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Quick, name the top five hitting shortstops in baseball today.

(I'll wait.)

Now, how many of those players play in the American League?

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Closing in on the end of May, let's re-visit some of Da Box's Always Entertaining, Generally Wildly Inaccurate pre-season previews and projections.

I challenge my fellow forecasters to revisit their own team-by-team features and share with us the (already) so-wildly-wrong-its-funny projections contained within. Ready? Here are mine ...

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A common theme around the Box for the last 6 years is the claim that being in the AL East is killing the Jays. If only they were in a weaker division, like the AL Central, where teams do not have to compete with the Yankees and Red Sox. Then the Jays would be contenders!

But if you look at the data, it is almost impossible to draw that conclusion...
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I got this damn song stuck in my head....
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Data Table Time!
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I found something indescribably ancient on my computer, and I'm going to share it with all of you!
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It's long past time for my first Data Table of 2008, no?
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In which I present my Grand Summing Up of the work of the Blue Jays starters this past season, complete with Game Scores and pretty pictures.
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I took an extensive look at sixth starters the other day. The point of the exercise was simply to show that five starting pitchers are never, ever enough.
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No one ever talks about the Sixth Man.
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Let's regard this as a 2007 sequel to April's enormous examination (with the Data Tables here) of Home Field Advantage.
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Once again, we check in with the ancient sage!
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Tango today published fascinating work on DIPS and pitcher BABIP, of obvious relevance to those who try to sort out the importance of FIP/DIPS measures vs. ERA in the evaluation of pitchers.
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Over at The Hardball Times, David Gassko has a new article up summarizing (and crunching) some of the zone rating fielding data from Baseball Info Solutions for the first ten weeks of the season.  David mentions only the leaders and trailers in his article, and there's only one Blue Jay who gets a look in, Alex Rios who is the #1 overall rightfielder in the majors.  I thought it would be worthwhile to grab the data and see how the rest of the Blue Jays have fared... many thanks to David and THT for obtaining the data and boiling down the numbers into runs above/below average.
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The St. Louis Cardinals moved into a shiny new ballpark last spring, Busch Stadium Version 3.0, and promptly went and won the World Series.
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