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On a day with no baseball, let's figure out who has the inside track on this year's awards.
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He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches.
 - John Tanner, The Revolutionist's Handbook and Pocket Companion (presented as an appendix to Man and Superman by George Bernard Shaw, who was of course the actual author)

There are thirty major league pitching coaches. Were any of these guys even half-decent pitchers?
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I have made an Executive Decision and separated the Game Thread from the Trade Deadline discussion.

I have this power, I try to use it for good.
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Everyone is getting curious - who will the Jays trade for?  Who will they get, who will they lose?  Lets take a look back to past contenders for an idea of what works/doesn't work and the cost.
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Baseball still has the best All-Star Game, although the tall foreheads who run the game have been doing their level best to remove all its mystique.
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The pen has been used a lot this year and has a lot of guys in it.  9 at all times it seems.  The 1983 team which many compare this team to (young, on edge of greatness but nightmare pen) had a total of 11 relievers all year.  Times have changed a lot.
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Just was thinking about the pen and how many were used there this year and the injuries so I thought 'how has this changed over the years'?
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So, now that Manoah is off to the races it got me thinking of kids called up who made a strong first impression here.
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I've been thinking about who is the face of the Jays now - Vlad or Bo depending on personal preference I figure. But what about over time?
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Weren't the Red Sox supposed to be bad this year? Did they not get the memo?
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The Bronx Bombers are coming to town! Okay, not this town, but a town.
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It's the home opener, in Florida. The Angels come in to play four games. The Jays have been very hit and miss so far, what will this series bring?
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This is the last full week of spring training. The Jays play through Monday of next week, before travelling to New York for an April fool start to the season.
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Today is February 28th and it is also the first day for spring training games. The Jays take on the Yankees at 1pm in a 7 inning game. This year MLB allows shorter games in the first half of spring training. MLB will also allow a team to declare an inning over if the pitcher has throws 20 pitches, irrespective of the number of outs. You can see today's Yankee game on Sportsnet, or on the MLB Network. On Monday and Tuesday the Jays face the Pirates and Phillies.
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