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The Vancouver Canadians hope to get a split in Eugene Tuesday.

Eugene 10 Vancouver 3

Dasan Brown homered to lead off the game and went deep for a second time in the third inning. Damiano Palmegiani homered in the seventh. Gabby Martinez had two hits.

Abdiel Mendoza gave up a grand slam in the first inning and a Miguel Hiraldo error in the second led to two unearned runs. Mendoza went five innings and allowed seven hits and two walks while striking out three. Justin Kelly gave up four more runs (three earned) in the sixth. Devereaux Harrison and Garrett Farmer put up zeroes in the last two frames.

*** 3 Stars!!! ***

3. Gabby Martinez, Vancouver

2. Damiano Palmegiani, Vancouver

1. Dasan Brown, Vancouver
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Glevin - Tuesday, September 13 2022 @ 08:50 AM EDT (#422063) #
Brown really emerging as one of the Jays' most interesting prospects. When you have plus D in CF, the bar for offensive production isn't super high but Brown has shown the ability to take a walk and has shown some pop as well. If the Jays start him in AA next year or move him there quickly, he could be up late in the year if he progresses well.
Mike Green - Tuesday, September 13 2022 @ 09:09 AM EDT (#422066) #
Brown's 1st homer was to center-field.  It's 400 feet away in Eugene. Here's the video from  His second one was no cheapie either, off the video board beyond the left-field fence. 
Mike Green - Tuesday, September 13 2022 @ 09:17 AM EDT (#422068) #
And incidentally, if you look at the videos, you can see the way he runs.  His home run trot is faster than several Blue Jays going full out. 

I like his batting stroke too.  Quite compact.  He's come  a long way, but I'd like to see him get 450 PAs or more in a season in the high minors and see where he is after that. 
bpoz - Tuesday, September 13 2022 @ 09:53 AM EDT (#422069) #
We have some good hitting prospects in Vancouver. Brown & G Martinez are young. Nunez may be old for A+ 22 in Dec. Palmegiani has moved well for a 2021 draft pick. 23 in Jan 2023. Also A De Jesus 21 in March 2023.

There are many power hitting and strong arm SS/3B in the system. O Martinez, A Barger, Palmegiani & De Jesus who could be AAA/AA next year. I like bulk prospects.
cascando - Tuesday, September 13 2022 @ 10:36 AM EDT (#422075) #
Brown has roughly a 10% BB rate and a 5% HBP rate so far in the minors. It will be interesting to see how that translates in the higher minors. Doesn't seem to me that he crowds the plate, but he gets in the way of a lot of pitches.

I've seen him play a couple of times in Vancouver this year and he's a next level athlete compared to most of the guys on the field.
uglyone - Tuesday, September 13 2022 @ 10:49 AM EDT (#422076) #
Hopefully Brown's high babip is mostly a product of his speed and not just luck.
Mike Green - Tuesday, September 13 2022 @ 11:28 AM EDT (#422080) #
It's obviously partly luck. No one sustains a BABIP as high as Brown's in Vancouver. But he doesn't have to.
ISLAND BOY - Tuesday, September 13 2022 @ 12:19 PM EDT (#422082) #
Dasan Brown is just the type of player that the Jays need and a player like him will be super valuable in the future if he can make it. There should be a dramatic increase in basestealing with the two throw over rule coming into effect next year. Fast players who can get on base will be sought after.
bpoz - Tuesday, September 13 2022 @ 01:09 PM EDT (#422087) #
Very interesting ISLAND BOY regarding D Brown.

For outstanding offense due to speed I remember Rickey Henderson and Vince Coleman. Rickey's D was bad and I don't know Vince's.

Good offense and outstanding D is Willie Wilson and Devon White IMO.

The D of Jonathan Davis, B Zimmer and JBJ has its value. All 3 were easy to get. Someone like Mallex Smith also counts. I think Chavez Young qualifies because of his D, speed, strong arm and he hits better as a lefty I believe. Chavez Young would be in the defensive replacement role.
Mike Green - Tuesday, September 13 2022 @ 01:20 PM EDT (#422089) #
Rickey's D was very good until his early 30s.
John Northey - Tuesday, September 13 2022 @ 06:27 PM EDT (#422129) #
I recall at the time people thought Henderson was solid on defense and FanGraphs agrees - has him as a positive from 1980 (age 21) to 1990 (age 31) in all but 1 year. But from 1991 to the end (2003) he was negative in all but 1 year. Weird to have such a clear dividing point for defense. In 1985 and '86 he was in CF for over 1000 innings each. The general rule is by 32 speed/defense only guys will lose most of their value, while power guys will increase their walks as a way of balancing out their loss of speed (which often wasn't much in the first place).
bpoz - Wednesday, September 14 2022 @ 06:30 AM EDT (#422165) #
Thanks for the responses on speed/D for OFs. The RC turf is a negative factor for Jays OFs as well.

W Wilson and D White continued to be solid/v good offense & defense players until their close to mid 30's.

If we develop speedsters they should affect our team offense the way ISLAND BOY is speculating. The throws from the outfield against speedsters will be exciting.
Brown Goes Downtown Twice but C's Go Down Against Emeralds | 12 comments | Create New Account
The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.