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I recently received the stats for the Blue Jay players in extended spring training.  These numbers are not published on because extended spring is unofficial baseball, the games are scheduled by each team, they play locally against other similar extended teams and the results are not reported.  Rehabbing players also play in these games.  In this story I will let you know how some of these players are doing in these invisible games.

But first a the starting pitcher/prospect in extended spring training who has the lowest ERA, the lowest WHIP, the highest K rate (16/9IP); and the best strikeout to walk ratio.  Here is a's not who you think.

These stats are as of May 24 and the team, or teams, have played 50 games.  Most players have played between 20 and 29 games.  The most is 29 games played by Art Charles; Chris Hawkins; Shane Opitz; and Pierce Rankin.  The Blue Jays have so many players in extended that at times they field two teams so it would not be possible for a player to play in all their games.

Let's start with the hitters.  Five hitters have an OPS over 1000.  Two of those are very familiar, Scot Podsednik and Jayson Nix.  The other three are Steve McQuail, Alexsys Rodriguez and Roan Salas.  Marc Hulet helped me with Salas' background:

Salas is a utility player who turns 21 in June. He spent four years in DSL/VSL with the Rays organization before getting taken by the Jays in the minor league Rule 5. He can play all four infield positions but is more of a middle infielder.

McQuail was drafted by the Jays last season and played for Auburn in 2010.  McQuail is a college player, born in 1989, and is too old for extended but Marisnick, Crouse and Knecht are blocking him.  McQuail and Salas lead the team with four home runs each, both will likely play in Vancouver next month.

Alexsys Rodriguez is a catcher, born in 1988, so also somewhat old for extended. 

You may have noticed that none of the higher ranked prospects are slugging over 1000, more about that in a moment.

But first two other players with good numbers are Bryan Kervin and Daniel Arcila.  Kervin was drafted by the Jays in 2008 and was a backup infielder in New Hampshire in 2009.  But he missed all of 2010 and now he is 26 years old so his future is uncertain.  Kervin has a 370 OBP and a 500 SLG.

Arcila leads the team with ten steals and his OPS is 868.  Arcila has 18 hits with nine of them for extra bases, five doubles, three triples and one home run.  Arcila is a Venezuelan infielder who played in the GCL last season.  He is 20 years old and is hitting much better this season than he did last year.

What about the prospects you ask?  Dickie Thon is still dealing with his medical issue and is not in camp.  Brandon Mims is listed on the roster (Thon is not) but he doesn't have an at-bat.  I know Mims missed spring training also.  Dalton Pompey, from Canada, has only five at-bats so he must be dealing with an injury too.

That leaves Chris Hawkins, Kellen Sweeney, Santiago Nessy and Shane Opitz.  Hawkins and Sweeney were born in 1991, Nessy and Opitz in 1992.

Here is how they are doing:


Hawkins	91	101	 271 	 347 	 353 	 700 	12	28
Nessy	92	49	 245 	 269 	 429 	 698 	2	12
Opitz	92	86	 218 	 267 	 244 	 511 	6	16
Sweeney	91	84	 257 	 345 	 378 	 723 	8	20


Hawkins and Sweeney are doing better than Nessy and Opitz but they are older.  Most of the players are holding their own but they are not putting pressure on the Lansing roster.


On the pitching side there are eight pitchers with 18 innings or more.  On of them is Jon Anderson who is now part of the Lansing rotation.  The other seven are Aaron Sanchez; Noah Syndergaard; Griffin Murphy; Justin Nicolino; Mitchell Taylor; Zak Adams; and Myles Jaye.  These are the guys who you want to see get the innings.  Also Adonys Cardona has pitched 13.1 innings.  Cardona was born in 1994 and so is pitching in extended at 17 years old.

Here are their stats: 


Sanchez 92 22.6 1.54 1.99 14 23 9.2 1.6
Syndergaard 92 21 1.19 2.14 8 17 7.3 2.1
Murphy 91 21 1.38 6.43 6 27 11.6 4.5
Nicolino 91 24 1.00 4.13 2 15 5.6 7.5
Taylor 92 18 0.61 0.50 4 32 16.0 8.0
Adams 92 19.3 1.60 5.59 7 17 7.9 2.4
Jaye 91 22.3 1.16 2.01 6 23 9.3 3.8
Cardona 94 13.3 1.80 5.40 10 12 8.1 1.2



Mitchell Taylor has the best numbers in camp.  Taylor was described as a polished pitcher coming out of high school in Texas.  Griffin Murphy is also racking up the strikeouts.  On the other hand Aaron Sanchez and Adonys Cardona are walking too many hitters.

Taylor, Justin Nicolino and Myles Jaye have the best WHIP numbers.  Noah Syndergaard has a good WHIP but doesn't have big strikeout numbers.  Syndergaard throws hard but needs his off-speed stuff and good command to rack up the strikeouts.


There are a couple of other pitchers worth mentioning:

I saw Milciades Santana in spring training and I was impressed with his good fastball.  Santana is a converted hitter and was born in 1989.  Santana has 21 strikeouts in 13.1 innings but he has also allowed 14 hits and nine walks.  So he can throw hard but doesn't have much command yet.

Dustin Antolin is on his way back from Tommy John surgery and he has appeared in two games.

Zack Breault, a Canadian pitcher who might be in Vancouver this season, has a 2.03 ERA and a 0.53 WHIP in 13.1 innings.

Another Canadian pitcher, Nick Purdy, has a 2.70 ERA and a 1.13 WHIP in 13.1 innings.


Finally two pitchers with a zero ERA are Deivy Estrada (14 IP) and Brandon Berl (14.2 IP).  Estrada started in the GCL last season and does have a 0.86 WHIP this year but reportedly he has fringy suff.  But he was born in 1992 so he does have time.  Berl was drafted last season and pitched as a reliever in Auburn.  Berl has a 0.55 WHIP.


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woodman663 - Saturday, May 28 2011 @ 10:32 AM EDT (#235640) #
Great report! Nice to see our lefty trio of Taylor, Nicolino and Murphy doing so well. Sweeney and Hawkins perhaps a bit disappointing, but then it's not a lot of at bats.
Jdog - Saturday, May 28 2011 @ 10:41 AM EDT (#235641) #
Awesome stuff Gerry
rtcaino - Saturday, May 28 2011 @ 10:59 AM EDT (#235643) #
Great report Gerry! I have been very curious how things were going in extended!
mendocino - Saturday, May 28 2011 @ 11:41 AM EDT (#235644) #
TamRa - Saturday, May 28 2011 @ 06:44 PM EDT (#235653) #
name the starting pitcher/prospect in extended spring training who has the lowest ERA, the lowest WHIP, the highest K rate (16/9IP); and the best strikeout to walk ratio.  Here is a's not who you think.

Answering before I risk seeing the reveal - before I read past the question in fact: since "who i think" would obviously be Sanchez...I'll guess Devy Estrada.

TamRa - Saturday, May 28 2011 @ 07:16 PM EDT (#235656) #
The DSL teams start today and Nessy, Alexsys Rodriguez, Gabriel Cenas and Adonis Cardona (spelled Adonys on the listing) are on the DSL roster.

Just judging by ages as a sign of potential potential: OF Luis Martin is 17 and six others are 18 (well, one of those is technically closing in but not quite yet)

I'd kind of thought Nessy would make the GCL and maybe even Cardona too. At Rodriguez's age i'd have assumed he would have to be state-side.

Gerry - Saturday, May 28 2011 @ 07:28 PM EDT (#235657) #
Estrada was not a bad guess but I didn't include him in the prospect category. He did have good numbers last season but no-one I spoke with seemed excited about his potential.

Estrada does have a low ERA, the lowest ERA it can be, but his WHIP is 0.86 and he has 11 K's and 3 walks in 14 innings. He beats Taylor on ERA but not on the other categories.
Maldoff - Saturday, May 28 2011 @ 09:00 PM EDT (#235658) #
Gerry, any idea as to why Nessy, Cardona and Cenas are in the DSL?
Marc Hulet - Saturday, May 28 2011 @ 10:03 PM EDT (#235659) #
The DSL roster is not up-to-date... is painfully slow at updating lists at times.

On another note, Joel Carreno K'd 11 batters and allowed just 2 hits in 7.0 innings... Since May 1, he's given up just eight hits in 31.2 innings of work with 41 Ks... He just needs to harness his control.

Gerry - Saturday, May 28 2011 @ 10:10 PM EDT (#235660) #
Agree with Marc. Cenas should be in the DSL but the others are in North America. I had heard that Cardona is ticketed for Bluefield, we will know in a couple of weeks.
mendocino - Saturday, May 28 2011 @ 10:58 PM EDT (#235661) #

DSL Jays 9  DSL Tigers 1  box score

Cenas playing 3rd, Martin in CF

new names: p-Yeyfry Del Rosario, p-Juan Cabrera........ Nagahashi (VSL Rays '09), Cipriota (GCL Rays '09) both from Argentina, Manaure (VSL Mets'07) 

hypobole - Saturday, May 28 2011 @ 11:03 PM EDT (#235662) #
On a different another note, Brett Lawrie leads the PCL in total bases with 130 (and that was before he hit a double and home run in his first 2 AB's tonight). The Eastern League leader in total bases with 100 is Mike McDade.
ayjackson - Saturday, May 28 2011 @ 11:43 PM EDT (#235663) #

Through four innings in Vegas, the heart of the order, Lawrie-Snider-Cooper-Loewen, is 11 for 11 with a walk, three doubles and two homeruns.

After a tepid April, Loewen has put up a 1.136 OPS so far in May.

As a write this, Lawrie has lined out sharply and Snider has walked in the fifth.

TamRa - Sunday, May 29 2011 @ 01:52 AM EDT (#235666) #
final from Vegas:

Lawrie - 4/6 double, 2 homers, 4 RBI
Snider - 3/5, double, walk, 2 RBI
Cooper - 3/4 Homer, walk 2 RBI
Loewen - 4/5 double, RBI

At what point do we start thinking of Loewen as a guy with potential to play regularly in the majors? i don't think all the caveats we usually apply to an "old guy" in the PCL really apply to him. He's had 960 career professional at-bats (remember that JP said intially we'd need about 1,000 to know what we had)
For comparison, Cooper has had 1,368; even youngster Brett Lawrie has had 1,186

So in terms of his "on field age" as a hitter, he's doing a helluva job, is he not?

I'd like to hear what the professionals think...

TamRa - Sunday, May 29 2011 @ 01:56 AM EDT (#235667) #
upon further review I note his BB/K rate still needs work. but I have a pretty fond hope that Loewen can at least be a sort of Matt Stairs for us for a good little while. Play some RF, some LF, some 1B, DH - live his dream of playing for Canada's team for a while.

(I would have higher hopes but there doesn't seem to be a lot of openings at positions he can play and that would mean a trade and i like the feel-goodness of him playing for the Jays)

TamRa - Sunday, May 29 2011 @ 02:17 AM EDT (#235668) #
Lawrie is third in the PCL in homers (he has 14, two players have 15)
First in TB (by 14 over #2)
Tied for first in doubles
10th in SB even

there's more - but the MiLB site is hacking me off with this "there was an error processing your request" baloney so not tonight.

Mike Green - Sunday, May 29 2011 @ 10:33 AM EDT (#235671) #
Another sweep for the affiliates last night.

The difference between the PCL and the EL this year is huge. To give a flavour, here are the PCL and EL leaders by OPS:

d'Arnaud would be leading the EL, but narrowly misses the playing time cut-off. Lawrie's .350/.409/.659 line sounds phenomenal, but would probably translate to .270/.330/.450 in the Show. This would of course be better than whoever the club has put out to play third base.
85bluejay - Sunday, May 29 2011 @ 11:01 AM EDT (#235678) #
Great work Gerry - thanks very much - this really is helpful and gives us an idea about where prospects will be going. Looks like Sanchez & Syndergaard will be one level at a time guys at least initially, which is okay given the Jays RH talent further up the chain & nice to see the LHP may move quicker.
TamRa - Sunday, May 29 2011 @ 05:40 PM EDT (#235697) #
Regarding how PCL dominance translates to Toronto, let's consider a small comparison.

JPA was not remotely as well regarded a prospect as Lawrie. Further, he was three years older and repeating the league.

His 2010 PCL stats translated, according to the equivilancy calculator, to this:

.240/.288/.475/.763 - 29 / 1 / 23 / 59 - 28 / 92 in 422 AB

his actual stats, pro-rated to the same number of AB:

.252/.316/.497/.813 - 21 / 6 / 24 / 74 - 41 / 109

If you consider that the triples are unrealistic and beyond the 2 he already has may well turn into doubles, that's pretty close. It would shave .007 off the slugging and OPS. Still, overall he's outperforming the model.

Lawrie's current stats (as of this writing he's 2/3 todays with a triple, a homer and 3 RBI) translate to this:

.284/.323/.515/.838 - 15 / 2 / 11 / 33  - 13 / 43 - 9 SB

That's 221 AB and if he were to come up tomorrow he'd get probably around 350 AB so pro rate the counting stats and you get this:

24 / 3 / 17 / 52 - 17 / 53 - 14

or to 162 games and you get this:

35 / 5 / 26 / 77 - 26 / 77 - 21

All in all, I think it's safe to say that Lawrie projects to be a plus player right now. Whether or not that's developmentally sound, I'll have to leave to the professionals but as far as contributing to the Jays, he might be the third best hitter on the team right now - if he were on the team.

greenfrog - Sunday, May 29 2011 @ 08:05 PM EDT (#235708) #
Great work Gerry, as always. I would think that stats in extended spring training probably aren't *all* that important - I'm assuming that players are generally working on certain skills (for example, throwing a changeup or cutter, or making a swing adjustment) that might cause some short-term statistical pain, but that will hopefully prove beneficial in the long run.
bpoz - Monday, May 30 2011 @ 07:34 AM EDT (#235741) #
And pitch count, when the SS starts?

2011 Drafts may have tired arms. 2010 drafts may not be stretched out enough or too many pitchers needing work on the roster.
Gerry - Monday, May 30 2011 @ 11:20 AM EDT (#235755) #

I did have video of Taylor throwing one pitch from spring training.

The video is here.

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