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It was another pitcher named Josh who inspired this exercise, in the wake of another disappointing season of under-achievement.

Josh Towers. We owe him so much.

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Four times in franchise history, the Blue Jays have had the best starting pitching in the American League. I propose to look at those four starting rotations.
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In the last 32 seasons, the Blue Jays have lost 90 games exactly once.
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Why does baseball have the best all-star game?
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After the Cardinals dispatched the Brewers in the LCS, a considerable fuss was made of Tony LaRussa's managing of the Cardinals bullpen.
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Consider Brandon Morrow.
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Not that long ago, a disgruntled Bauxite wondered if Frank Francisco was about to set a new team record for Blown Saves in a season.
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So does this recycling of managers ever work?

Not very often.
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If the players who are the core of a great team are not worthy of Hall of Fame selection, then who is?
-- Bill James, Historical Baseball Abstract (first edition)

I think that's a hell of a question.
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On the off chance that people want to rehash this old history (gee, why would that happen?), let's have the facts in place.
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As promised, the American League!
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It was Tuesday night. While I waited for Roy Halladay to throw the first pitch, I dutifully pored over the Pre-Game Notes, because I am a conscientious sort of fellow. And in the fine print, I noted that the Blue Jays were slowly closing in on victory number 2300.

A little more than two hours later (Doc probably had dinner reservations somewhere), win number 2293 was in the books, and the team's overall log stood at 2293-2344.
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Who am I to argue with Jordan?

Finally, some home run power out of the shortstop position tonight....

With Ted Lilly on the mound, it seemed reasonable to expect that most of the plays would be made by the outfielders. Against Freddy (7-1) Garcia, having nine real hitters seemed a wise policy.
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Baseball deceives us, constantly, and in countless ways. This is its essential nature.

There is, of course, the eternal, teasing illusion that we can actually understand this game, that we can know the correct decisions to make and anticipate how events will unfold.

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They went from fifth place to a world championship. Their manager had taken over the team for the last two months of the previous seasons. They were a team with two, but only two bonafide stars - a starting pitcher and an outfielder. They also featured a switch-hitting second baseman who provided outstanding defense, but the rest of the lineup consisted of solid journeymen and a few youngsters...

This all sounds strangely familiar, for some reason.

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