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Traditions are traditions, even silly ones.
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Well, some players are signing but not many. Yamamoto is officially on the market now which should help push things a bit.
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The season is over, the Rangers won it all - sigh. Now time for the Jays and all others to dream big about who will sign and who will be traded.
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Of course it's Texas and Arizona. Isn't that what we all predicted back in the spring?
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Once again a few Jays are up for the Gold Glove awards.... 5 players in total are among the top 3 at their position for defense (which shouldn't be a shocker this year).
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And then there were four...
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The games go on...
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Given how much time in each thread is going to this one decision I figured I'd start an entry on it.
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That was weird.
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How young are you?
How old am I
Let's count the rings
around my eyes
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Norfolk 11 Buffalo 8

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Buffalo 9 Scranton/Wilkes-Barre 1

New Hampshire 5 Somerset 1

Everett 10 Vancouver 0 (Northwest League final tied 1-1)

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Special measures seem to be in order.
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Canadianís six-game winning streak snapped in Eugene.

Rochester 5 Buffalo 4

New Hampshire 3 Hartford 8

Eugene 8 Vancouver 6

Dunedin 12 Clearwater 4

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Canadianís win 2nd straight at home against Tri-City! Vancouverís Dasan Brown gets the clubís first inside-the-park home run of the year.

Worcester 5 Buffalo 4

New Hampshire 3 Reading 2 Game One

New Hampshire 5 Reading 3 Game Two

Vancouver 4 Tri City 2

Dunedin 10 Lakeland 7

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