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Not only is Pete Walker's name in that headline, it also describes what Ted Lilly did last night.

Oh well, a one-run loss. The Blue Jays seemed to give up after the two-hour rain delay, didn't they? Tomorrow they could be swept in this three-game series.

It was nice timing for those of us listening on the radio, as the coverage of Canada's win over Russia over in Vienna ended right as Jerry Howarth announced the O-Dog's leadoff double.

Pete Walker was very good in relief tonight, throwing 3.2 scoreless innings. One hit, one walk, three strikeouts. If this was a Minor League Update, Walker would be the First Star.
Second Star: Orlando Hudson, 2-for-5, double, 2 RBI.
Third Star: Alex Rios, two hits and a walk.

If Bob Wickman is 240 pounds, I'm 110.

The real news came when we learned Ted Lilly will be skipped in the rotation the next time around, and he might not pitch Saturday. Who should pitch that game if he doesn't make it -- Walker, Scott Downs, or _____? Share your views on this, please.
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Rob - Saturday, May 14 2005 @ 06:35 PM EDT (#116621) #
My answer -- Pete Walker. He's off to a great start this year with a 1.86 ERA in 20 innings. I'd let him take the ball on Saturday, see what he can do.

Though the idea of Francisco Rosario is intriguing, if not totally intelligent.
Magpie - Saturday, May 14 2005 @ 06:40 PM EDT (#116622) #
My answer -- Pete Walker.

He's earned it, too, with his performance in Toronto. Which counts for more than performance in Syracuse.

Magpie - Saturday, May 14 2005 @ 06:52 PM EDT (#116623) #
Just from listening to Wilner on the post-game, it sure sounds like he read the Game Report and discussion on Ted Lilly. I heard some of the same points, and a specific reference to the same three pitchers brought up in a comment. Wilner distinguished Lilly from those guys (Blass, Ankiel, Wohlers), all of whom suddenly coudn't throw the ball over the plate.
Mick Doherty - Saturday, May 14 2005 @ 07:15 PM EDT (#116624) #
CaramonLS - Saturday, May 14 2005 @ 09:22 PM EDT (#116626) #
I think Chad Gaudin should be called up from AAA to pitch. So far hes having a great season, he deserves a chance.

I'm liking Walker in Long relief.

Wildrose - Saturday, May 14 2005 @ 10:05 PM EDT (#116628) #
I note in todays Globe Jeff Blair reports that the team is quite interested in obtaining this catcher.
Jordan - Saturday, May 14 2005 @ 10:24 PM EDT (#116630) #
If Jim Bowden wanted to swap Brad Wilkerson for Vernon Wells, as Blair's article indicates, then I think the price for Brian Schneider would be considered a little excessive by the local fan base. I imagine it would start with a League or a Rosario and might also include an Adams or a Hill.

Tell you what, though, it might just be worth it. Offensively, Schneider is well on his way to becoming Darrin Fletcher, another left-handed hitting backstop who blossomed with the Expos. Defensively, there may not be a more underrated catcher out there. He threw out half of all baserunners who tested him last season, leading the majors, and he's thrown out more than 40% over the last three years. He's also considered to be great with young pitchers behind the plate and to "call a good game," whatever that means.

Schneider's already making $2M and he's going to get more expensive as he approaches free agency. But if the Jays doubt that Quiroz will develop quickly enough to help them, and that Curtis Thigpen profiles more as a utility guy, then I could see them dealing away some of their young talent to grab Schneider. The key contention years of 2006-07 are looming fast, and if Quiroz's bat isn't ready, well, Gregg Zaun is going to run out of gas sooner rather than later.
Ron - Saturday, May 14 2005 @ 11:02 PM EDT (#116631) #
You can put me down as a person that would glady welcome Schneider as a Jay.

I think he's one of the most under-rated players in all of baseball.

I just wonder how long Zaun can keep up his current pace and if Quiroz is a potential starting catcher.

The Jays have a log jam at SS and I expect Hill or Adams to be dealt by next season.

Take a look at the standings, the Yanks are close to passing the Jays.
Named For Hank - Saturday, May 14 2005 @ 11:16 PM EDT (#116632) #
Speaking of Blair in today's Globe and Mail, when did he start writing more opiniony stuff? I've been busy as hell and not reading newspapers for about three weeks, and on the train today I was a little surprised by the change in tone in Blair's writing. Pleasantly surprised.

Who knows when I'll read a newspaper ever again: I'm officially on paternity leave now. I've optimistically kept my subscription.
CaramonLS - Saturday, May 14 2005 @ 11:38 PM EDT (#116634) #
Jays really have a couple of options.

1) Deal Adams, move Hill to Short.
2) Deal Hudson, move Adams or Hill to 2B.
3) Call up Hill, share time with Adams, See which one stands out. One becomes a Utility guy.

I wouldn't rule out Hudson being dealt if Hill proves he can make the smooth transition to the Majors, it is coming up to the real money years (Hudson isn't signed long term, right?), and We'd be getting a much better return on him than Hill. Would also allow us to make some noise in the FA market.

I also don't think a position switch is out of the Question, and I think Adams/Hill could easily provide above average defense from that position.
CaramonLS - Saturday, May 14 2005 @ 11:46 PM EDT (#116635) #
I honestly think getting Schneider is a little bit premature. I think Zaun still has some good years left in him, lets not forget hes gotten off to a hot start and he still finished with a .367 OBP last year, .040 pts higher than Schneider, yes he does have good upside, but hes going to cost us - in players and Salary.

I think by the time Zaun is ready to move to the Number 2, GQ, maybe Thigpen will be ready by then.

Do I think Zaun's year last year was just a Flash in the pan? No. Lets not forget its only been a couple of years since he has fought back the personal demons which have kept him from flourishing.

I'm looking forward to at least 2 more seasons with Zaun.
PeterG - Sunday, May 15 2005 @ 12:23 AM EDT (#116636) #
How about Wells and Quiroz for Wilkerson and Schneider? As far as the extra infielders are concerned I am of the opinion that Hill will be moved to second and that Hudson will be part of a trade before next season.
BallGuy - Sunday, May 15 2005 @ 08:57 AM EDT (#116640) #
As much as I love Zaun, I am worried that he may suffer some serious difficulties when he comes off the DL. He was off to a real good start this season and I am concerned that his concussion will put the stop to that. I hope not but one can never tell with these things. But, if there is a guy who will not let it affect him it is Zaun; he seems like a guy who will work his ass off to get to where he wants to be.
As for Schneider, he is starting to come into his own. If JP dealt for him, then Zaun (presumably healthy) could be dealt or packaged for a player of decent value.
Richard Griffin in Sunday's Star seems to think the Jays need another starting pitcher. With the way Lily is pitching, he may be right unless Walker can fill in. I think Walker deserves the opportunity; he's pitched very well so far this season and has the second best ERA on the team (albeit in limited innings).
Pistol - Sunday, May 15 2005 @ 09:01 AM EDT (#116641) #
I'll trust Jordan's opinion on Schneider.

I can certainly see the Jays interest in a catcher. Zaun is 34 this year. Quiroz can't seem to get healthy, and even if he does there's no guarantee that he'll be productive starting catcher in Toronto next year.

I don't think Thigpen factors into the thinking at all. He's in low A, so I don't think he'd make it to the bigs unitl 2008 at the earliest. The chance of a player even making the major leagues at the spot Thigpen was drafted, all other things being equal, is less than 50/50.

Ideally, to me, it's best to have 2 pretty good catchers and split them about 50/50 and a trade for Schneider would accomplish that (although I suspect the Jays would play Schneider more if they traded for him).
H Winfield Teut - Sunday, May 15 2005 @ 09:35 AM EDT (#116644) #
I dont understand, the chance of a second rounder making it to the majors is less than 50/50? Then I looked at who the Jays have drafted in round two, and I would say your estimate was too high if anything. I would have thought a lot of second rounders had come up but with Pete Bauer and Ryan Jones on record you are right.
Mike Green - Sunday, May 15 2005 @ 09:56 AM EDT (#116645) #
In yesterday's game, having a left-handed pinch-hitter on the bench for Huckaby in the ninth to face Wickman with Rios on 2nd and down by a run, would have been really, really nice. On the other hand, the rains of the last 2 days have stretched the pitching staff.
Andrew S - Sunday, May 15 2005 @ 10:34 AM EDT (#116648) #
In general, even first rounders have less than a 50/50 chance of anything more than a september callup or two.
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