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Off day yesterday. The Jays face off against the A's and Chad Gaudin tonight. Burnett takes the hill for the good guys.

Word is that BJ Ryan and Scott Rolen are right on track for their returns.

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I'm really not one of those old fogeys who grumbles that things were way better back in my day. I'm really not. I make a point of not being one of those guys.
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Whoever's out of hand, I'ma give 'em handles.
Light 'em up, blow 'em out like candles.
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Jays win Friday, 6-3. Thomas gets the key hit and subjects us to the 'Hurts So Good' type headlines.
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Three games in, and already grumbling about the Jays batting order has begun. Mercy! I would say that the John Gibbons has been pretty conventional is his deployment of the troops, but of course conventional doesn’t always mean right. Everyone has their own ideas, naturally, but lets take a look at the current nine and a more statistically oriented bunch and see what we can come up with.
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That's a bit more like it.
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Well, I guess we can let the Bad Guys win their last home opener at the old stadium. They'd do the same for us, right?
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The Jays are still undefeated!
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It's time, babies. It's time.

Time to wait until tomorrow...
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I like to spread a little Sunshine and Light around here from time to time.

Not always, though. Just sometimes
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A look at JP Ricciardi from Jeff Blair.  A pretty good & fair article.
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No real surprises with the team to start the season.  Rolen and Ryan start the year on the DL and Buck Coats and Rule 5 pick Randy Wells benefit from that.
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Or so says Ken Rosenthal who has scooped all the local writers.
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Robbie Alomar, if he goes to the HOF, wants it to be as a Jay after getting put on the Circle of Excellence opening day.

Also BJ Ryan has soreness in his elbow. Joba back to being a setup man.
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BJ Ryan returned to action today.  He pitched a scoreless inning, striking out two and inducing a ground ball.

Can't ask for more than that.
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