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It is Sunday morning, and the doors of the Church of Baseball are always open. And so we pray. May our pitchers always throw strikes and may the wind blow in. Yesterday our youthful minor leaguers faced much adversity on the way to compiling a 2-4 record.
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A line drived ripped off the ankle of your franchise pitcher is not what any fan wants to see. With Roy Halladay almost certain to miss at least some time after his injury in Texas last night, the Blue Jays need to find a starter who can, if not replace The Franchise, at least take his spot in the rotation. And it appears there might be such a pitcher down in Syracuse.
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Hanging around just above .500 in a not-too-strong division, very much still a part of the pennant race, this mix of exciting youngsters and savvy veterans is playing well at their new home but struggling on the road. Yes, there are a lot of similarities between the New Hampshire Fisher Cats and their parent Toronto Blue Jays. This month saw some red-hot hitters and some scuffling pitchers make an impact on the Fisher Cats' run for another Eastern League championship.
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Three wins, one loss, one rainout and one ... well, we're really not sure what to call what happened to the Auburn Doubledays last night. If it was a novel, it'd be Crime and Punishment. If it was a movie, it'd be The Last Emperor. If it was a TV show, it would be the last nine seasons of The Simpsons. The word we're searching for here is "interminable." Read all about it....
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Mayor Couture's "team", the Bristol Sox (CWS), exploded against the Pulaski Blue Jays so much, they broke As such, I'm not sure that Pulaski lost, but I'm pretty sure.

So make it a 4-3 night unless the P-Jays pulled it out. I don't know if they did, to be honest with you. I went to bed. If it was Triple-A, I might have stayed up to get the final score.

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Auburn took the Jamestown Jammers' pitchers deep 6 times as the affiliates took 3 of 5 games. New Hampshire was rained out.
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The boys representing the Canadian club ruined Independence Day in four American cities, as the full season clubs registered wins. And, this being the first Tuesday of the month, itís time for a Three-Star update.
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Your intrepid Syracuse correspondent is on vacation so I am preparing the month end review four days in advance, as Mike Myers would say: "Talk amongst yourselves. June was a good month for the Chiefs, discuss."

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Though it's a Monday off for those of us south of the border (or north, if you live in Windsor or certain places in the Yukon), there is no rest for this Canadian, as we had our day of holi on Friday.

A 3-3 record for the affiliates last night and yesterday afternoon. Why isn't it "last afternoon"?

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The farm affiliates received shutout starts from Chris Baker, Jamie Vermilyea and Jesse Litsch as they went 4-2 on the evening. All three made it look easy.

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Very short on time today -- holidays, and all -- so you'll have to be contact with the following minor-league report, written entirely in senyru/haiku. Happy Canada Weekend.
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Say it loud. Say it proud. Leance has pop in his bat. Two homers (and two strikeouts) led Pulaski to victory, as the farm affiliates went 4-2.

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The pun was so nice, he used it twice.

Dustin returned to Double-A last night, the D-Jays At The Bat didn't help out Casey one bit, the Devil Rays' affiliates paid back Syracuse and Lansing for the 12-3 thrashing of the parent club and there was a little dispute involving the French. All told, a 2-4 night on the farm.

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With the way the bullpens on the full-season teams were pitching, Dunedin was lucky they were rained out. Only the short-season teams picked up wins last night.
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So you understand less
as the pages turn

The Toronto Sun sports section? Maybe. But the lyric applies to these minor league updates in a way too: We can hazard an educated guess as to how a SkyChief might perform were he promoted to The Show next week, but by the time we get down to Pulaski virtually anyone on the roster could be the next Mike Piazza or the next Jeromie Spillman. The results last night: 3 wins and 2 losses, plenty offence but not a lot of pitching.

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