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Four wins out of five = a really nice night for the farm teams. The offense was especially impressive - as were the performances from two catchers.
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As the season winds down in the minors the affiliates won two of five games last night. Las Vegas won on the strength of a one hit-around inning while some of Auburnís bats came to life, at least temporarily. Meanwhile, Lansing and Dunedin both lost by two and the Fisher Cats lost a tough game. Players with the initials A and M turned in the two best performances on the farm.
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That is the combined score of the games last night (not in the Jays' affiliates' favour), as they combined to go an opposite of perfect 0-5.
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The top two minor league affiliates swept a doubleheader of sorts against their San Francisco counterparts and number three laid the smack down on a Yankees affiliate.  Those are the highlights of a 3-2 night on the farm.

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The theme of the evening was... well, I sort of already told you in the title, so I really don't need to elaborate here. But I have to write something, or else it won't let me post the story. So... blah blah blah, watermelon watermelon. Is that enough? Okay.
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Four wins in six tries for the affiliates.  But you'll have to read the details to believe some of the stuff that went on.
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The affiliates one-upped themselves from Friday night and won four games on the Saturday.
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A 3-3 record on a Friday night is reason to celebrate. There is just over a week remaining in the minor league regular season, so it's time for prospects to leave a positive impression going into the off-season.
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The GCL Blue Jays won in extras thanks to a wild eleventh inning. Meanwhile, Las Vegas won a rare 1-0 game with a four-man shutout. New Hampshire lost and Dunedin split their doubleheader because of a Tampa grand slam in the first game, but won the second on a three-run triple by Eric Thames. Auburn and Lansing won by the same 3-1 score with key relief being provided by Mathew Morgal and Jason Roenicke, respectively.
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Four losses and two games were postponed or cancelled. Ho hum.
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The teams whose cities begin with "L" get the "W's" Tuesday night.  Go figure!  The 51's get the big inning twice, the Lugnuts are on the right side of a split against their Tigers counterparts and a strange injury in Auburn sidelines the Doubledays best hitter in a 2-4 night for the affiliates.

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If it wasn't for the second game in a GCL double-header, the affiliates would have scored progressively fewer runs as you descend the minor league ladder. So what I'm saying is, stop reading after Dunedin.
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Honestly, this was depressing to read and write about.  Absolutely nothing of note went on for the affiliates as they picked up one win in five tries.  I'm just writing out the string at this point.
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Two wins, two losses, and two rain outs.  It's all sussed out below.
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The 51s held on for the win after a nail-biting ninth. Beyond that, more bleakness... and don't even look at the New Hampshire game report if you have a weak stomach.
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