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Buffalo and Vancouver win by big margins while New Hampshire and Dunedin lose in their Wednesday games.

Buffalo 14 Scranton/Wilkes-Barre 2

Hartford 9 New Hampshire 8

Vancouver 7 Everett 0

Tampa 8 Dunedin 2

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Vancouver Canadians Drop One Against the Spokane Indians! Buffalo and Dunedin win their games while Vancouver and New Hampshire are on the outside looking in.

Buffalo 4 Syracuse 3

Portland 4 New Hampshire 0

Spokane 7 Vancouver 6

Dunedin 9 Lakeland 8
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So John Northey was lamenting that the GIDPs, among other things, were killing the Jays offense. I looked into the subject, made a few notes, and things got out of hand. Too out of hand to put in a comment...
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I'm not going to write about the All-Star Game. Been there, done that.
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Buffalo, New Hampshire win their games while Vancouver gets run over in Hillsboro.

Buffalo 5 Rochester 4

New Hampshire 8 Hartford 3

Hillsboro 11 Vancouver 1

Tampa 9 Dunedin 2
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We have two postponed games from last night’s action and comeback wins For Vancouver and Dunedin.

Worcester Buffalo PPD

Portland New Hampshire PPD

Vancouver 4 Spokane 3

Dunedin 9 St. Lucie 5
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New Hampshire and Dunedin win on Wednesday while Buffalo and Vancouver take the loss.

Scranton/Wilkes-Barre 4 Buffalo 1

New Hampshire 2 Somerset 1

Eugene 5 Vancouver 1

Dunedin 11 Clearwater 5

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Syracuse 5 Buffalo 3

Akron New Hampshire PPD

Vancouver 5 Hillsboro 4

Dunedin 6 Lakeland 5

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Vancouver has an explosive ninth inning, and New Hampshire and Harrisburg cancelled due to air quality. Buffalo loses and Dunedin gets back in the win column in Wednesday’s games.

Toledo 7 Buffalo 5.

New Hampshire Harrisburg PPD

Vancouver 8 Everett 5

Dunedin 3 Bradenton 1

*** 3 Stars!!! ***

3. Alan Roden, Vancouver 3/4, 2 Hits, 3 Runs, 1RBI

2. Nicolas Deschamps, Dunedin 1/3, 1HR, 1 run, 1RBI

1. Garrett Spain, Vancouver 4/5, 1 Home Run, 2 Runs , 6RBI
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Alek Manoah has been sent down to A ball.
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It's the defending champs, come to our house.
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Four New Hampshire pitchers combined on a one hitter. Sem Robberse was the starter and star. Vancouver and Dunedin won one run games. Buffalo played two. They lost game one in extra innings and were blown out in game two.
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With one exception it was not a good night for pitchers on the farm with Adam Macko taking the worst beat down. The exception was Rafael Sanchez who fanned 11 for Dunedin. Hagen Danner made an appearance and Tucker Toman had a big night. Dunedin were your only winners.
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Once again Vancouver were the only winners and they needed a big eighth inning rally to take the lead. Yosver Zulueta did not pitch well. The other three games were all close affairs.
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There was a recent suggestion that we hold a Batters Box get together at a game this season. Our bauxites are spread throughout Canada and the world so it is uncertain how many would be able to make it to a Toronto get together. So lets get some expressions of interest.
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