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The Jays finally win one against the Red Sox (3-2) and now head home for a series with Texas.
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I get that this is a rebuilding year.  In fact, I'm all for it.  As I've said before, I was and remain well prepared for 95 losses this season. 

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Despite Brandon Morrow's best efforts, the Jays actually made it close.
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I remember everything
I knew all along we were pushing our luck

Back to Fenway....
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Any idea what kind of odds I could get in Vegas predicting a Jays no-hitter this year?
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Yesterday, Magpie wondered who would be the next Jays' starter to throw a complete game, noting that it hasn't happened since the Good Doctor was in town. Tonight, it almost happened.
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Look, no one said this was going to be easy.
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Before I was even born - it's such a gamble when you get a face. It's fascinating to observe what the mirror does, but when I dine it's for the wall that I set a place.
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April generally gives us a good reason or two to scratch our heads.
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The Jays played their wildest game of the year, and must have made AA jealous sitting up there in his box and not getting in on the action. He felt the itchy trigger finger, and after the game, the club designated Merkin Valdez and Jeremy Accardo for assignment, to be replaced by Josh Roenicke and Rommie Lewis. (Via Jordan Bastian's Twitter)
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I suppose it's nice that at least one thing around here is just like 1993...
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What did Brett Cecil do to deserve this?
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Jay's lose in the 10th.
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For the last couple of miles you've been swerving from side to side.
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