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Domonic Brown had two bombs and four RBI for the Bisons. Wade LeBlanc pitched well for the win. The two Davis's hit well for the D Jays who also had a nice win. New Hampshire and Lansing were well beaten. Dalton Pompey left the Bisons game with a reported leg injury. Richard Urena did not play for Dunedin.

Buffalo 8 Scranton 1

The Bisons had their hitting shoes on on Wednesday, racking up 16 hits. Domonic Brown led the way with three hits, two home runs, a double and four RBI. Brown has a three run shot and a solo shot. Alexi Casilla had four hits, with two RBI. Matt Dominguez had three hits. Jesus Montero and Junior Lake each had two hits. Dalton Pompey came up lame after running in the outfield and was removed after two at-bats.

The beneficiary of all the offense was Wade LeBlanc who went seven strong. LeBlanc only allowed four hits while striking out eight. The only Scranton run came off LeBlanc. Dustin Antolin and Ben Rowen finished up with an inning each. Nick Swisher had two of Scranton's five hits.

Hartford 9 New Hampshire 2

This was a morning, school kids, game. It seems as though the early start suited the Hartford hitters more than John Anderson. After two hitters there were runners on first and third but Anderson got a couple of K's and squirmed out of trouble. An error and a double gave Hartford the lead in the second. Matt Dean made the error and to atone he launched a two run home run in the bottom of the inning. But it was all downhill from there. Three singles and a walk let Hartford score two in the third. Two home runs gave the Yard Goats a 7-2 lead in the fourth. Anderson was done after four. Brady Dragmire gave up the other two runs.

The Fisher Cats had only four hits. Matt Dean had two, including the home run, he was the only standout. Even Jorge Flores couldn't get a hit. Six of the seven runs off Anderson were earned, his ERA is now 4.61. wil Browning was the best pitcher for New Hampshire, 2.1 innings, one hit allowed.

Dunedin 8 Tampa 4

Dunedin scored in each of the first three innings on their way to a 6-2 lead. In the first the Jays loaded the bases on a single from Christian Lopes and two walks. An error and a ground ball scored two. Two more walks and an error led to a run in the second inning. In the third DJ Davis led off with a bunt single. He stole second and scored when Mike Reeves doubled. Derrick Loveless singled and both Reeves and Loveless scored when Jonathan Davis doubled. Davis, Jonathan, had an RBI triple in the fifth. Loveless singled in the seventh and scored on an error. The two Davis's and Loveless had two hits each. Richard Urena did not play after twisting his ankle on Tuesday.

Juliandry Higuera only went 3.1 innings and he walked four himself and gave up two first inning runs. Carlos Ramirez followed and went 2.2 innings. He was taken deep for a solo home run, his only blemish. Adonys Cardona, Tim Mayza and Matt Dermody each pitched an inning.

Fort Wayne 6 Lansing 1

Francisco Rios had another fine start, five innings, four hist two walks and six K's. The only run he allowed was unearned. Rios now sports a 2.13 ERA. Conor Fisk gave up two runs in three innings and Evan Smith three runs in one.

Ryan Hissey had two hits out of just six for the Lugnuts. The offense is being carried by three hitters, Hissey, Juan Kelly and Andrew Guillotte. Each of them is hitting well over .300, the rest of the hitters are in the low 200's or the 100's. The starter for Fort Wayne was Jacob Nix. Nix was collateral damage in the Brady Aiken affair back in 2014. He has a 5.87 ERA this year.

Three Stars

Third Star - Wade LeBlanc

Second Star - Jonathan Davis

First Star - Domonic Brown


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cybercavalier - Thursday, April 21 2016 @ 08:56 AM EDT (#321414) #
About Buffalo's hitting, that match was the most run scored of the season. So shall the order be changed to CF Lake, 2B/SS Casilla, RF Brown, 1B Montero, 3B Dominguez, DH Kotchman, RF Ceciliani, C Jimenez/Sanchez, 2B/SS Burns
Mike Green - Thursday, April 21 2016 @ 09:58 AM EDT (#321418) #
Ceciliani is on the DL and hasn't played since April 10.
jerjapan - Thursday, April 21 2016 @ 10:52 AM EDT (#321425) #
Some pretty strong starts from a few fringey prospects thus far ... Dustin Antolin has been toiling away as a reliever in the system since 2008 but his 14Ks in 8 IPs thus far look good - lots of options for the MLB pen in AAA right now. Francisco Rios looks great in three starts in Lansing and is still only 20, and Carston Ciculli's sleeper pick for the system Jonathan Davis is tearing it up in Dunedin. He's about to turn 24 so he's going to have to keep this up.

any thoughts on any of these guys?
uglyone - Thursday, April 21 2016 @ 11:26 AM EDT (#321428) #
Rios is definitely worth keeping an eye on. He could be one of AA's quick risers.
Mike Green - Thursday, April 21 2016 @ 11:31 AM EDT (#321429) #
Jonathan Davis is 5'8", 190 and plays right field. Right now, at age 23, he is posting a line that looks like it is out of Mel Ott's career, in the FSL (I hurry to add).   He turns 24 in May, and you might as well give him a shot in New Hampshire soon to see if he could rake there too. 
Lylemcr - Thursday, April 21 2016 @ 12:10 PM EDT (#321430) #
If Montero was showing a little more power, I would say that we should start evaluating our 1B\DH situation...(with the way Smoak\Cola are not hitting.

I see Pompey is cooling off as well.

Brown is showing pop too.

None are showing that the Jays HAVE to call them up.
Nigel - Thursday, April 21 2016 @ 02:26 PM EDT (#321433) #
I can add a couple of comments on Rios and Davis as they both spent a good amount of time in Vancouver and I saw Rios pitch twice.

On Davis, unfortunately he was hurt quite a bit when he was here but the interesting thing for me about him was when the manager was interviewed about Davis he spoke about him in an unusually effusive way. The praise was so unusually high that it has stuck out in my mind and I have watched Davis to try an understand what all the fuss was about. It was clear that some members of the org. do not just view him as organizational filler.

Rios is interesting. He is young, shortish and stocky. He featured a low nineties FB with decent but not create command and control of it. A good but very inconsistent SL and a meh CH. The whole package was interesting but nothing that really jumped out at you. I would love to know if there has been any developments in his arsenal because what he featured in Vancouver should not really lead to this number of strikeouts. Now, if he has added a bit to his fastball or improved one or both of his SL or CH then he would become someone to watch. This is a case where live scouting reports from this year, not just numbers, would help develop the story.
85bluejay - Thursday, April 21 2016 @ 02:29 PM EDT (#321434) #
If I recall Davis tore it up in Lansing last year and then got the injury bug on promotion to Dunedin - I think his major problem since turning pro has been an inability to stay healthy - if he stays healthy, I think he's a fast mover.
85bluejay - Thursday, April 21 2016 @ 02:36 PM EDT (#321436) #
If anyone has seen Luis Santos - I wonder if he can be a serviceable reliever?
cybercavalier - Thursday, April 21 2016 @ 02:52 PM EDT (#321438) #
A previous poster here informed me that a hitter in the minors can be posted on the DL not because of injury but that he is not needed for playing in a few future games...

For Brown and other AAA hitters, the are not recalled to Toronto but would batting the Jays prospects -- Pompey and Burns for example behind the middle of the order is better than in front ? For example, Burns is noted for not drawing much walk but not striking out much either; is he a good hitter at 9th as second lead-off: he can drive runners on base to score but not necessarily himself get on-base a lot to score more runs.
jerjapan - Thursday, April 21 2016 @ 06:28 PM EDT (#321448) #
Thanks for the feedback guys - this is exactly why I love the box - knowledgeable posters AND people who've watched these guys play live?  Awesome. 

I am really optimistic that we have more sleepers than a lot of orgs ... I anticipate a few legit prospects emerging this year from rookie ball / low A teams. 

Luis Santos?  just googled him and he's dealing this year, but a just-released 25 year old reliever in AA?  dude better keep dealing...

China fan - Thursday, April 21 2016 @ 06:35 PM EDT (#321449) #
Montero is the top hitter in Buffalo (by OPS), and has also played 4 games at 1B this season.  Has anyone noticed how he did defensively at 1B in those four games?  I'd love to know what the Buffalo coaches are doing to try to overhaul him.  Do they think he still has a chance to be a major-league 1B?  Are they tweaking his hitting mechanics?  Lots of infield drills?  And are they explaining to him that he'll become a career minor-leaguer if he doesn't get into shape and concentrate on improvements? 
uglyone - Thursday, April 21 2016 @ 10:51 PM EDT (#321472) #
Jimenez 2/3 with a HR tonight.

are their any milb knucklers we can pick up to give him practice?
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