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The GCL Jays had a twelve run inning which pretty much guarantees the win.  Lansing and Auburn won with great starts from Marc Rzepczynski and Joel Carreno.  Dunedin and Syracuse each won in extra innings.  New Hampshire were on the wrong side of 18 runs.
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Adam Calderone hit three triples as Dunedin won.  Brad Mills, Brett Cecil and Luis Perez turned in excellent starts.  The GCL Jays saw their eight game win streak end and Auburn were bombed in Ripken-land for the second night in a row.  Syracuse also lost as Davis Romero struggled to make it a 3-3 night on the farm.
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Lansing won in ten innings as Tim Collins blew his first save of the year.  The blown save opened the door for David Cooper, playing in his first game in the Midwest League, to single in the winning run.  The GCL Jays won both ends of a twin bill.  Otherwise Syracuse gave up nine runs, New Hampshire gave up eleven runs, and Auburn gave up nine runs, all in losing efforts.  Dunedin "only" gave up six runs.
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Asdrubal Cabrera was the big reason Syracuse had to settle for a doubleheader split at Alliance Bank Stadium, spoiling a good effort from a tall Canadian righthander.  Meantime, New Hampshire came up with a rare (and I do mean rare!) come from behind victory on the road while Dunedin had a promising start but a not-so-promising finish while having a rough night on the basepaths.

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A good night for the better Jay prospects hitting HRs.  Arencibia, Snider and Tolisano each went deep as the affiliates went 3-3 on the night.
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How often do the Fisher Cats win?  Rarely.  How often does Tim Collins give up a run?  Almost never.  What are the odds of both happening on the same day?  157,823,719,444:1.  Well, it happened.

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It was a rather forgettable 2-4 night on the farm. Brett Cecil and Marc Rzepczynski made starts, but neither was particularly strong and its not performances like last night’s that have put those two at or among the top pitching prospects in the organisation. The more impressive pitching lines came in more limited duty, with Jared Potts providing fine relief and Celson Polanco rescuing a ninth inning that turned ugly quickly. Chase Lirette also made his first appearance of the year. There were a few good offensive performances, but instead of looking to Travis Snider and Scott Campbell, we need to turn out heads to a young, slick-fielding shortstop prospect and a first baseman trying to revive a once-promising career with Dunedin.
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Curtis Thigpen had six RBI's including a grand slam as Syracuse won.  Antonio Jiminez replaced Robby Diaz in the middle of the GCL game and drove in the tying run in the ninth and the winning run in extra innings.  Dunedin and Auburn also won.  New Hampshire and Lansing could only register two hits each.
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Eight games: Four wins and Four losses. One Canadian hurler's stock is up, while another Canuck's is down.
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A couple of wins and a couple of rain-outs.  Syracuse won in the ninth with a manufactured run courtesy of Wayne Lydon and Danny Sandoval.  The GCL Jays had a big win with an assist to Robinzon Diaz.  Ricky Romero pitched five good innings, out of six.  That "other" inning gave him the loss.  Auburn lost despite a couple of hits from David Cooper.  Lasning will take a 4-0 lead into the fourth inning when they resume play today. 
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The affiliates were 3-4 on the night with the top two clubs going 0-3 as New Hampshire had yet another disappointing night, which is becoming a bit of a broken record.
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Brett Cecil continues to pitch well in AA a year after being drafted.  So does Marc Rzepczynski who needs to be pitching, at least, in Dunedin.

The affiliates went 2-3 on the night.
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A farily nondescript day on the farm.  Six close games, three wins, and no real standout performances.  I don't really blame you if you don't click on 'More'.

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Syracuse lost by a run, but they were the only one as the affiliates went 4-1 with a rainout in New Hampshire. Dunedin had a walkoff win, while Manny Rodriguez powered Lansing to a victory and Robinzon Diaz led the GCL Blue Jays to a win. The Doubledays had their best offensive night of the season, with eleven runs in a blowout victory over State College.
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Ricky Romero delivered another good start as New Hampshire won.  Auburn also won but Syracuse and Dunedin lost easily.  Lansing had to play through a couple of rain delays, and made five errors, and lost.  The winless GCL Jays lost a pair, both in the last inning.

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