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You may recall that around this time last year I explained to the world and everyone why I was Through With Pythagoras. I had long given serious attention to the teaching of the old desert sage, but those days were now behind me.
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The Buffalo Bisons began their final series of 2022 with a loss in Moosic, Pennsylvania.
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I can't remember a year when we've talked so much about the fourth outfielder. For the life of me I don't see that there's a whole lot of difference between Raimel Tapia and Ezequiel Carrera, who didn't seem to inspire nearly as much excitement. So I thought I'd wander through the years and see what we've had here all along.
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The Baltimore series thread is up to 350 plus comments. Mercy! Skip past the stuff on the silverware if you like, and feel free to discuss the State of Things here! Better for everyone...
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Let's talk about general managing.
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Chavez Young got things started by homering in the first at-bat of the Buffalo game. Nick Podkul liked that so he homered twice. That's a win for the Bisons. New Hampshire went to the bottom of the ninth tied thanks to an eighth inning home run by Zach Britton. John Aiello liked that so he walked it off with along ball in the bottom of the ninth. Vancouver played two. Game one went to ten innings and Vancouver got the walk-off win. Jommer Hernandez hit a three run home run in the sixth in game two to help the C's sweep the doubleheader. Dunedin also played two and split. Gabriel Martinez hit his eleventh homer and hit four balls at 94.5 mph or higher.
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Hitters are streaky. Your favourite slugger seems to go 3-for-5 with a double and a home run every game for a week, and then they'll go hitless for three straight games. This is normal: there are peaks and valleys to everybody's production. What separates a hitter like Mike Trout from a hitter like Santiago Espinal is how cold "cold" gets.
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Now that the wheeling and dealing is done, here's an overdue thread for the post-mortem. Because you're still talking, and the original now stands at more than 300 comments, which is pretty Unwieldy.
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Here we go!
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Damiano Palmegiani hit a grand slam enough to give Vancouver a six game series sweep of Hillsboro. Speaking of sweeps Dunedin swept a doubleheader from St Lucie. Rainer Nunez and Gabriel Martinez had four hits each in game one. Dasan Brown was key in game two. Nine bases for Nunez. Buffalo and New Hampshire lost through their bullpens.
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Given the recent bad starts I got to thinking about what is a reverse of the Quality Start? I'd call it Uncompetitive Starts.
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Strategy evolves, surely. But I have a passing thought on evolution itself.
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Yeah, this is months late, but many lists didn't come out until very late, then I held off due to games every day. With a day off I finally put this together.
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I can't even dignify this under the Windy Baseball Lore classification. It's just an off-day time waster, because a fresh thread is badly required.
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In a recent thread I dug into the fun way Collins (and Hernandez) ended up here - started with a 15th round pick in 2009. But what about the rest of the roster? We always talk about how important the draft is but how did we get this lineup?
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