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Here's a Boston Globe report that suggests Kevin Millar will play at Fenway this year, despite denials from his agent. Theo Epstein, no doubt encouraged by his boss, former Marlins owner John Henry, came up with a creative way to get his man, and can't understand the fuss. ''It was not our intention to violate any unwritten rule,'' he said.

Theo's plan is to "allow" Millar to reject the Red Sox waiver claim, as is his right. Then, the Chunichi Dragons will accept compensation (rumoured to be Benny Agbayani, who the Japanese fans will adore, and enough cash to pay the transfer fee they owe the Marlins) and Millar will end up in Boston after all.

''It's something we haven't done lightly,'' Epstein said. ''We researched it so we could proceed without infringing on the rights of the Marlins, the Chunichi Dragons, or Kevin Millar. We were comfortable making the claim when we were confident there were several possible resolutions of this move and all of them would involve the teams being made whole and not ending up with less than what they started with.''

In Florida, and in a few other front offices, there's outrage. "You just don't claim players on waivers who go to Japan. It just hasn't been done before," a Marlins' official said. ''They broke a gentleman's agreement,'' another unnamed source said. ''This is [b.s]. Yeah, we're [peeved].''

The rookie GM who has them so upset is smart, determined and innovative; the Marlins are the latest Jeff Loria masterpiece to be systematically destroyed. No wonder their people are [P.O.'d].

Another interesting buzz is getting louder, with the Yankees apparently willing to broker a three-way deal that will put Bartolo Colon in a White Sox uniform (from what I hear about his off-season "conditioning," they'll need to let it out a bit) and make El Duque an Expo. Chicago reliever Antonio Osuna will come to the Bronx, says the Boston Herald, and Boss George will cut a cheque, which will make Expos' principal owner Bud Selig happy. Like the vast majority of trades these days, it's about relieving financial burdens. Talent is an afterthought, but it's clearly a great move for the White Sox, who would be upgraded immediately from "distant second" to "contender" in their division. The Yankees get the satisfaction of keeping Colon away from Boston, and their 8-man rotation is down to seven. It makes so much sense, I predict it will happen, once Brian Cashman explains it to Kenny Williams.
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_R Billie - Wednesday, January 15 2003 @ 09:18 AM EST (#99283) #
I can see Epstein thinking to Marlins are mad at me...not the Marlins...please protect me from the scary Marlins...

I've always thought gentleman's agreements were BS...when a player the quality of Millar goes through waivers and you have all the resources necessary to acquire him then I think you acquire him. Why not set up a gentleman's agreement for all players that pass through waivers then? The Jays deserve compensation from Baltimore for losing Batista I think.

It sounds like the Sox are willing to operate in such a way that all parties involved end up getting what they wanted. So I don't see what the big deal is...I applaud Epstein for making a bold move to improve his team. Unfortunately this means that someone with brains and guts is in charge of the Sox so the Jays have themselves a worthy opponent.

Colon for Osuna sounds like a steal and a half for the White Sox...but they may need to custom make Colon a jersey. Pat Gillick watched Colon pitch in the Dominican when the Mariners were still interested in trading for him and reports are he may be closer to 300 lbs than 250. Should this type of trade go through it can only serve to further infuriate the Red Sox.
Pistol - Wednesday, January 15 2003 @ 09:56 AM EST (#99284) #
I hate unwritten rules. Good for the RSox. I'm sure they're not concerned about the Marlins, but would other teams be less likely to deal with them for 'not playing by the rules'?

If the RSox really wanted Colon enough they would have him by now. I don't think this will bother them. They can always trade for a pitcher during the season once teams start dumping players.

I'm not familiar with the 1B the WSox would send to Montreal. Is he and Hernandez better than other trades turned down?
Coach - Wednesday, January 15 2003 @ 10:43 AM EST (#99285) #
Pistol, according to the Chicago Tribune and ESPN. com, Jeff Liefer would be included. He's 28, plays corner OF and 1B, and doesn't hit enough for any of those positions. The Sox have plenty of superior talent at those spots and he's strictly a throw-in, not even a plus as a bench player. But who cares in Montreal, as long as they cut costs?

Whether it was Omar Minaya or his bosses who believed they could do better than previous offers by waiting, that plan seems to have backfired. Unless you like unhappy 40-ish starters.
_jason - Wednesday, January 15 2003 @ 10:55 AM EST (#99286) #
I have a question: Has there ever been this many multi-team deals in an off-season before?

The AL central becomes a lot more interesting if the White Sox pick up Colon. The Yanks obviously have to dump Hernandez, and probably Hitchcock, and if the Expos can get a decent 1st base and/or outfield prospect out of the deal and address some of their financial worries at the same time then God bless them. And obviously the Yanks will be happy in preventing Colon from going to Boston. Pedro-Lowe-Colon would have been pretty scary.

El-Duque will make a good no.3 or 4 guy for the Expos, behind or in front of Armas. I haven't done any research but, if memory serves me correctly, I think El-Duque is a fly ball pitcher which would certainly serve him better at the Big-O and there might be an adjustment period for NL batters to get accustomed to his unorthadox delivery. (I have no idea about the dimensions of the park the Expos will be playing at in Peurto Rico, although I assume its natural grass.)
_R Billie - Wednesday, January 15 2003 @ 12:14 PM EST (#99287) #
I guess this is better than the Yankees or Red Sox getting Colon in the long term. I really had a feeling that Minaya was overplaying his hand at the winter meetings. He gave up a prince's ransom in young talent for Colon but won't be getting anywhere near that much back. I guess it really doesn't matter much if you figure the franchise is doomed and you're just trying to squeeze as many wins out of the current season as you can to make a name for yourself in the majors. The Expos are in one screwed up situation.

The Yankees are hemoraging money but at least they're able to get their house in order by replacing Mendoza and moving a spare starter. They were even able to get a young pitcher back who might become a useful spare part down the road.
Craig B - Wednesday, January 15 2003 @ 03:12 PM EST (#99288) #
I have no idea about the dimensions of the park the Expos will be playing at in Peurto Rico, although I assume its natural grass.

No, Hiram Bithorn is a turf park, and it's got short fences to boot. 315 down the lines, 360 to the power alleys. We'll see a lot of home runs there, and it will be an opportunity to put Wilkerson in center given the short fences and get another big bopper in the Expo lineup.
Coach - Wednesday, January 15 2003 @ 04:42 PM EST (#99289) #
It's a cute turn of phrase to say the Expos will play fewer than 60 games at home and over 100 "on the road" this year, but it raises a question, which I hope the statistically adept among us can answer -- how much of "home field advantage" stems from batting last, and how much results from the intangible of crowd support? OK, two questions -- do we think the good citizens of San Juan are going to root, root, root for the "home" team, or will they just cheer for the Puerto Rican players on both sides?
_jason - Wednesday, January 15 2003 @ 04:53 PM EST (#99290) #
In any case, the mere fact that the Expos have so many Latin players means they would be cheered the most frequently by a Latin-loving crowd anyways.
_Chuck Van Den C - Sunday, January 19 2003 @ 10:05 AM EST (#99291) #
Given the "home games" in San Juan, you have to wonder if we'll see hispanics given the edge to earn the Expos' end-of-bench jobs.
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