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Today's photo is of Alex Rios warming up in the on-deck circle:
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Here's a preview of our coverage of Alan Schwarz's Learning Annex talk about his book The Numbers Game this past Saturday at the Rogers Centre:
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Another bleach bypass image, this one of a play at third featuring the strongly-monikered Aaron Hill:
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Another shot from that totally bleach-bypassed roll, similar to Friday's image of Eric Hinske. This time it's Andy Dominique, sending a ball on a long trip to the wall:
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Magpie's Game Report is going to be slightly delayed, so in the meantime here's an early peek at the photo of the day -- Frank Catalanotto, pre-beard:
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That roadtrip was a rough one on poor old me, but the sight of this last night at the Rogers Centre made me feel all better:
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Here's the hitting coach. Let's not speak of mojo right now.
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Today's photograph is The Dude, Eric Hinske. And it's a little bit weird...
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Since it's an off day, here's another picture of Nick Johnson for Jonny German. It also features everyone's favourite backup catcher:
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When I watch a pitcher throw a ball, the motion doesn't bother me. But if you freeze that motion, it makes me a little queasy. My shoulders and elbows and wrists and fingers and feet and legs and neck all feel sore.

Pitching a ball is a strange, unnatural movement, if you ask me. So here's Roy Halladay, frozen in mid-pitch:

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