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One home run for Buffalo, four for New Hampshire, three and two for Vancouver and one in the DSL. The teams that hit the taters won, the ones that didn't, didn't.

Rochester 1 Buffalo 7

New Hampshire 10 Hartford 2

Vancouver 6 Eugene 2 - game one

Vancouver 4 Eugene 2 - game two

Dunedin 1 Clearwater 3 - 7 innings

FCL Blue Jays 0 FCL Yankees 5

Three Stars

Third Star - Enmanuel Bonilla

Second Star - Steward Berroa

First Star - Devonte Brown



Rafael Lantigua hit his tenth home run and added a double. Addison Barger had three hits, Tanner Morris two, and the usual suspects, Ernie Clement and Spencer Horwitz had one each.

It was a bullpen game for the Bisons. Five pitchers were used including Hayden Juenger who started and went three innings.

Four home runs for the Fisher Cats. Steward Berroa hit his sixth, Leo Jimenez his eighth, Will Robertson his eleventh and Alan Roden his fourth. Berroa and Jimenez had three hits each, Roden had two.

Alejandro Melean went six innings for the win.

Three home run for the C's in their first game. Devonte Brown led off the game with a shot and added two doubles. It was his 14th of the season. Garrett Spain hit his tenth in the second inning and Jeffrey Wehler his first in high A in the third. Hunter Gregory started and went four innings.

In the second C's game Gabriel Martinez hit his ninth of the season and Ryan McCarty his second in high A. McCarty also tripled. Rafael Sanchez gave up two runs in 4.2 innings.

Dunedin had just four hits in a rain shortened game. Tucker Toman and the hot Bryce Arnold had doubles. Lazaro Estrada started, gave up two runs in six innings and took the loss.

The DSL Jays scored 22 runs with 21 hits. Three players had four hits each. Top DSL prospect Enmanuel Bonilla was one of them, he hit his 3rd home run. First baseman Daniel Perez and second baseman Dariel Ramon also had four hits.

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uglyone - Sunday, August 20 2023 @ 10:32 AM EDT (#434683) #

* 20 (A): .388babip, 168wrc+
* 21 (A+): .269babip, 106wrc+
* 22 (AA): .330babip, 129wrc+

Kinda cool how consistent his line has been other than babip fluctuations.

The floor is starting to look pretty good for this kid - a good defensive SS that might project as qn mlb average bat soon.
John Northey - Sunday, August 20 2023 @ 08:03 PM EDT (#434742) #
Jimenez is interesting - is on the 40 man thus has lost an option this year and I think last year too. So 2024 is a make or break year for him - earn a slot and bounce up and down a bit, or lose that last option and then be at risk of being released post spring training. His current line is 289/375/447 after a 1-5 today - he has been limited to SS/2B his whole career plus some DH time (including today). He has 1 inning at 3B. I suspect the Jays see him as Espinal's replacement as a 2B/SS. Before 2023 ZIPS saw him as a 1-2 WAR player, nothing special but a solid backup - wonder how that'll change after this solid season with the bat.

If you were to replace everyone with minor leaguers on the Jays who would go where? Using only guys 25 and under in AA/AAA.
C: ugh, no prospects really, maybe Phil Clarke (25 in AA/AAA 257/379/374)
1B: Spencer Horwitz 326/440/481 AAA, 2 for 8 in majors
2B: Davis Schneider (OK, in majors now, but not a regular) 275/416/553 AAA, 367/472/700 majors
3B: Addison Barger (seen now as more of an OF, has tons of time at SS) 251/366/409
SS: Orelvis Martinez 236/339/486 - could be at 3B too, trying him out at 2B now but 2 errors in 2 games suggests he won't stick there.
OF: Trevor Schwecke (276/375/417 plays everywhere), Steward Berroa (267/376/409 - a CF), and whoever of the UT players you want to put here.
UT: Leo Jimenez 291/377/451, Rafael Lantigua (287/421/464), Tanner Morris (285/376/404)

I see a lot of potential there. One needs to adjust for league and park of course, but it isn't often I can recall seeing that many guys with OPS's in the mid-700's and up in AA/AAA. I really think the Jays need to keep a slot open for the kids this winter (be it LF or 3B). Might even see Schneider claim 2B before 2023 is done.
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The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.