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Bases are loaded and Casey's at bat, playin' it play by play.
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He left yesterday behind him, you might say he was born again, you might say he found a key for every door.
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The people of the town are strange, and they're proud of where they came.
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So R.A., what you have to do...
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Then the door was open and the wind appeared, the candles blew then disappeared.
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Well, I hear it's fine if you got the time and the ten to get yourself in.
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I was born in a house with the television always on, guess I grew up too fast and I forgot my name.
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And I know you won't let me down, 'cause I'm already standing on the ground.
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Just get me to the airport put me on a plane.
Hurry hurry hurry before I go insane.
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Where does the answer lie? Living from day to day. If it's something we can't buy, there must be another way.
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Pretty soon now, y'know I'm gonna make a comeback. And like the birds and the bees in the trees, it's a sure-fire smash.
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Stand up on your feet, put your worry down and everyone of you all around, come on y'a'll let's take it.
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Now we're up to bat a little bit of laughs, a little bit of pain...
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And all I want from tomorrow is to get it better than today.
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And how do I choose and where do I draw the line between truth and necessary pain?
And how do I know and where do I get my belief that things will be all right again?
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