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The farm affiliates split 4 games on Saturday.
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The farm affiliates went 3-1 on Friday night, with the big bats in Syracuse leading the way.  Yes, Pierre, there are big bats in Syracuse.  Read on.
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The farm affiliates went 3-1 on Thursday night.
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Syracuse and New Hampshire took it on the chin yesterday.  Josh Banks surrendered a couple more home runs as the Chiefs ran out of pitchers.  The Fisher Cats "blew up good" late in their game.  Dunedin salvaged a win for the affiliates as Lansing had a day off.  Orlando Trias pitched well enough to win, with thanks to the bullpen, while Robinzon Diaz and Ryan Klosterman supplied the offense.
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How does NH follow up a 23 run night? By making their two day average 11.5 runs.

The affiliates went 1-3 on the night with the Lugnuts getting the win.

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The Toronto farm goes 2 Ė 1 as the New Hampshire Fisher Cats supply the fireworks to honour Queen Victoria and the Dunedin Blue Jays supply their fans with a double dose of comeback thrills.

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We had a bit of everything on the farm last night: all the home teams won and Syracuse won it on an infield "single" while all the other teams either scored 10+, gave up 10+ or shut out the opposition.
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2 routs, 1 3-run victory and a nailbiter were the stories as the farm affiliates went 4-0.
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Admit it. You read it and laughed a little bit inside. 1-3 for the affiliates last night, as Dunedin won 2-0. Ottawa and Burlington ended up on the right side of the ledger, which is kind of amusing.
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Kevin Barker. Thatís it. It was his night to shine in what is likely to be his best single-game performance as a professional.

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Yes, that's my headline.

Three runs was the most scored by any of the minor league teams last night, and even that required an Ontario kid to come up with a hit in the final inning. We've got a rainout, a rain delay, a rain-induced doubleheader and...well, our Third Star today is the rare ballplayer whose first and last names both contain the letters r-a-i-n.
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The best result last night was a rain out in Dunedin.
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A wet Monday sees just one game for the Toronto farm, and the Dunedins make it a good one.
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Two of the affiliates did not play yesterday, and Syracuse were swept in a doubleheader, so Lansing had the only opportunity for the Jays minor league system to get a win.  Lansing did win thanks to Jesus Gonzalez who scored two of the three runs and didn't get out all day.  Aaron Tressler pitched well enough to win, but didn't, and Kevin Barker hit two home runs. 
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The farm affiliates were all at home and feasted to the tune of a 3-1 record.
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