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Marcus Stroman had his best performance of the season in chilly Buffalo where the temperature was 2 degrees Celsius.  Dunedin won again bringing their record to 11-2, and Lansing played a double header through some chilly weather as well.

Scranton/WB 2 Buffalo 8

Marcus Stroman was on fire tonight as he pitched 5.1 innings scoreless innings giving up 5 hits, with no walks, and nine strikeouts.

The Bisons had 13 hits, which amounted to 8 runs with excellent performances from Juan Francisco(2-5, 3 RBI) and Dan Johnson( 3-5, 2 2B).


New Britain New Hampshire - PPD


Daytona 1 Dunedin 5

Dunedin kept to their winning ways, as Emilio Guerrero had a 2 run home run, and Dalton Pompey was 2-4 with a triple with two runs batted in.

On the pitching side starter Ben White gave up 1 run over 4.2 innings.  Ajay Meyer, Chad Girodo, and Justin Jackson combined for 4.1 scoreless innings afterwards.


Lansing 0 Wisconsin 1 7 Innings (Makeup of 4/14 PPD)

Chase De Jong was brilliant pitching 4 scoreless innings giving up 2 hits, with no walks and 4 strikeouts.  Adonys Cardona followed by pitching 2 innings giving up 2 hits and one earned run.

The Lugnuts only managed to have four hits in this game which came from Dj Davis, Matt Dean, Mitch Nay, and Jason Leblebijian.


Lansing 7 Wisconsin 10 8 Innings

Jairo Labourt was given the ball to start the game, and things were not pretty.  Jairo pitched 3 innings giving up 6 runs(5 earned) on 4 hits, 5 walks with one strikeout.  Alberto Tirado pitched 3 scoreless innings in relief giving up 2 hits with 3 walks and 6 strikeouts.

DJ Davis had another great game going 3-5, with a double, and Matt Dean hit his first HR of the season.


Three Stars

1.  Marcus Stroman

2.  Chase De Jong

3.  DJ Davis

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bpoz - Thursday, April 17 2014 @ 11:33 AM EDT (#284930) #
I am happy to see that the young Lansing rotation is pitching some good games. There is lots of time for J Labourt & T Robson to produce a good outing. Hopefully soon.
finch - Thursday, April 17 2014 @ 11:39 AM EDT (#284933) #
One has to be excited that some of our top positional prospects are producing at the plate so far. DJ Davis, Matt Dean, and Mitch Nay. Hopefully all 3 can move into the Top 100 at season's end. Gut tells me we'll have 7 in the Top 100 #prospectporn
PeterG - Thursday, April 17 2014 @ 12:01 PM EDT (#284936) #
D J is exhibiting a good all round game.....made a tremendous catch last night....and he is one of the youngest players in the league.
uglyone - Thursday, April 17 2014 @ 12:21 PM EDT (#284937) #
Maybe just maybe i'm starting to believe Matt Dean's babip last year was actually skill based, and not just dumb luck. Would be cool if he turned back into a legit prospect again, like we thought he was on draft day.
John Northey - Thursday, April 17 2014 @ 12:27 PM EDT (#284938) #
A cool feature added to BR is age dif - the spread between the players age and the weighted average of all players in the league.  D.J. Davis is 2 1/2 years younger than the average in A ball, which is the closest to the average he has ever been (he was 4.1 years younger than the average when he was in Vancouver).  The big negative is his 3-14 BB-SO ratio in 46 PA, that translates to 183K's in 600 PA.  Ick.
Hodgie - Thursday, April 17 2014 @ 12:32 PM EDT (#284939) #
I just noticed that Baseball-Reference is now showing an age difference for players when compared to the weighted average for the league. A nice addition which shows DJ Davis 2.5 years younger than the league, the same difference for Travis Snider during his year in Lansing. Let's hope that Davis' progression through the system is slightly more deliberate.
PeterG - Thursday, April 17 2014 @ 12:33 PM EDT (#284940) #
if I heard the Lansing play by play announcers correctly last weekend, The Lugnuts have 3 of the 4 youngest players in the Midwest League.....DJ, Alberto Tirado and Dawel Lugo.
Hodgie - Thursday, April 17 2014 @ 12:34 PM EDT (#284941) #
Get distracted for a couple of minutes at work before hitting submit and John scoops me - a coke to Mr. Northey.
tercet - Thursday, April 17 2014 @ 12:59 PM EDT (#284943) #
Matt dean has a 12-1 k/bb ratio, after a not pretty 57/14 in Bluefield last year, I don't think his start is sustainable.
Lugnut Fan - Thursday, April 17 2014 @ 01:18 PM EDT (#284944) #

I know it is early, but I haven't been overly impressed with DJ Davis in Lansing.......yet.  As mentioned he is still very young and he makes young mistakes, but here are some of the things I don't like that I have observed, which again, it's early and I'm probably being overly critical.  Then again, he was a first rounder, so.....


1) He has more power than I thought he would have especially given his small build.  That being said, he hits too many balls in the air, I would like to see him put more balls in play on the ground and use his speed.  (I did see him bunt for a single this weekend and it was glorious).

2) He can't read a pitchers move once he is on base very well.  He was caught stealing last week on a play where the pitcher threw a curve ball, the catcher missed it and caught him stealing by a few feet.  His jumps are very, very bad simply because it appears to me he way over thinks things on the bases.  Even on pick off throws to first he has a "deer in the headlights" look to him.  If I'm John Tamargo Jr. or Tim Raines, I would tell him to go on the first movement of the pitcher.  He has the speed, it just looks like he thinks to much.  Telling him to go on first movement eliminates the thinking portion of the game and he will make it more often than not, especially in the MWL.

3) He has a decent arm, but there was a play last week where there were runners on first and second with no out.  The opposition singled up the middle and instead of hitting the cut off man that would have held runners at first and second and conceded the run, he threw it over the catchers head which allowed what an additional runner to score and also moved the hitter that registered the single into scoring position.  He also scored later in the inning.  I did see a similar situation later in the weekend where he did hit the cut off and held runners from advancing into scoring position, so that may have been addressed.

Again, I'm probably being overly critical given his age and level, but something I will be looking to improve as the season goes on.  I'm especially focused on points 1 and 2.

short - Thursday, April 17 2014 @ 01:33 PM EDT (#284946) #
Austin Bibens-Dirkx to AAA per Bisons website
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The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.