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It's always something. How about 3 homers for Miguel Negron? It works for me, and it worked for the Fisher Cats, as the farm affiliates went 3-1 last night.

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I was in Erie last weekend watching the New Hampshire Fisher Cats play. I spent some time getting to know Zach Jackson and Ryan Roberts.
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A bizarre headline even for me; going here might explain it. Or not. A 2-1 night on the farm. If this was the NHL, it would be a 2-0-0-1 night, or a 2-1-0-1 night, I forget how they handle the overtime loss.
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2 for 2 night on the farm, with the Skychiefs issuing some payback.
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This is Jonny's Minor League Update.

Jonny's not here, man. But we have the news anyway.

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Lots of runs scored on a hot Sunday. The hitters are featured today, Gross, Cosby, Arnold, Cannon and Thigpen are featured. Plus bonus coverage, conversations with David Bush and Brandon League.
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It's an old joke, and not very good, but we will take all the levity we can get after a 1-3 night on the farm, complete with 2 late blown leads.

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Back it up, clap it up, switch it up, change it up
Do that thing for me, Do that thing for me
Flip it up, give it up, I'mma grip it up, while you rip it up
do that thing for me

Two wins, three losses, and that's that.

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A pair of two home run games, a pair of great starts in Dunedin, and a pair of bullpen losses. Plus some in-person reporting from Buffalo.
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While J.P's first two first-rounders were in the lineup at Wrigley Field yesterday afternoon, his first two second-rounders were in Syracuse and Akron. And one of them did well, while the other...did not. Those were the only two games last night in a 1-1 evening for the affiliates.
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He let his pitching do all the talking, but Zach Jackson let it be known that there's more than one lefty first rounder to keep your eye on.
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The farm splits four with Dunedin splitting a pair, and itís time for another Three-Star update.

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Some Dick Scott bonus coverage at the end of the report. Syracuse have another tough loss; New Hampshire have no offense; the Lansing Lumber Kings have it all.
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Great starts from newly promoted starters and a few key hits lead to a 3-1 evening for the farm affiliates.
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I can't buy a win in the big-league game reports, it seems, but this is my second minor-league organizational sweep in a matter of weeks. I'm not sure what to say on this momentous occasion. What I really need here is a Repoz inspiration.

"I haven't been this excited ... since the CD release party for The Spaghetti Incident?!"

Okay, I have a ways to go yet....
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