) #
Blyleven more than borderline belongs, unless you are a very small Hall voter. With the Hall at anything near the size it is now (which isn't a bad thing IMO), he clearly is deserving.
CeeBee - Sunday, January 09 2011 @ 05:00 PM EST (#228558) #
Has anyone ever been traded for anywhere near as many players as Blyleven was over his career? I poked around baseball reference but couldn't find any trade stuff except on individual player pages.
Alex Obal - Sunday, January 09 2011 @ 05:06 PM EST (#228560) #
Team Edwin Jackson has a good outfield, and may have a killer rotation given a few years' hindsight. Curtis Granderson, Austin Jackson, Matt Joyce, Max Scherzer, (Edwin Jackson), Daniel Hudson, Ian Kennedy, relievers (including Phil Coke and All-Star Lance Carter), prospects...
Alex Obal - Sunday, January 09 2011 @ 05:07 PM EST (#228562) #
... but yeah, he's gonna have to bounce around a few more times to match Blyleven's depth.
Mike Green - Sunday, January 09 2011 @ 09:43 PM EST (#228578) #
Bobo's Bros aren't bad and Dick Williams would be the ideal manager for them.  Wes Ferrell, Bobo Newsom himself and Vern Kennedy at the top of the rotation and perfectly serviceable 4-5 starters and a no-name but all right bullpen (most of whom started about 1/2 the time).  Rick Ferrell catches, Beau Bell at first, Red Kress at short and Mark Christman at third, and a fine outfield of Chet Laabs, Ben Chapman and Joe Vosmik.  You'll notice that there was no second baseman.  Well, Newsom was traded for cash twice, totalling $65,000.  This was when a hot dog cost 5 cents, and with Dick Williams as Bobo's manager, I am sure that he could find a second baseman for $65,000.  Who needs second basemen, anyways?
Mick Doherty - Sunday, January 09 2011 @ 10:23 PM EST (#228583) #
Good one, Mike. But you know who played 20 games in his career at 2B (I just confirmed that on BBRef) ? Your now player/manager, Dick Williams!
Mike Green - Monday, January 10 2011 @ 01:38 PM EST (#228623) #
Yeah, I know.  But Dick Williams was never traded for Bobo...

Rick Wise doesn't have the quantity, but was traded for Steve Carlton, Reggie Smith and Dennis Eckersley in separate trades.

lexomatic - Tuesday, January 11 2011 @ 04:06 AM EST (#228649) #
I was hoping mike morgan was traded a lot but no.....
his team is ok though
zeile c 3b 1b
francisco morales c( mnr)
fred mcgriff 1b (hm maybe his team is pretty good)
fred stanley 2b ss 3b
tom dowd 3b ph
dave collins lf
mike devereaux cf
paul torres rf (of 1b 3b mnr)
sp mike morgan, ken dixon
rp scott downs, dale murray

Geoff - Tuesday, January 11 2011 @ 09:55 AM EST (#228653) #
Joe Carter could field a team, but not a roster.

C   Sandy Alomar
1B Fred McGriff
2B Roberto Alomar
SS Tony Fernandez
3B Carlos Baerga
OF Joe Carter
OF Mel Hall
OF Chris James
DH Ron Hassey

SP Rick Sutcliffe
RP Don Schulze
CL George Frazier

And that's everybody with major league service involved with Joe Carter trades.
CeeBee - Tuesday, January 11 2011 @ 10:40 AM EST (#228655) #
Can't field a full team of Doyle Alexander traded players but sure can put out a darn good pitching staff.

SP- Alexander
SP- Montefusco
SP- McGregor
SP- R. May
SP- Richert
RP- Pagan
RP- T. Martinez
RP- Ward
RP- Smoltz

C- Dempsey
IF- Frias
LF- F.Robinson
CF- Wilborn
Geoff - Tuesday, January 11 2011 @ 11:00 AM EST (#228656) #
Team Carter could play Team Lee

C   Lou Marson
1B Justin Smoak
2B Brandon Phillips
SS Jason Donald
3B  Matt Lawson
OF Ben Francisco
OF Grady Sizemore
OF Tyson Gillies
DH Lee Stevens

SP Cliff Lee
SP Bartolo Colon
RP Tim Drew
CL Mark Lowe

I'd pick Team Carter.
lexomatic - Tuesday, January 11 2011 @ 11:10 AM EST (#228657) #
The Carter team would be a pretty scary 1 game lineup though.
Sheffield team would also be scary,

of B Jordan,
of eisenreich
of Mieske,
ss sheffield
2b valentin
3b Bonilla
1b piazza
c c johnson
lsp odalis perez
rsp r bones
rsp jose martinez
rsp g kellogg (mnr)
rsp k whelan (mnr)
rrp hoffman
rrp clagett
rrp h sanchez
rrp m barrios
rrp a berumen
rrp andrew brown
lrp r rodriguez

That's a horrible defense, a bunch of chuckers, some ok pitchers, and a ton of bats.

charles johnson is interesting....
lsp hampton
lsp narveson
rsp a gooch (mnr)
rsp j figueroa (mnr)
rsp j lakman (mnr)
rrp benitez
rrp b kim
lrp darensbourg
rrp m barrios
dh baines
c c jonson
c to hundley
1b piazza
2b ozuna
ss sheffield
3b zeile
of j pierre
of p wilson
of bonilla
of r cedeno
of eisenreich

but todd zeile might be the champ of depth....except for the bullpen

lsp glendon rusch
rsp mike morgan
rsp jeff damico
rsp dan deyoung (mnr)
rsp garrett stephenson
rsp calvin maduro
rrp m barrios
rrp craig house

c c johnson
c francisco morales (mnr)
dh m piazza
1b/of/ph m sweeney
1b/of/ph r gload
1b/of p torres (mnr)
2b lou collier
ss g sheffield
3b t zeile
3b/2b j santos (mnr)
if/ph l harris
of bonilla
of b agabayani
of j burnitz
of a ochoa
of j eisenreich
of p incaviglia

Mick Doherty - Tuesday, January 11 2011 @ 11:21 AM EST (#228658) #
Great job, lex. But you're going to want to re-think those two "SS Sheffield" spots you have. I know he came up at short, but I am just picturing the late-career Sheff hobbling out there. Batters would be bunting AT him for base hits!
Mick Doherty - Tuesday, January 11 2011 @ 11:26 AM EST (#228660) #
Woops. Nobody noticed, but I apparently credited Jay Bell with having played "20000+" career games. Missed by a single digit, but an extra zero can make a difference! This has been fixed.
Geoff - Wednesday, January 12 2011 @ 12:00 AM EST (#228673) #
One more for good measure

Team Lofton

  C Ed Taubensee 
1B Max Ramirez
2B Bobby Hill
SS Jose Hernandez
3B Aramis Ramirez
OF David Justice
OF Marquis Grissom
OF Kenny Lofton

SP Willie Blair
RP Felix Rodriguez
CL Alan Embree

They aren't much but they can field a team thanks to the star being traded six times.

Mick Doherty - Wednesday, January 12 2011 @ 09:48 AM EST (#228684) #
Geoff, and that's a real -ez-does-it infiedd you've got going there! Sure your 2B isn't Bobby Hillez?
lexomatic - Wednesday, January 12 2011 @ 01:19 PM EST (#228702) #
Geoff, Grissom played rf a bit when he came up, so i think he'd be a better choice than lofton there.
It's a shame his team isn't full-up
great OF, solid bullpen and half a rotation of chuckers. this is basically a batting practice team (outfielders and throwers)

1b justice
dh r kelly
lf k lofton
cf d white
rf m grissom
of t tarasco

rsp b mcdonald
lsp r villone (or pen)
rsp j juden (or pen)

rrp mike fetters
rrp e yan
lrp a embree
rrp r lugo

I missed making teams
I can't believe nobody did the cliff lee team... maybe it's only a great rotation? gonna check now. give him 2 more trades and a few years and he'll have a great team. maybe when philly dismantles their current team? Haren could also be good with a few trades, and after a few more seasons have gone by. He needs infielders especially, and someoen to throw to.


c lou marson
1b justin smoak
2b brandon phillips
ss jason donald
lf lee stevens
cf grady sizemore
rf ben francisco
of tyson gillies (mnr)
ut matthew lawson (mnr)

lsp cliff lee
rsp bartolo colon
rsp carlos carrasco
rsp jason knapp (mnr)
rsp jc ramirez (mnr)
rsp blake beaven (mnr)

rsp/rrp tim drew
rrp mark lowe
rrp phillipe aumont (mnr)
rrp josh lueke (mnr)

1B Barton
LF C.Carter
CF Cargo
RF A Cunningham

RSP Haren
LSP Mulder
LSP B Anderson
LSP G Smith
LSP P Corbin (mnr)
LSP T Skaggs (mnr)

LSP/LRP Eveland
RRP Calero
RRP C Robertson
RRP R Rodriguez (mnr)

lexomatic - Wednesday, January 12 2011 @ 01:35 PM EST (#228707) #
Milton Bradley
SP Zach Day
SP Carlos Silva
RP Andrew Brown
SS Antonio Perez
OF Milton Bradley
OF Franklin Guiterrez
OF Andre Ethier

Jeromy Burnitz's
SP Paul Byrd
SP D Mlicki
SP J Damico
SP/RP G Rusch
RP/SP C Strayhorn (mnr)
RP J Dipoto
RP J Roa
RP J Diaz
RP C House

DH M Sweeney
C T Zeile
1B R Gload
2B L Harris
3B K Seitzer
SS L Collier
OF J Burnitz
OF V Diaz
OF A Ochoa
OF B Agbayani
IF J Azuaje mnr

Mick Doherty - Wednesday, January 12 2011 @ 02:02 PM EST (#228709) #
One thing about Team Grissom -- maybe the best defensive outfield in the history of the game! Certainly a set of "marquee" (Marquis) guys ....
lexomatic - Wednesday, January 12 2011 @ 02:09 PM EST (#228710) #
Topps All Traded Team
so far...

SP B Blyleven
SP D Alexander
SP C Lee (Apologies to Geoff who got there first)
SP B Newsom
SP E Jackson

C. C Johnson
1B J Carter
3B T Zeile
OF J Burnitz
OF Sheffield
OF Lofton

as of right now the middle infield is between tony fernandez, mark grudzielanek and orlando cabrera, and I want a break from making teams.

Mick Doherty - Wednesday, January 12 2011 @ 02:28 PM EST (#228711) #

I thought Team Bonds (Sr.) would be better, but all that moving around he did was frrequently as a free agent . Still, except for the starkly thin infield, (go get 'em, Larvell!) not terrible at all -- a nice rotation and a VERY deep outfield!

C Brian Downing
2B Larvell Blanks
LF Claudell Washington.
CF Mickey Rivers
RF Bobby Murcer.
DH Bobby Bonds

SP Ed Figueroa
SP John Denny
SP Richard Dotson
SP Len Barker
SP Dave Frost

CL Jim Kern
P Chris Knapp

OF Thad Bosley
OF Rusty Torres
OF Jerry Mumphrey

CeeBee - Wednesday, January 12 2011 @ 02:40 PM EST (#228712) #
There's enough speed in the outfield of the Bonds team to pretty much cover the infield as well. Maybe let Rivers play rover. :)
Geoff - Wednesday, January 12 2011 @ 06:59 PM EST (#228722) #
I can't believe nobody did the cliff lee team...

I did a Lee team yesterday. after Carter. Cheated a bit by putting Lawson in at 3B.

I suppose there is a chance that Lee is dealt again, but I'd sooner imagine he and Doc riding a wave of success until retirement. It is truly amazing the rotation of aces Philly has got. Oh to be a Philly fan looking forward to this season. I'm as curious as to how dominating the team could be as to how much adversity they might face. (because when you're that fortunate, something bad must happen, sometime)

CeeBee - Thursday, January 13 2011 @ 08:54 AM EST (#228732) #
Willie Montanez has a fairly good team except for catcher.

1B- Willie Montanez
2B- Tony Phillips
3B- Darryl Evans
SS- Marty Perez
LF- Al Oliver
CF- Curt Flood who refused the trade
RF- Garry Maddox
C- Tucker Ashford ( appeared at catcher in one game)
DH- John Milner

IF- Mike Jorgenson
IF- Nelson Norman
OF- Tom Grieve
OF- Ken Henderson

SP- Bert Blyleven
SP- Gaylord Perry
SP- Jon Matlack
SP- Ed Lynch
RP- Tommie Boggs
RP- Adrian Devine
Mike Green - Thursday, January 13 2011 @ 09:29 AM EST (#228733) #
That's a fine club, CB.  It's a bit strange to see Garry Maddox- RF, but as between Flood and Maddox, you couldn't go wrong in choosing which one was to play centerfield.  Oddly, Al Oliver played centerfield as well early in his career. 
CeeBee - Thursday, January 13 2011 @ 10:34 AM EST (#228737) #
Maddox may have been better than Flood but like you say, either way a pretty good outfield.
CeeBee - Thursday, January 13 2011 @ 10:44 AM EST (#228738) #
Some pretty cool nicknames too.
Gary "Secretary of defense" Maddox
Darryl "Howdy Doody" Evans
John "The Hammer" Milner
Al "Scoop" Oliver
and a couple that deserve nicknames but I don't think had them.
Adrian "simply" Devine
Gaylord "Spitz" Perry

Mick Doherty - Thursday, January 13 2011 @ 02:00 PM EST (#228743) #
Rickey says Rickey was traded for 13 different players -- also a free agent about forty times -- But none of 'em amounted much of a hilll of beans except that Jose Rijo fella.  No pile of players acquired for Rickey could ever be worth what Rickey brings to Rickey's team every day. So sayeth Rickey!
lexomatic - Thursday, January 13 2011 @ 04:55 PM EST (#228749) #
Rickey was one of the first players that came to mind.. but too bad he wasn't worth the time

Chuck McElroy might be the first reliever on the all traded team...

rsp larry luebbers
rsp thomas johnson mnr
lsp rigo beltran

lrp chuck mcelroy
rrp bob scanlan
lrp mitch williams
rrp lee smith
rrp mike anderson
lrp jesse orosco

c darron cox
c/1b jorge fabregas
c chad kreuter
2b tony phillips
of harvey pulliam
of darryl hamilton
of brian mcrae

or jesse orosco's team - great pitchign staff
1b j koosman
2b j mcewing
ss a griffin
rsp k tapani
rsp w whitehurst
lsp m young
rsp b welch
lsp j koosman
rsp g field mnr
lrp j orosco
rrp j howell
lrp c mcelroy
rrp j padilla
rrp j savage

lexomatic - Thursday, January 13 2011 @ 05:20 PM EST (#228752) #
cory lidle's pilots were an interesting team
lots of minor leaguers, but that top of the lineup woudl be pretty good (damon, hill, abreu)

rsp cory lidle

rsp elizardo ramirez

lsp joseph wilson mnr

rsp carlos monsaterios mnr

rrp roberto hernandez

rrp chris mowday mnr

lrp matt smith

rrp/c jesus sanchez mnr

c kelly stinnett

c/dh aj hinch (mgr)


2b mark ellis

ss angel berroa

3b mike rouse

lf ben grieve

cf johnny damon

rf bobby abreu

of javon moran mnr

Mick Doherty - Thursday, January 13 2011 @ 06:31 PM EST (#228754) #

lex, Jerry Koosman at 1B???

Did he get an inning there one day or something?

lexomatic - Friday, January 14 2011 @ 12:19 AM EST (#228763) #
that was entirely an error i dind't catch. thought i deleted it. but didn't.

i was originally thinking of ed kranepool...

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