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Another splitsville day on the farm in which the affiliates won two and lost two. A shutout loss was the lowlight but that was balanced out by a walk-off victory Tuesday night.
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The affiliates came away with a split of their four games on Monday. The winning teams put up a 15 under the hit column. Another had 16 but they lost.
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Dalton Pompey reached base four times on Sunday and stole two bases. Emilio Guerrero came off the DL hitting, he had four hits. Despite those performances all the affiliates lost.

There was discussion of the Jays assignments to start the season, they seemed very conservative. The players have been doing little to prove them wrong. Conner Greene and Sean Reid-Foley pitched on Sunday and were OK but they are not yet demonstrating they need to be promoted. Early in the season some of the stand-out offensive performers include Pompey, Jorge Flores, Richard Urena and Andrew Guillotte.

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It was a winning Thursday night on the farm as Buffalo and New Hampshire won their home openers and Dunedin was victorious on the road. As for the Lansing nine, they were about as successful as Leisure Suit Larry.
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Lansing were the only winners thanks to a big comeback. After Dayton scored six runs in the top of the seventh inning, Lansing scored seven in the bottom. Ryan Cook turned in an excellent start. The other three teams lost. Buffalo went to the thirteenth before losing, Drew Hutchison had a hot and cold start. New Hampshire lost a close game while Dunedin and Tom Robson were blown up in the first inning and that was the game.
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The affiliates had a winning night on the farm Tuesday, winning three out of five.
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The affiliates took two out of three Monday night. Buffalo was rained out in Syracuse and will try to make it up today as part of a doubleheader.
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Jesus Montero drove in five runs for the Bisons on Sunday. Dwight Smith drove in four for the Fisher Cats. Dunedin were shut out and Lansing were snowed out. The bad weather has impacted New Hampshire who have lost two games and Lansing who have lost three.
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Yesterday was the first day of the minor league season. Somebody forgot to tell the weather, Buffalo, New Hampshire and Lansing all had their games rained or snowed out. Dunedin started the season on a winning note.
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Today is roster day for the minor league teams and we will have the rosters trickling out during the day. At some point the Jays will send me the full list but until then we will fill in with the news as it comes out.
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I finally got my copy of the Old Testament - the Baseball America Prospect Handbook 2016. Let's delve into the chapter on the Blue Jays, shall we?

Anthony Alford leaped 17 spots from last year to snare Baseball America's #1 prospect ranking in the Blue Jays system. (Image from Toronto Star)
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It's not that Corey Hart or that Corey Hart but Hart is among the three new additions to fill out the minor league coaching staffs which will see new skippers in Lansing and Vancouver for 2016.

John Schneider - with Juan Kelly at third base during a June 27 game in Vancouver - has a change of address for 2016.

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The Vancouver Canadians and the Toronto Blue Jays have agreed to extend their Player Development Contract for two more seasons.

The Vancouver Canadians flag will continue to fly under the Toronto Blue Jays banner for 2016, 2017 and 2018.
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The final Vancouver Canadians photo thread of 2015.

Case-y at the Bat! Andrew Case with fellow reliever Michael Kraft during the September 6 pre-game warmup against Everett at Nat Bailey Stadium.

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In keeping with turkey leftovers, here are some extra photos of the Vancouver Canadians to feast your eyes upon from the last weekend of 2015.

Andrew Guillotte heads to the dugout after scoring the first run of the game against Everett September 5. Everett starter Jacob Brentz and Juan Kelly both look on.
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