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Ricky Romero vs Zack Greinke. Obviously no contest.
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Macier Izturis looked at a called third strike (there being little point in actually swinging at the damn thing) for the final out of the ballgame. It was the 133rd pitch Roy Halladay had thrown in the game, a new career high.

How about that?
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Revvin' up my engine like a 747
Shiny lanky long and lean
What a scene

The Jays rocked the Boston Red Sox again, winning 5-3 Saturday afternoon at the Rogers Centre.

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Hey, I could get up and back, right on track
(Is that gonna get you back?) It's right on track, is that gonna get you back?

Casey Janssen had more close calls than Dr. Richard Kimble but he wiggled his way through seven innings to lead the Jays to a 6-3 win over Boston Friday night at Rogers Centre.

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Games like that make us all crazy.
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Mo' determined to fold the set
I ain't even started yet
So if you ain't ready you better get ready
I know I do it better when I'm being opposed
Stick ya chest out, keep your chin up
'Cause sometimes you gotta get knocked down to get up
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It's the 23rd day of May.
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The less we say about it the better
Make it up as we go along
Feet on the ground
Head in the sky
It's ok I know nothing's wrong . . nothing.

No sense trying to be a wordsmith here.  This series sucked turd from the get-go for the Jays as they lost 5-1 to the Red Sox Thursday evening.

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The Red Sox went deep five times against Brett Cecil and that was the difference as they pounded the Jays 8-3 Wednesday night at Fenway.

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Brian Tallet and the Jays came out on the wrong end of a pitcher's duel at Fenway Park as they lost 2-1 to Tim Wakefield and the Red Sox Tuesday night. 
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It's a throw down, a show down, hell no I can't slow down, it's gonna go...DOWN!

In advance of the "Throwdown in Beantown", the Jays of Blue completed a four game sweep of the Sox of White with a 3-2 victory Monday afternoon at the Thunder Dome.

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The Jays are 2-for-2 on bobblehead days this season with the featured players contributing to victories.  Alex Rios jump started the offence as the Jays quadrupled the White Sox 8-2 Sunday afternoon at Rogers Centre.

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The Jays go into the weekend with their lead in the division back up to two games.

First place, Kind of fun.
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A lot of positive firsts in the Jays 5-1 victory over the Evil Empire Tuesday night at the Rogers Centre.  It was the Jays first win over the Yankees in their first meeting of 2009 and it was the first complete game for Roy Halladay as he became the majors first seven-game winner.  Just as importantly, it was the first loss of the season for you know who on the Yankees mound and it was the first game the Yankees regular shortstop was not in the lineup.  It might also have been the first time a pro-Jays crowd showed up for a Yankees game since the glory years as 43,737 showed up to take this one in at the building formerly known as Yankee Stadium North.  

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After 20 games in 20 days, they've earned their day of rest.
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