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A key misdecision helps the Jays snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
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Jays cruise past Rangers.
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Lyle Overbay and Bengie Molina come through for the Jays in extra innings as Scott Downs gets the win. The Jays generated lots of news yesterday with the installation of a new infield, the recall of Vinnie Chulk and another staph infection on the team. With acknowledgements to all who have done this before me, here are ten things I think about the Jays.
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How bad were the Jays going into last night's game? Well, someone on the Royals -- the Royals -- said they expect to win. If I may steal a line from Deadspin (and speak on behalf of Jays fans everywhere):

Suddenly, we can taste food again.
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Ty Taubenheim struggled last night. The resurgent Royals' bats boomed, while Jays fans performed unspeakable rituals in the hopes of resurrecting the bats of their heroes. But, there is good news...
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The good doctor shuts down the Rangers for 7-2/3. B.J. Ryan has a rare brush with human-ness, but gets it done for the Blue Jay win.
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The Jays are 5-18 in Arlington over the last four years.

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The Jays were 9-9 in interleague play. The rest of the AL did much better.
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This return to Toronto by a former starter whose name begins with C and now pitches for an NL team that wears red went a lot better for the home side than the last one did.
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So this is what good starting pitching is like.
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The Nationals, apparently, couldn't see no reason to put up a fight. A.J. Burnett looks like a 55 million dollar pitcher in razing Washington.
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Things are a lot easier when Mr. Glavine is not starting.
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You should know that I am cheering for the Mets this season. If the Blue Jays can't win it (they certainly could, and it would be my preferred outcome) - then may the crown be taken by the Amazin's. Why? Well, it's all about this veteran first baseman...

No, not that guy.
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The curse of Magpie is really doing a number on the Braves.
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Neither Toronto nor Atlanta had won an interleague game this season prior to last night, and in the late innings both teams looked eager to go to 0 7.

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