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It was a 3-for-4 night for the affiliates, as New Hampshire’s bats were relatively quiet while those in Las Vegas exploded. Perhaps that’s not a huge surprise. However, given all the young hitting talent at Triple-A, it may surprise you to see who was leading the offensive attack.

Fresno 4 @ Las Vegas 14Boxscore

It was a fun night in Nevada, as Las Vegas won big. Jesse Chavez had a reasonable start by the park’s standards, allowing three earned runs over 6 innings. Chavez allowed five hits and a walk and struck out five. Even more impressively, he threw 61 of 88 pitchers for strikes. Jim Hoey allowed a run on two hits in his inning of relief and Ryota Igarashi and Chad Beck each had perfect frames, the latter’s coming on six pitches.

The 51’s hit old friend Brian Burres hard, scoring seven runs over 4.1 innings and then did the majority of the rest of the damage against reliever Wilmin Rodriguez. Anthony Gose was hitless with a pair of walks and Mike McCoy also had an 0-fer. Everyone else had at least one hit. David Cooper went 4-for-5 with 3 RBIs and finished a homer short of the cycle. Chris Woodward was 3-for-4 with a walk and 4 RBIs and finished a double short of the cycle. Travis Snider had a walk and three hits, including a double, and Adeiny Hechavarria was 3-for-5 with a pair of singles and a double. Travis d’Arnaud contributed with a single, Moises Sierra with a double and Yan Gomes had one of each.

New Hampshire 2 @ Reading 4Boxscore

The Fisher Cats scored two in the first, as Brian Van Kirk homered, brining in Ryan Goins. Van Kirk, Goins and Brad Glenn each went 2-for-4. Glenn and AJ Jimenez each had a double and Jonathan Diaz, Mike McDade and Mark Sobolewski each had singles. Koby Clemens and Justin Jackson were kept off the bases and Koby had a trio of strikeouts.

Ryan Tepera gave up two runs, only one earned, over 5 innings. He struck out three, walked two and gave up four hits. Two more runs came in to count off Matt Daly, who surrendered four hits and a walk. Evan Crawford had a scoreless inning of relief, striking out the side, and Aaron Loup also had a perfect frame.

Dunedin 7 @ Daytona 1Boxscore

John Stilson was reportedly very impressive, with four strikeouts over 4 innings. Stilson only allowed one hit and walked a pair. He retired five of six batters on balls in play on the ground. Stilson turned the ball over to Egan Smith, who struck out five and allowed five hits over his 3 innings. He surrendered the only run to Daytona. Dayton Martze finished the game with a couple of innings of one-hit ball with three strikeouts.

Michael Crouse and Jon Talley each went 2-for-4, with Crouse scoring twice and Talley hitting a key two-out homer to double Dunedin’s lead over Daytona. Jonathan Jones and Kevin Nolan each hit a double, while Jones and Marcus Knecht each had 2 RBIs. Sean Ochinko, Kevin Ahrens and Ivan Contreras each added singles. Jake Marisnick was 0-for-2, but he drew a pair of walks, as did Jones. Marisnick was caught stealing and picked off.

Lansing 7 @ Dayton 4Boxscore

Anthony DeSclafani and Noah Syndergaard each threw 3 innings. The Dragons had four baserunners and scored one run against each. DeSclafani gave up three hits and struck out three, as well. Meanwhile, Syndergaard gave up a pair of hits and walks, notched a pair of strikeouts and allowed an unearned run. Kramer Champlin allowed two runs in relief and Ajay Meyer earned his third save with a scoreless inning.

Lansing had a 5-3 lead going into the 8th inning and Jonathon Berti hit a two-run homer to add some nice insurance runs. Both he and Chris Hawkins went 1-for-3 with 2 RBIs and a walk. Kellen Sweeney was the only Lugnut with a multi-hit game, going 2-for-4. Carlos Perez, Andrew Burns, KC Hobson and Kevin Pillar each added a hit, with Hobson walking twice and Pillar once. Kenny Wilson had an 0-for-5 evening in the leadoff spot.

Three Stars:
3rd Star – John Stilson, 4 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 4 K
2nd Star – David Cooper, 4-for-5, 3 R, 2B, 3B, 3 RBI, 7 TB
1st Star – Chris Woodward, 3-for-4, R, 2B, HR, 4 RBI, BB, 7 TB

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Kelekin - Thursday, April 12 2012 @ 06:30 AM EDT (#254356) #
A collection of thoughts -

For Lansing, Rollins should be going tonight.  It looks like there won't be an off-day until May 1st, so we get plenty of excellent Lugnuts games til the end of the season. 

The rotation appears to be as follows:

- Syndergaard / DeSclafani (Paired)
- Rollins
- Walden
- Nicolino / Sanchez (Paired)
- Hernandez

I'm really surprised Walden is getting another chance to start and Ybarra seemingly in relief (I would argue Walden should be a reliever and in Dunedin).  At the same time, the only pitcher between Bluefield/Vancouver that would have deserved to start is Myles Jaye and we traded him for Frasor.  Is there an actual reason for the pairings? Is it simply to keep innings down?  3 innings a start is going to amount to under 90 for the year. 

Dunedin's rotation now has me more interested than Lansing on a day-to-day basis.  Stilson, Nolin, Wojo, Dyson, and Lawrence.  Four out of five turns through the rotation I'm very curious to see the results.  If Wojo continues to not figure things out as a starter, how long until they try fast-tracking him as a reliever?  Ultimately I only think Stilson has a shot at making it to the majors as a starter, with all the rest being possibly high-leverage bullpen arms.  We have so many arms in our system as potential relievers that it would be quite shocking to see us keep spending on FA relievers.

Marcus Knecht has had an interesting start - 5 BB and 10 K in 28 PA.  He has 5 hits, three of which are doubles and two are home runs. 

MatO - Thursday, April 12 2012 @ 09:16 AM EDT (#254358) #

Is there an actual reason for the pairings?

One theory is that Mike Green has become a secret pitching advisor to the Blue Jays.

Another might be that the're limiting the number of innings for certain pitchers and rather than just cutting them off near the end of the season they're limiting them early on so that they can particpate in potential playoffs without going over their limit.

Richard S.S. - Thursday, April 12 2012 @ 09:49 AM EDT (#254361) #

It's possible, one or two of the Lansing Rotation might be headed for Dunedin sometime this season to fill holes there.   What holes?   The holes in the New Hampshire Rotation that the Dunedin Pitchers needed to fill.   Or this is future injury planning.   It's possible the Team's getting experience to as many Starters as neccessary.   This could be the forerunner to future A.A. moves.   It could be fun to speculate, but it just too early in the season for it. 

bpoz - Thursday, April 12 2012 @ 10:25 AM EDT (#254362) #
Yan Gomes has played 3B, 1B & C. It is probably hard to learn so many positions. Does anyone know how he is doing defensively. His offense looks good so far.
Justin Jackson also seems to be doing quite well at CF in AA ball. At 23 years old,that is not bad if he can have a good year.
Mike Green - Thursday, April 12 2012 @ 11:08 AM EDT (#254364) #
One theory is that Mike Green has become a secret pitching advisor to the Blue Jays.

If that were true, the club would be in deep, deep trouble. 

Texas ran a twinned/tandem system a couple of years ago in low A ball, but it was not really intended to be something carried forward to the upper minors or the majors.  I am pretty sure that the Jays are using the system to minimize load on young arms in full-season ball.  In previous years, they often would shift pitchers in A Ball from the rotation to the pen or vice versa  in mid-season to minimize load (they did this with Davis Romero and a few others).  They might very well have decided that it was better to twin them because you minimize the risk of a young pitcher throwing while tired in this way (you might describe this as dealing with both seasonal load and game load). 
92-93 - Thursday, April 12 2012 @ 11:12 AM EDT (#254366) #
Stilson is a beast. I wonder if the best course of action for a shredded shoulder like that isn't to fasttrack him to the bigs as a reliever and milk whatever value you can get out of the arm.
China fan - Thursday, April 12 2012 @ 11:14 AM EDT (#254367) #
Couple of questions:

1) I can understand why Hutchison and McGuire and Jenkins are pitching at the AA level, since they've only got a few AA starts under their belts. But can anyone figure out why some of the better pitching prospects (Carreno, Chad Beck) are in Las Vegas, while others such as Evan Crawford and Brett Cecil are in New Hampshire? There's a theory that Las Vegas is bad for pitchers, but it didn't seem to hurt Drabek's development last year -- since he's in the majors now -- and it doesn't seem to be a deterrent to Carreno and Beck this year. Beck and Crawford seem to be roughly at the same level of development, yet one is in NH and one is in Las Vegas.

2) What do the Jays do if Hechavarria is ready for the majors sooner than expected? Anthopoulos said he wanted to give Hech a full year at Vegas this year. But he might not need a full year. Yet there's no room in the Jays lineup for him. Would the Jays gamble on a KJ trade in July if Hech seems ready?
sam - Thursday, April 12 2012 @ 11:38 AM EDT (#254370) #
A note on everyone's favorite topic; player development contracts. Our contract with Las Vegas ends at the end of the year (thank god!) and so do about half the player development contracts at AAA level. Las Vegas is a mess for player development and if the Jays get saddled in Las Vegas again it'll be a strain on player development and a serious misstep by AA and co. So here are the following affiliates and teams who have a player development contract that expires at the end of the year. I've tried to rank them based on potential for switch. This ranking is partially informed by news sources and simple common sense i.e. Pawtucket is going nowhere.

1. Rochester Red Wings - Minnesota

It's a close tie with Buffalo, but the people over at minorleaguesource are projecting a fight between the Twins, Mets, and Jays over Buffalo and Rochester with the loser ending up in Las Vegas (again?). Rochester might be a more likely landing spot for the Jays. The Rochester team has stunk in recent years and while there hasn't been a significant dip in attendance, the Red Wings people could see the writing on the wall as the Twins are not exactly pumping out big time prospects. Rochester has been the affiliate for the Twins for a while now, and one wonders if there's a feeling of stagnation there. Then again, the Rochester outfit is an incredibly loyal franchise (their past pdc with St. Louis and Baltimore last for over 30 years each), and by all reports run impeccably. The Jays haven't exactly been winners at the AAA level either, but I imagine Jays management will sell them on the future prospects coming through and location to Toronto. It might be hard to quantify to the people with the Red Wings, but I wonder if the city's much hyped "younger, statistically inclined, prospect experts" will be made aware to the Rochester people? For the Twins, they would look to Buffalo if Rochester didn't work out. I don't know if I see them looking to move on. Indianapolis would be closer, as would Iowa, but the likelihood of the Cubs parting ways with Iowa are extremely slim. I'm not sure about Pittsburgh and Indianapolis either.

2. Buffalo Bisons - New York Mets

Outside of re-locating a AAA franchise to Ottawa/Montreal, this has got to be a dream destination for the Jays. The proximity to Toronto would certainly be a welcome change for management. Toronto fans might actually go see the prospects play in Buffalo and the stadium is quite nice to boot. I'm not sure if I entirely buy the proximity argument, I went to see a couple Auburn Doubleday games way back and there were no Jays fans in attendance. Nonetheless, we could send our pitchers to AAA, see the prospects play and go shopping all in one day. Whether the Bisons want to part with the Mets is a whole different story, but the Mets are now in part run by JP Riccardi so there's hope. On Riccardi, word was when he was the GM he very rarely went to Syracuse games and basically did everything in his power to undermine a previously good relationship with the Sky Chiefs. One wonders if the Syracuse situation has plagued the Jays and their AAA player development contracts since? Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse are all quite close and I'm sure they gossip so who knows? Buffalo is one of the top drawers of people to the ballpark and the Mets are in-state, but that hasn't seemed to work to increase attendance, so there's that. Buffalo is probably the only real destination Toronto management could sell the Toronto fan base attending games to. Like the Rochester team, the Bisons have stunk in recent years, however, the Mets have made a serious effort to stock the AAA team with talent and solid minor league free agents. Wally Backman is managing the team and he'll more than likely get the call up to New York if and when Terry Collins starts to lose/kills someone. These things tend to generate good will in these relationships--the sending of good players, not murder--so I'm not sold on Buffalo and the Mets parting ways.

3. Nashville - Milwaukee and New Orleans - Miami

These two are unlikely. Nashville has a solid relationship with Milwaukee and New Orleans is the closest club to Miami and there have been no reports that either will be likely to move.

An option that AA seems to have intimated is his desire to buy a AAA club and move it to somewhere in Canada. I can recall a couple interviews on the question of player development contracts and such and the owning of minor league teams seems to come up quite frequently. Looking at attendance, Las Vegas, Charlotte, and Nashville are the lowest drawers of fans. Charlotte has a player development contract till 2014 with the White Sox and Nashville seems to be content with their affiliation with Milwaukee, and there have been rumours that Las Vegas will be investing in a serious baseball-related complex for the 51s, if not for a Major League team. The Marlins are not moving, but new stadium plans for the Rays seem to have fallen through. So if any team will be re-locating it'll be them, but that's still another 3-5 years at the very minimum.

There has also been some talk of a AA-AAA roulette, relocation type situation, where Binghamton moves to Ottawa, becomes the Jays AAA/AA affiliate, Mets take New Hampshire and Buffalo becomes the AA affiliate. I don't see it happening. The Jays and New Hampshire is a solid relationship. The league hasn't expressed any interest in moving back to Ottawa and I doubt the Bisons would be happy dropping down a level. The other option is Binghamton shuts up shop and moves to Ottawa and we switch our AA affiliate. I could only see this happening if the Jays buy the Binghamton franchise, but there has been very little talk of this.

To recap, Rochester and Buffalo are the two front runners here and I'd have to imagine that the Jays are working hard to cultivate a relationship with either.

**I make some assumptions here that Las Vegas is a problem. I have read/seen the interviews in which AA speaks to scouting tools and not stats and some of the benefits of Las Vegas. I don't ignore these comments, however, the reality of the situation, which the Jays are not sending pitching prospects to AAA because of the conditions is to the benefit of no one in the organization. We're beginning to see a bit of a backlog of starters at New Hampshire because of this. For hitters, the conditions are favorable and it makes it that much harder to gauge the success of a hitter. Travel is an issue as well. I've read comments too by Tony LaCava in which he comments that Las Vegas has flights to everywhere, which I do not doubt, but the Jays would probably like to have their affiliate closer to Toronto if not to cut down on travel time, but to experience the the weather in April/October.
whiterasta80 - Thursday, April 12 2012 @ 11:40 AM EDT (#254371) #
Re: 2) KJ goes to the outfield, Thames goes to DH, EE to 1B and Lind to the glue factory.
Mike Green - Thursday, April 12 2012 @ 11:41 AM EDT (#254372) #
Trades are possible, but the club is likely to be cautious with Hechevarria. He is unlikely to dominate the PCL the way that Lawrie did, and the club waited a long time with him despite having an obvious opening.  Right now, the club is in an enviable position with valuable middle infielders and a prospect in high minors who has a pretty good chance of contributing something if an injury strikes. 
uglyone - Thursday, April 12 2012 @ 11:54 AM EDT (#254373) #
even taking into account the Vegas factor, the numbers Hech has put up so far in AAA are legitimately excellent - and that would be true even if he didn't project to being an impact defensive player at an impact defensive position.

the question with his AAA stats so far is only sample size, IMO, not the Vegas factor.
greenfrog - Thursday, April 12 2012 @ 12:21 PM EDT (#254377) #
A bit off-topic, but there have been some interesting stories in the early going about pitchers showing decreased velocity (possibly coupled with other issues): e.g., Felix, Lincecum, Pineda. Not sure how it will play out, but it bolsters the case for *not* making the kind of trade (i.e., trading young stars/A-list prospects) necessary to land these guys. At the moment I'm glad AA didn't make any crazy offers for other teams' SPs this off-season.
Richard S.S. - Thursday, April 12 2012 @ 03:18 PM EDT (#254382) #

The main reason why some Pitchers are in Las Vegas and some are in New Hamshire is need.   Toronto will need Carreno and Beck long before anyone in AA.   There are regular direct flights to and from Toronto and other MLB cities Toronto may be playing in.   Direct flights to and from New Hampshire - not so much.   The odds that Cecil returns to the Club as a Starter, baring injury, are minute.   Crawford deserves a better fate than Lost Vegas.

Yunel Escobar and Kelly Johnson were proven Major Leaguers when acquired.   Talk to me when Hech gains that.   Baring injury, no matter how good he gets, he spends this season in AAA, because he can.   A.A. will make the Hech decision next offseason.   It's possible Hech gets traded if A.A. needs to sometime this season, after all, Yunel's under contract through 2015.  By then, the next S.S. in the system (possibly one of D.J. Thon Jr., Christian Lopes, Dewal Lugo, Jorge Vega-Rosado, Ryan Goins, Andrew Burns, Shane Optiz) should be ready.

Hechavarria, d'Arnaud and Gose are prime trade assets that are increasing their value this season.    At least at Catcher, Short Stop and Center/OutField we have depth enough in the system to trade top prospects at that position.

Original Ryan - Thursday, April 12 2012 @ 03:51 PM EDT (#254384) #
Manchester isn't that far from Boston. Flights aren't an issue.
Mike Green - Thursday, April 12 2012 @ 04:20 PM EDT (#254386) #
Baring injury, no matter how good he gets, he spends this season in AAA, because he can

If he gets a baring injury in Las Vegas, I am pretty sure that the club will not be happy.  Going the Full Monty is unseemly for a ballplayer on a major league contract.
Sano - Thursday, April 12 2012 @ 04:36 PM EDT (#254389) #
Baseball Prospectus has a special feature on the Jays today titled "What could go wrong in 2012?" Ominous...
Mylegacy - Thursday, April 12 2012 @ 04:47 PM EDT (#254392) #
I am hearing silly talk about Hech.

Escobar is a 212 pound SS. He looks like it and he is beginning to lose range like it. He is STLL a very good SS however. As has been noted by our new (but very, very old) utility player - Escobar is quickly becoming a 3rd baseman. I might add - he's becoming a 3rd baseman with only a SS's bat.

Hech - right now - is at least 25% better defensively than Escobar as a SS. I am positive of it. As to his hitting - the last part of last year, spring training in the major league camp, spring training in the minor league camp and the early part of the AAA regular season Hech(y) is hitting like there is no tomorrow. Is he 380/400/600 good? No - but this kid is one tough little nut and can swing the lumber.

At the absolute latest - Hech is up ALL September and playing SS EVERY day - with Escobar trying out 2nd base. 2nd is the ONLY spot he can play on the Jays in 2013 - Hech is just TOO good for Esco to stay at SS blocking him.

IF - Escobar can't play 2nd - THEN - AA will trade him this off season.
Mike Green - Thursday, April 12 2012 @ 05:11 PM EDT (#254395) #
ML, Escobar's defensive ability is a matter of opinion.  For me subjectively, he's a solid average to above-average defender at short right now.  DRS has him at above-average 5-10 runs above average each of the last three years, while UZR has him at 0-5 runs above average.  If he matches his career .288/.364/.399 line, he's a fine player (and probably the best shortstop in the division, by the way). 

In Hechavarria's case, I'd look at W/K/HRs in Las Vegas rather than triple slash lines.  In 145 PAs, his W/K/HR is 9/28/2.  It is good that he has started to regularly hit line drives.  If he can replicate this at the major league level, he might be able to put up a .290/.315/.375 line here.  That's a good line for a player with Gold Glove quality defence, but you want to be sure that he really has that line drive swing down. 

sam - Thursday, April 12 2012 @ 06:41 PM EDT (#254396) #
Nothing like a good Jon Heyman twitter troll on an offday.!/1BJW/status/190306451053490176
1 Blue Jays Way
@JonHeymanCBS @Ken_Rosenthal Kenny scooped you on a Boras client. Feel free to take your ball and go home now.
Hodgie - Thursday, April 12 2012 @ 08:25 PM EDT (#254398) #
Life in the FSL really seems to be agreeing with Sean Nolin so far. After tonight's gem, he has now thrown 11 2/3 innings giving up 7 hits and 2 walks while recording 13 strikeouts.
TamRa - Thursday, April 12 2012 @ 08:31 PM EDT (#254399) #
"Re: 2) KJ goes to the outfield, Thames goes to DH, EE to 1B and Lind to the glue factory."

That's interesting since every professional scouting opinion I've ever heard on Hech's bat supports the idea that if his peak offense was as good as Lind was in 2011 we should all be very very happy.

I don't see how you think the line-up gets better offensively by "sending Lind to the glue factory" and replacing his offense with Hech's
TamRa - Thursday, April 12 2012 @ 08:39 PM EDT (#254400) #
"Baring injury, no matter how good he gets, he spends this season in AAA, because he can"

I think this principle applies to a lot more prospects than we realize. With no major league position crying out for a farm-product to fill it (except in theory 2nd base in 2013) the Jays have the luxury of indulging the wisdom of giving every prospect in at least one full year of work at each level.

This might be called the "Not Another Snider Doctrine"
Gerry - Thursday, April 12 2012 @ 08:41 PM EDT (#254401) #
Tonight New Hampshire faced Jason Marquis on some kind of rehab assignment. Justin Jackson has three hits including two doubles off Marquis.

Dunedin had to face Jed Bradley, a first round pick last year. Nolin matched him. The Jays scored one unearned run off Bradley (although maybe the run should be earned).
Kelekin - Thursday, April 12 2012 @ 09:11 PM EDT (#254403) #
Just a note on some guys who got away -

Kris Bryant was the Co-Freshman and Co-Player of the year in the WCC last year.  He finished with .365/.482/.599.  This year? .372/.478/.659 so far.  Insane.

Tyler Beede was rough early on but has slowly gotten better.  4.79 ERA, 35.2 IP 10 BB 38 K, with a WHIP around 1.50.

whiterasta80 - Thursday, April 12 2012 @ 09:47 PM EDT (#254404) #


The discussion was what happens if Hech keeps hitting like he is, not what happens if Hech hits like he is projected to. Right now he's hitting like a prime Nomar.  Plus you completely ignore the potential value added on defense in that shuffle.   

bpoz - Friday, April 13 2012 @ 10:39 AM EDT (#254414) #
When the July 31st trading deadline approaches, this years decisions will be different IMO for all teams.

I will call this a fact... every FA will have no value (Draft Choices) unless he is offered that very high Arb $ figure.
OK that is obvious.
I used to think that them being traded July 31 was also obvious but so many seem to be signing long term contracts in ST & so far this season. So I am not sure what is happening. This many signings seem different it me.

My post is in response to comments about us having a lot of prospects that we are valuing as good trading chips.
Beyonder - Friday, April 13 2012 @ 11:39 AM EDT (#254417) #
Sano.  Thanks for the link to the BP piece.  A much-needed dose of realism for many of us.   Could only see the top three (Marisnick, Nicolino, and D'Arnaud).  For the non-subscribers out there, would you (or anyone with a subscription) mind letting us know who the remaining players were and what the knock on them was?
bpoz - Friday, April 13 2012 @ 12:08 PM EDT (#254420) #
Sorry, I know that it is too early to think seriously about trades.

But I cannot get Mi Cabrera as leaving Detroit out of my mind.
1) How much value is added by his offense and subtracted by his defense?
2) IMO they make the playoffs with or without him.
3) Everyone can use good SPs. Detroit has enough to make the playoffs, but a great SP would help a lot in the playoffs & as insurance for injury. I don't think they get the great SP, but that should not stop him from being traded. No trade clause?

IMO that 2-3 hop Gb of Verlander's may have got him a win but it got by Cabrera. Not sure but I think it should have been fielded. I am confident that they still make the playoffs but I can see trouble against the good teams and the AL will have mainly good teams in the playoffs.

Well that is my case but I don't know how good it is.

Teams with very good 1B probably will not want him.

Those that do want him at what ever cost, probably are just a few in number.
They should consider his salary. Being short term should not be a big problem. Pay what is left for the 1-3 years and then give him 10yrs $200+mil or take the draft picks.
That is the rest of my case.
Landomar - Friday, April 13 2012 @ 12:11 PM EDT (#254421) #
I still think that if Hechevarria ever becomes as good as either Escobar or Johnson, then that would be a pleasant surprise for us.  I think that Yunel Escobar and Kelly Johnson are both top ten players at their positions, and no matter what Hechevarria does in AAA, I think it makes sense to stick with the very good middle infielders that we have right now in 2012.  If Hechevarria plays well enough to become a strong candidate for a 2013 spot, then great, but a full season in AAA won't hurt him, and is probably a good idea overall.
92-93 - Friday, April 13 2012 @ 01:29 PM EDT (#254426) #
The final 2 players were Syndergaard & Gose. The knock on Syndergaard was on his feel for pitching and his lack of a present breaking ball. The knock on Gose was obviously his hit tool, that he has trouble with inside fastballs and advanced breaking balls.
TamRa - Friday, April 13 2012 @ 02:51 PM EDT (#254433) #
If it turns out that d'Arnaud is an "above-average-but-not-great" guy, does it not then become at least possible that the Jays will so value JP's role in the clubhouse chemistry that they will decide to stick with him and eventually trade d'Arnaud instead?

I'm not predicting it or anything, it's wildly too early to draw conclusions, but unless you think that he's gonna be a top 10 in the majors kind of guy, the question is at least on the table...
Ryan Day - Friday, April 13 2012 @ 03:15 PM EDT (#254434) #
The BP article is a bit weird - you'd think a major potential downside for d'Arnaud is his back, which has caused him to miss time and struggle at the plate.

Actually, the whole thing (at least, the free part) is odd, because both d'Arnaud and Marisnick come down to "some people think he's really good, but other people think he's less good", which is probably true of 99% of prospects.
Sano - Friday, April 13 2012 @ 03:50 PM EDT (#254436) #
I'm not a subscriber either so I don't really know what they said about Gose/Syndergaard.

I agree though that the Nicolino and Marisnick pieces were a bit weird. Marisnick especially amounted to the author really searching for someone to say something bad about him. Nicolino's was essentially something everyone already knew, that if he can't keep hitters honest with his fastball, his changeup isn't going to be near as effective as it has been. It's a matter of him maintaining the ability to locate it down and have it cut rather than stay straight.

As far as d'Arnaud, that was the most worrying bit for me. I suppose I was hoping that he would develop into a .300/25 HR/Gold Glove defence catcher. It's a bit disappointing to hear that those are not realistic expectations.
92-93 - Friday, April 13 2012 @ 04:02 PM EDT (#254437) #
That player doesn't really exist, Sano. And when he does he wins the MVP, like Mauer.
John Northey - Friday, April 13 2012 @ 05:03 PM EDT (#254439) #
Even Johnny Bench wasn't a 300-30-gold glover - he hit 300 just once (196 PA), 30+ HR 4 times (270-293 avg). Write off the gold glove and you have Mike Piazza (8 times).

I could live with either of those :)
Mike Green - Friday, April 13 2012 @ 05:12 PM EDT (#254440) #
That would roughly be Yogi Berra.  I suppose that is a possible "upside" for d'Arnaud, if you want to be very optimistic. d'Arnaud doesn't make contact as well as Yogi did. 

Personally, I would be totally happy if the club decided to make d'Arnaud into a first baseman, as Delgado and Foxx and many other catchers were originally, and let him just hit without worrying about his back and the finer elements of being a catcher.  Arencibia, with Jimenez being ready in a year or a year and a half, works for me as an organization plan. 
Sano - Friday, April 13 2012 @ 07:00 PM EDT (#254449) #
Didn't realize how unrealistic my expectations were! Whoa. Do you think TdA's bat could actually hack it at first?
Mike Green - Saturday, April 14 2012 @ 09:57 AM EDT (#254464) #
Yes, I do. 

I guess this item belongs under the heading "he's still got it".  Maybe there could be a poll with various options on Harper's trip to Yankee Stadium- great idea, shocking waste of taxpayer's funds, shocking that a fan would ask him for an autograph, all of the above, none of the above?

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