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Two wins and two postponements were the story on Monday. Great pitching and timely offence were the keys to victory.

Scranton/Wilkes-Barre @ Buffalo

Buffalo, NY - This game was washed out and will be played today instead.

New Hampshire 3 New Britain 2

Manchester, NH - Deck McGuire (2-1) bounced back from his worst outing of the season with a solid six-inning performance against the Twins affiliate. He surrendered two runs, including a solo home run in the second inning, but permitted just five baserunners on four hits and a hit by pitch. McGuire struck out three, walked nobody and eight of his 11 outs in play were of the groundball variety. He threw 85 pitches, 52 for strikes for a 61 percent total. Southpaw Tyler Ybarra survived a single, a walk and a wild pitch in the seventh before pitching a clean eighth. He wound up striking out a pair. Gregory Infante had one strikeout in the ninth for the save.

The hero of the game offensively was Ryan Schimpf, who belted a two-run homer in the sixth to turn a potential loss for McGuire into a victory instead. Schimpf was 2-for-2 with a double and a sacrifice bunt. The Fisher Cats tied the game at 1-1 on a Kevin Nolan RBI groundout in the fourth. Brad Glenn had a hit and a hit by pitch. Kenny Wilson, Andy Burns and Mike Crouse had the other base hits.

Dunedin 1 Daytona 0

Dunedin, FL - The only run of the game came in the fourth when Marcus Knecht took one for the team, went to second on a wild pitch and rambled the next 180 feet home on a Matt Newman single. Newman and Gustavo Pierre had two-thirds of the Dunedin total and they also worked their way on base via the walk. Emilio Guerrero had the other base rap. Dwight Smith Jr. went 0-for-4 to see his batting average fall to .349.

Lefty Matt Boyd (3-0) struck out seven over five shutout innings, scattering five hits and a walk against the Cubs. Four of his seven outs in play were on the ground. Fellow lefthander Efrain Nieves survived a hit, a walk and a plunk to pitch three scoreless frames, striking out a pair. Arik Sikula had an interesting ninth. He walked a pair but wound up striking out the side to collect his fourth save.

Lansing @ Wisconsin

Grand Chute, WI
- This game was postponed due to snow.  This one will be made up Wednesday as part of a doubleheader.

Boxscores here

*** 3 Stars!!! ***

3. Deck McGuire, New Hampshire
- Has only walked two batters in 16 innings and improved his ERA to 2.81.

2. Matt Boyd, Dunedin
- Has spun 17 scoreless innings with a 16-2 K-BB ratio and just 13 hits allowed.

1. Ryan Schimpf, New Hampshire -
Has gone 7-for-13 since turning 26 April 11th and has a 1.333 OPS in 29 at-bats.

Tuesday's Schedule & Probable Starters...

@ Wisconsin, 1:05 pm ET - RHP Alberto Tirado (0-0, 5.40).
Scranton/Wilkes-Barre @ Buffalo, 5:05 pm ET (DH) - RHP Marcus Stroman (0-1, 1.80)/LHP Ricky Romero (0-0, 6.75).
New Britain @ New Hampshire - 5:35 pm ET - RHP Austin Bibens-Dirkx (0-1, 4.15).
Daytona @ Dunedin, 6:30 pm ET - RHP Taylor Cole (1-0, 2.31).

Extra Innings...

  • discussses potential renovations to Coca-Cola Field in Buffalo.
  • The Lansing State Journal has a feature on Lugnuts reliever Phil Kish.
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John Northey - Tuesday, April 15 2014 @ 08:34 AM EDT (#284780) #
Deck is off to a good start.  3 games, 16 IP 17 H 2 BB 10 SO 1 HR.  Of course, it is his 3rd year in AA so he needs a strong start to regain strong prospect status.  He had 3 popups last game, which is a very good sign. Lets hope he has turned the corner and will be a viable #5 option whenever someone goes down this year.
whiterasta80 - Tuesday, April 15 2014 @ 09:49 AM EDT (#284781) #
I'm still holding out hope on both Jenkins and McGuire to contribute something to our rotation. In fact I wouldn't be at all surprised if at the end of the day they have a better career than Sanchez and Stroman.

I realize that they aren't flamethrowers, but as Mark Buerhle is showing us there is value in durable strikethrowers which both (Jenkins in particular) profile as.
pubster - Tuesday, April 15 2014 @ 09:56 AM EDT (#284782) #
I think both can eventually provide either good sp depth or maybe become arms in the bullpen.

Jenkins was effective as a reliever last year.
Mike Green - Tuesday, April 15 2014 @ 10:59 AM EDT (#284786) #
Matt Boyd is one to watch.  A 6th round pick out of Oregon State last year, he's now 23 years old.  He's a lefty with a high leg kick who throws a fastball at around 90, a circle change and a good curveball.  He seems to have excellent control, and apparently has a good pick-off move. He has thrown 41 innings since he was drafted (the Jays didn't give him many innings last year, as he had thrown 134 in college for the first time in 2013).  In those 41 innings, he's allowed 27 hits and 6 walks while striking out 39.

It would be interesting to know what his velocity is like this year.  Last year, it apparently fell off as the year wore on. 

PeterG - Tuesday, April 15 2014 @ 11:17 AM EDT (#284790) #
I too am intrigued by Boyd...17 shutout innings so far this year.  Usually minor league promotions take place in June, but he may need to be challenged at the next level sooner than that.
Mike Green - Tuesday, April 15 2014 @ 11:29 AM EDT (#284792) #
One more bit on Boyd.  He was a reliever until his senior year at OSU.  There is not a lot of mileage on his arm.  His hot start in 2014 suggests that he is not suffering from the effects of his vastly increased workload in 2013. 

Last night's recap tells the story of a pitcher who came out smoking and tired a bit as the game wore on. 

In another note, Dayton LF Rock Shoulders is an early candidate for "Name of the Year".  I wonder if his parents were Tim Raines fans...

John Northey - Tuesday, April 15 2014 @ 11:49 AM EDT (#284793) #
Given Boyd is 23 in A+ he does need quick advancement if possible.  In his 41 career innings he has given up 2 HR 6 BB and 39 SO.  This year being stronger than last with 2 walks vs 16 K's in 17 IP with 0 HR given up.  6 popups in his 3 starts vs 5 line drives which is amazing. His last start (5 IP) not a single line drive given up.  Right now I'd say a max of 5 starts in A+ before moving to AA.  In AA we have organization man Austin Bibens-Dirkx (29 years old) who could be shuffled back to A+ if needed, and Scott Copeland who is 26 this year and doing poorly in his 2 starts.  Both should be looking over their shoulder I'd think.

I wonder, if Boyd keeps going well would the Jays look at pushing Ricky Romero to A+ (if he can't figure out the strike zone), promoting someone from AA to AAA and moving Boyd to AA? Deck McGuire would be my choice to send to AAA as he has been in AA for 2 full seasons plus part of his first year in the minors plus this year. At this point I have no faith that Romero will ever reach the majors again except as a September call-up in desperation to see if he somehow can figure it out again.
Mike Green - Tuesday, April 15 2014 @ 12:06 PM EDT (#284794) #
I am not so concerned about the timing of a promotion for Boyd. If he makes 10-12 starts in A ball and gets promoted in June, that conceivably would give him time for 10-12 starts in double A this year.  If he passes that test, he can start next year in triple A for 10-15 starts and be ready by mid-season at age 24.  That is fine.  It would, of course, be a good idea to give him a half-season in the major league bullpen, unfashionable as that may be. 
Mylegacy - Tuesday, April 15 2014 @ 12:16 PM EDT (#284795) #
More on Boyd...

Drafted just last year (2113 Draft) in the 6th round. Started at Lansing - skipped our 3 short season teams. The 6' 3" 215 pound (at time of being drafted) lefty was HORRIBLE at Lansing - He appeared in 5 games (3 starts) and in 14 innings gave up a staggering 7 hits, he was VERY walk heavy - giving up 1 walk agianst a measly 12 strike outs - PATHETIC! His era was an moon like .64. Why would you even draft a Bum like that!

This year, to add insult to injury - Da Bum (not sure if last nights stats included in this) has won 3, lost none, and in 17 innings he's been smashed for 13 hits AND has doubled his 2013 walk total of ONE all the way up to TWO - while only striking out 16. His era is (was - not sure if last night is included) 0.00.

Bum's like this - that's what we need more of - a guy like this could end of being the kind of Bum that puts bums in seats. Now - where do we find more of him...

uglyone - Tuesday, April 15 2014 @ 12:37 PM EDT (#284796) #
I agree with you guys - Boyd is definitely a legit prospect right now.

MILB: 41.0ip, 8.6k/9, 1.3bb/9, 0.4hr/9, 1.05whip, 1.54era, 2.37fip

He will be promoted to AA this year - could be in two weeks, could be in two months - and how he does there at a not-too-old-for-AA 23yrs old should really give us a good indication of what kind of prospect he is.

I also agree with Mcguire to AAA, though the corresponding move might be Drabek to the bullpen instead of dropping ricky - though since i have no hope for either, i guess it doesn't matter.

Wouldn't mind seeing an AAA rotation of:

Stroman (23)
Nolin (24)
Jenkins (26)
McGuire (25)
Hendriks (25)

Even if the bottom 3 are marginal prospects at best, all three of them have performed well enough recently to be worth keeping an eye on, at least.
John Northey - Tuesday, April 15 2014 @ 01:36 PM EDT (#284798) #
Drabek and Romero will be good tests of how AA sees things. Both have been flops this year so far and show no signs of deserving a call-up. If that keeps up will they be kept in AAA, demoted or sent to the pen, or will they get a callup at some point anyways?

The history with Romero has been, as soon as they see any hope he gets a callup which is a recipe for disaster. Drabek has been promoted before when the numbers suggest it isn't time yet (his 2010 first callup was after a great year in AA, in 2011 he stunk in AAA and the majors, yet was part of the rotation day one in 2012.  In 2013 he was shot through the system at a fast clip (14 games, 43 IP recovering from Tommy John) and was given just 2 1/3 IP in the majors despite being up for a month on a last place team.

Neither are on my list of early call-ups.  Happ, Rogers, Redmond, Nolin, Stroman are all ahead of both as far as I'm concerned at this point.  If the Jays get to their #11 starter this year, well, then not much will matter as the year is probably lost again.  Heck, McGuire and Sanchez could be rated ahead of them too.  Not to mention Chad Jenkins of course who has done well and deserves more of a shot (8 IP in AAA this year 1 walk 7 K's 0 R is a nice start).
Ryan Day - Tuesday, April 15 2014 @ 02:08 PM EDT (#284799) #
Drabek's injury history and control problems make him a natural fit for the pen. Let him focus on two pitches and throwing the ball as hard as he can for an inning at a time. He still might be a disaster, but it seems like a safer bet than starting.
Mike Green - Tuesday, April 15 2014 @ 02:19 PM EDT (#284800) #
Drabek to the pen?  Concur.
John Northey - Tuesday, April 15 2014 @ 02:49 PM EDT (#284801) #
At this point Drabek and Romero should be in the pen. See if either can reinvent themselves.  Hate to dump a starter but as I said they are probably #11 or so on the depth chart at this point so why not? Worked well for Cecil and Janssen.

Of course, the pen is already massively overcrowded so who knows what would happen if both showed well in the pen.  Of course, that is also a good problem vs the current issues they present.
Ryan Day - Tuesday, April 15 2014 @ 02:51 PM EDT (#284802) #
Speaking of throwing the ball as hard as you can and hoping it ends up somewhere around the strike zone, Jeremy Jeffress cleared waivers and is going back to Buffalo.
Gerry - Tuesday, April 15 2014 @ 02:59 PM EDT (#284803) #
Jannsen is starting for Dunedin tonight, Reyes leading off and playing short.
Mike Green - Tuesday, April 15 2014 @ 03:11 PM EDT (#284804) #
Speaking of throwing the ball as hard as you can and hoping it ends up somewhere around the strike zone, Jeremy Jeffress cleared waivers and is going back to Buffalo.

I am glad he cleared waivers, but the club ought to have sent him to a place other than Buffalo.  Let him close in New Hampshire for a while and see if he can find his control. 

Reyes and Janssen in Dunedin?  Lucky guys.  There is no need to bring them up to Buffalo until the weather improves...
Thomas - Tuesday, April 15 2014 @ 03:25 PM EDT (#284805) #

Marcus Walden was DFA'd to make room for Kawasaki.

If nothing else, at least he'll always have the jersey he wore.

China fan - Tuesday, April 15 2014 @ 06:50 PM EDT (#284820) #
I don't agree on relegating Drabek to the pen. Last year the guy was still recovering from TJ surgery. Since then, he hasn't progressed as fast as Hutchison (in an extremely limited sample), but that's no reason to give up on his potential as a starter. And it would be equally unfair to judge his future potential on his pre-injury performance. I'd give him another full season as a starter before making a decision on whether to bullpen him. Starters are too valuable to give up on so easily.
uglyone - Tuesday, April 15 2014 @ 10:35 PM EDT (#284834) #
K.Drabek (26)

MLB (22-25): 169.1ip, 6.0k/9, 5.8bb/9, 1.68whip, 5.37era, 5.48fip
AAA (23-26): 99.1ip, 5.7k/9, 4.2bb/9, 1.85whip, 6.70era, 5.34fip
AA (21-25): 266.1ip, 7.1k/9, 3.4bb/9, 1.21whip, 3.21era, 3.93fip

don't know what there is to hope on there, really.
92-93 - Tuesday, April 15 2014 @ 10:48 PM EDT (#284839) #
I was skeptical of Drabek when he was the feature of the Halladay deal because of the mediocre K rates and the fact he had the first Tommy John at such a young age, but the second TJ is just about the nail in the coffin. The list of successful starting pitchers who have had two TJ surgeries essentially starts and stops with Chris Capuano. Drabek's best case scenario is likely that of fellow two-TJer Jason Frasor, whose name you may be familiar with.
scottt - Wednesday, April 16 2014 @ 08:09 AM EDT (#284863) #
The big question is when will Drabek be out of options?
bpoz - Wednesday, April 16 2014 @ 09:51 AM EDT (#284865) #
Going way back in memory.... Bobby Cox sent Cito to the minor league complex to find a lefty for the pen. Cito asked Cox do you want a guy that can throw hard or a guy that knows how to pitch. They chose J Key (knows how to pitch). I think the hard throwing lefty was Stan Clarke. Does anyone remember this tale from the past. How accurate is my story?

I think Janssen is one that knows how to pitch.
Maybe you can survive in someones pen just on knowing how to pitch.
ogator - Wednesday, April 16 2014 @ 12:30 PM EDT (#284880) #
Knowing how to swim is not the same thing as swimming across Lake Ontario.
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