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Two games in the division last night as Boston beat up on the Orioles and the Yankees couldn't get to Kevin Millwood dropping one to Texas. Leaving the Jays 1.5 games back from Boston, half a game back from New York and four ahead of Baltimore.
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I have never had two more different experiences as a spectator than a pair that I had this year. Both involved Theo, my son. One was fantastic, and the other was a nightmarish train-wreck.
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Double, double, single, walk, grand slam and I figured it was all over. How wrong I was.

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Ladies and gentlemen, your Toronto Blue Jays - once more doing stuff that no other team in baseball does. It must be time for a Data Table.
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One of the Web's finest baseball bloggers -- that's not quite the right word for him, actually -- is a once-upon-a-time visitor to Da Box, and the man who introduced us all to Spike Lundberg, Dallas-Fort Worth's Jamey Newberg.

In this morning's daily e-mail newsletter The Newberg Report, the die-hard Ranger backer takes the guise of the author of "a Toronto Blue Jays newsletter" -- no, it's not Batter's Box (you'll quickly figure out it's a fake) -- that provides an interesting partisan take on Michael Young, Vernon Wells and more. Read The Nouveau-Bergeron Report (Hey, HE titled it!) and come back here to let us know what you think. And yes, there's a Spike update. Enjoy!

Here's my latest ramble on the state of the Blue Jays. Enjoy (or not, as suits you).

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David Purcey pitched the Chiefs to a win yesterday.  Roger Clemens could not a win pitching for the Fisher Cats right now, and neither did Ismael Ramirez.  Dunedin lost while Lansing were all wet, again.  Plus we talk with Sergio Santos and Ryan Houston.
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The Oriole's hopes of a sweep are dashed… in game 1 of 3.
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Do not mess with the Fighting Blue Jays.
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Forbes magazine has come out with their annual rankings of the value of baseball teams and it is good news for the Jays and Rogers.  According to Forbes the value of the Jays increased by 34% last season to US$286 million and the Jays made an operating profit of almost US$30 million in 2005.
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Here's my first impressions of (most of) the 2006 Blue Jays.

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Craig wrote an interesting piece on the slowest runners around. It's a good read and the kinds of things that sabermetrics should be about, but often is not.

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The chirping of the birds outside the window was the sole incumbrance to my steadfast refusal to acknowledge that it was, in fact, a beautiful day outside. It was a hot July afternoon in 1993 and the conditions for were ideal for a swim at Peltoma Lake, a popular weekending spot for a few dozen families in rural southwestern New Brunswick. My thirteen year old id knew that there were girls outside and, unaware that it would later experience a five year Jordan Bulls-like period of dominance over my ego and superego during the high school/university years, was anxiously imploring me to put on my swim trunks and attempt interaction.

But I could not do it. The reason? The epic Jays/Athletics stratomatic series that my friend and I were playing in the cottage was about to crest in a game seven. Susie on a beach towel never had a chance against Juan Guzman on three days rest. And so it went. These are the choices that we make, and undoubtedly, if you are reading this, you experienced similar instances of budding baseball nerdness interfering with normal adolescent development.
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Normally, I multitask when watching baseball. But I can't do that on opening day, especially this opening day. So I took notes. Here they are, only lightly edited.
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On Friday and yesterday the Jays offense, pitching and defense went under the readers microscopes. Now it is time to draw a line in the sand. How many games will the Jays win in 2006?
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