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Three wins, one loss, one rainout and one ... well, we're really not sure what to call what happened to the Auburn Doubledays last night. If it was a novel, it'd be Crime and Punishment. If it was a movie, it'd be The Last Emperor. If it was a TV show, it would be the last nine seasons of The Simpsons. The word we're searching for here is "interminable." Read all about it....

Syracuse 6 Rochester 5

The Skychiefs faced off against an old friend last night in former Jays farmhand Dave Gassner. The lefty, whoís seen some major-league action with Minnesota this year, didnít enjoy the reunion, as he was touched up for 4 runs on 9 hits (including homers by John Schneider and Bryant Nelson) and a walk in 5 innings. Unfortunately for Syracuse, starter Chris Baker fared little better, allowing a 5-spot in the 3rd inning and departing with almost the same line as Gassner. Brandon League then entered the game and fired 2 2/3 frames of shutout relief, allowing just 1 hit, no walks and no strikeouts (6 groundouts, 1 flyout) to earn the win. The Skychiefs pushed across the go-ahead run in the 7th on a Justin Singleton RBI grounder. Anton French and Nelson each recorded 3 hits for the winners.

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Binghamton 9 New Hampshire 5

Rough night for Jamie Vermilyea, whose latest outing started badly with 3 straight singles to begin the game. Vermilyea dodged bullets all night before being riddled in the 5th: triple-homer-single-single-single-error-strikeout-single. Itís not entirely clear to me why he was left in that long to absorb this punishment: Vermilyea finished with 12 hits and 6 runs (5 earned) allowed in just 4 1/3 innings; at least he walked nobody and whiffed 4. Bubbie Buzachero got the Fisher Cats out of the inning, but went on to allow 3 more runs (2 earned) in 2 1/3 innings on 2 hits, 3 walks and 6 Ks. Ron Davenport homered and doubled to drive in 3 runs, while Ryan Roberts singled twice and doubled to boost his average to .278. Rob Cosby doubled and singled.

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Dunedin 7 Palm Beach 2

Boom! Chip Cannon just wonít let up, smashing his 25th homer of the 2005 season and adding a single for good measure. Cannon now has 14 homers in just over 100 at-bats for Dunedin, and has pushed his slugging percentage back above .850. Iíve been following the Blue Jaysí minor-league system for several years now, and I have never seen a power display like the one Cannon is putting on this year. Utterly unreal. Robinzon Diaz tripled and walked to score a run and drive in another; the offence was otherwise pretty evenly divided for the D-Jays. Kurt Isenberg produced a strong outing, allowing just 2 unearned runs in 5 innings on 4 hits and 2 walks, striking out 2. Danny Hill scattered 4 hits over 3 scoreless innings to hold the lead for Dunedin.

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Lansing 6 Dayton 1

Last week, I mistakenly referred to Brian Grant as the only high-school pitcher selected in the first 10 rounds under JP Ricciardi. But there is another, and Russ Savickas has been doing quite well for himself so far this year. Savickas, who turns 22 at the end of the month, allowed just 1 run in 6 frames, scattering 6 hits and 2 walks and whiffing 4. The Lugnuts banged out 16 hits but stranded 10 runners. Eric Nielsen produced 2 doubles and a single, while Yuber Rodriquez singled twice and doubled and Christian Snavely continued his hot streak with 3 singles. Eugenio Velez doubled and singled to raise his average to a gaudy .358.

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Auburn 5 Batavia 5 (suspended Ė 21 innings)

You read that right. In a game suspended by local lateness bylaws, the Doubledays and Muckdogs battled to a 5-5 draw heading into the bottom of the 21st. Auburn, in what seemed like a good idea at the time, scored twice in the bottom of the ninth to tie it. Batavia outfielder Jordan Szabo threw out the potential winning run in Matt Cooksey at the plate, sending the game into Iowa Baseball Confederacy territory and no doubt earning both players enmity on their benches as the clock approached midnight. The game will be picked up today at 5:05 pm and played until thereís a winner or the Auburn county ordinances come into effect again. Can the two teams set a record? In 1981, Pawtucket and Rochester played 33 innings to decide a game, so these guys have another game-and-a-third to go.

Emmanuel Sena had himself a great week last night, knocking out 5 singles and a double, drawing a walk, and raising his batting average from .258 to .318 in one evening. Kyle Bohm and Jermy Acey each had 3 hits; Bohmís included 2 doubles. On the less positive side, Brian Pettway went 0-for-7 with 2 walks, while first baseman Josh Celigoy had 2 hits and scored 2 runs but struck out 6 times to earn, what, a platinum sombrero? Catcher Josh Bell went 1-for-9 and struck out 4 times. And this game ainít over yet.

Way back at the dawn of time, Kristian Bell started for the Doubledays and pitched very well, allowing just 2 unearned runs on 4 hits and a walk in 5 2/3 innings, striking out 8. Gabriel Alfaro and, especially, Yesson Berroa pitched less well and allowed Batavia to score 3 more runs, setting the stage for extra innings. The Auburn bullpen then distinguished itself as 4 hurlers combined to throw a remarkable 11 2/3 scoreless innings. Take a bow, Edward Rodriguez, Paul Phillips, Adrian Martin and Sean Stidfole. Phillips and Stidfole were particularly strong, yielding just 1 hit and 8 strikeouts in 6 combined innings. Other than Bellís walk, not one Auburn pitcher issued a base on balls ... so far. Tune in tomorrow to learn the result of this cliffhanger of a game. Hopefully.

Box score

Pulaski vs. Bristol, doubleheader, postponed (rain)

Ironically, on a night when one short-season A-Ball team played more than 2 games, the other saw its own doubleheader rained out.

Your Three-Star Selection: Iím not going to include the Auburn-Batavia game here, since technically that match wonít be completed till today. Last nightís awards go to 3 good-but-not-great pitching performances

3. Brandon League, Syracuse: 2 2/3 shutout relief innings in a Syracuse win.

2. Kurt Isenberg, Dunedin: 5 innings of 2-run ball in a D-Jays victory

1. Russ Savickas, Lansing: 6 innings of 1-run ball in a Lugnuts win.

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Pistol - Friday, July 08 2005 @ 09:46 AM EDT (#121851) #

The FSL typically depresses offense. It'd be interesting to see how Cannon compares to others top sluggers in the FSL over the years.

Jordan - Friday, July 08 2005 @ 09:59 AM EDT (#121852) #
My one caution on Cannon, and I forgot to add this to the report, is that his incredible home run totals aren't really reflected in his other power categories.

Cannon has 14 homers for Dunedin in 112 at-bats, but only 4 doubles and 2 triples. Similarly, he pounded out 11 homers for Lansing in 168 AB, but had just 9 doubles and 2 triples. Not having seen him in action, I wonder if he's a big-booming-flyball hitter moreso than a ripping-line-drive hitter. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The last player I saw with big homer totals not entirely supported by equivalent double and triple totals was Morgan Ensberg, in his first breakout two years ago. The bad news is that Ensberg bombed the next season; the good news is that he's recovered pretty nicely this year. Take it for what you will.
Mike Green - Friday, July 08 2005 @ 10:12 AM EDT (#121853) #
The last 2 seasons have seen a number of surprising performances in Dunedin: Raul Tablado and Ron Davenport last year, and Chip Cannon and Eric Arnold this year. The D-Jays have been scoring 5.5 runs per game, and they are one of three teams at this level.

Andy LaRoche hit .333/.380./.651 in 259 ABs this season before being promoted. I don't have the numbers, but it's pretty clear to me that more runs are being scored in the FSL the last 2 seasons than were scored there 10 years ago.

All that said, Cannon's tear is noteworthy. Slugging .850 over a month is kind of like going 13-0 to start the season. Poor hitters/teams just don't do it.
Lugnut Fan - Friday, July 08 2005 @ 10:16 AM EDT (#121854) #
Having watched Cannon in Lansing, he does hit some towering shots. I am kind of sad that he left, it would have been interesting to see if he could have set a new home run record in Lansing as Brian Dopirak hit 39 HR's in Lansing last year.

I think the reason that you don't see more doubles and triples from Chip is because he is not a very fast kid. He had clubbed feet which he had repaired through surgery, but he doesn't move very good. Maybe the reason he hits so many home runs is so that he doesn't have to run. Just Kidding.
the shadow - Friday, July 08 2005 @ 10:37 AM EDT (#121859) #
Maybe you keep Cannon .384/.465/.830 and Lind .288/.351/.401 as a matched set where Lind hits the doubles and Cannon follows up with the HR's

Jacko - Friday, July 08 2005 @ 10:41 AM EDT (#121860) #
Cannon's minor league numbers remind me of Russell Branyan and Dallas McPherson. Scary power, high batting average, but also scary strikeout numbers. Branyan never really panned out (he's a decent platoon hitter) while the jury is still out on McPherson. I wonder how Cannon will do.

Developmentally, is it better to let him Cannon mangle A-ball until pitchers are afraid to pitch to him, or push him to AA and not worry if he struggles?

Lugnut Fan - Friday, July 08 2005 @ 10:46 AM EDT (#121861) #
Correction on the Auburn situation. They will pick the game up at 5:05 on August 14th.
Mike Green - Friday, July 08 2005 @ 11:01 AM EDT (#121863) #
Fisher Cat game notes are now available off their website. DL information, upcoming pitching probables and game times are all there. Speaking of which, the the Fisher Cat website asks if you want to be "the Queen City King", and tells us that it is on the lookout for Manchester's manliest man. I failed to surpress a giggle.
Jordan - Friday, July 08 2005 @ 11:04 AM EDT (#121864) #
Thanks for the correction, LF.
Mike D - Friday, July 08 2005 @ 11:04 AM EDT (#121865) #
Speaking of which, the the Fisher Cat website asks if you want to be "the Queen City King", and tells us that it is on the lookout for Manchester's manliest man. I failed to surpress a giggle.

Sounds like someone just disqualified himself. And you were our best hope, Mike G!
Marc Hulet - Friday, July 08 2005 @ 11:17 AM EDT (#121866) #
Aside from one season in the minors, Branyan never really hit for a high average.

Low-A ball
Russell Branyan: 277 at-bats, 120 strikeouts
Dallas McPherson: 499 at-bats, 128 strikeouts
Chip Cannon: 168 at-bats, 47 strikeouts

Cannon would have been on pace for 268 at-bats and 75 strikeouts, or Cannon would have been on pace for 504 at-bats and 141 strikeouts

High-A ball
Russell Branyan: 297 at-bats, 94 strikeouts
Dallas McPherson: 292 at-bats, 79 strikeouts
Chip Cannon: 112 at-bats, 32 strikeouts

Cannon is on pace for 291 at-bats with 83 strikeouts

By these numbers we can see that he is no where close to being Russell Branyan.

That said, Cannonís numbers bear a strong resemblance to McPhersonís career path, if not more impressive. Given the amount of hype around McPherson, I would say that that is a good thing.

Cannon Low-A .268 .351 .542 (11 homers in 168 at-bats)
McPher Low-A .277 .381 .427 (15 homers in 499 at-bats)

Cannon High-A .384 .465 .830 (14 homers in 112 at-bats)
McPher High A .308 .404 .606 (18 homers in 292 at-bats)
Mike Green - Friday, July 08 2005 @ 11:46 AM EDT (#121870) #
There are few other important differences between Cannon and McPherson. McPherson was a year younger. He is not yet 25, and he has a half-season in the majors under his belt. McPherson's A ball season was in the California League, a much more favorable hitter's environment. Of course, McPherson is a third baseman so the standards are a little different.

It looks like Cannon may have more power than McPherson, once you let the air out of McPherson's stats in Rancho Cucamonga and Salt Lake, although this remains to be seen. Cannon's target players would be in the Cecil Fielder/Richie Sexson vein.

It's all right to strike out 175 times in a season if you can hit 35 homers. While Dave Kingman was not a Hall of Famer, he was an effective player in his prime.
Thomas - Friday, July 08 2005 @ 01:15 PM EDT (#121879) #
I wonder how many fans were still in the stands when the game was suspended.
Erin - Friday, July 08 2005 @ 01:48 PM EDT (#121886) #
I was there when the game was suspended and there were probably a couple hundred fans left. It was fun to watch since everyone got into the game and were cheering for most of the time.
Marc Hulet - Friday, July 08 2005 @ 01:48 PM EDT (#121887) #
The Auburn newspaper article said a few hundred were still in the stands.
Nigel - Friday, July 08 2005 @ 02:11 PM EDT (#121890) #
One move that I would like to see the Jays make before the season is out is to move Cosby from AA to AAA. His season line (271 AB's)is now up to .295/.336/.506 (with 16/44 BB/K), but that has buried in it the terrible first month that all the New Hampshire hitters suffered. Since May 1 (203 AB's) he's posted a .310/.349/.571 line (with 12/27 BB/K). He doesn't walk much but he also doesn't strike out that much. He's 24 (having lost a full year last year to injury) so he's not overly young for AA. The one problem is that he plays the same position as Hattig but I think the Jays have to decide if he deserves a 40 man roster spot this winter so I'd like to see him pushed before the year ends.
Lugnut Fan - Friday, July 08 2005 @ 02:45 PM EDT (#121898) #
21 innings.........Man.........What else can be said. On another note. I am going to be at the MLB Futures Game on Sunday. I will see if I can get a decent pic of Zack Jack in his garb.
MatO - Friday, July 08 2005 @ 04:34 PM EDT (#121921) #
I mentioned the Cannon/Mcpherson comparison a few weeks ago. If Cannon were to move to AA then they would have been at the same level at the same age of 23 and a more direct comparison could be made. It's spooky that they both went to the Citadel as well.

Cosby is having that Chacin-like "I didn't realize he was playing so well" season.
MatO - Friday, July 08 2005 @ 04:36 PM EDT (#121922) #
Oh yeah. Cannon has 4 triples this season. He may be slow but he's no Cecil Fielder! Actually 4 triples for a slow guy is pretty amazing.
Jordan - Friday, July 08 2005 @ 04:40 PM EDT (#121924) #
Cosby had a terrific June, which has raised his overall average. The Fisher Cats' June Report, now posted, has more details.
MatO - Friday, July 08 2005 @ 04:56 PM EDT (#121929) #
A heads-up from deserthoosier on another thread and cross-referenced to minor league rosters seems to indicate that Casey Janssen has been promoted to AA.
Pistol - Friday, July 08 2005 @ 05:56 PM EDT (#121941) #
Speaking of which, the the Fisher Cat website asks if you want to be "the Queen City King", and tells us that it is on the lookout for Manchester's manliest man

DAMN! I used to live in Manchester, NH. If they had that contest (and a team) 7 years ago I would have soooo been there.....or maybe not.

Lugnut Fan - Saturday, July 09 2005 @ 12:09 AM EDT (#121962) #
Yes Janssen was promoted to New Hampshire. The whole promotion tree kind of shook out like this. Janssen to New Hampshire, Mark Sopko from Lansing to Dunedin to replace Janssen and then Aaron Tressler to Lansing to replace Sopko.
Rob - Saturday, July 09 2005 @ 12:17 AM EDT (#121963) #
No Scott Dragicevich, eh? There goes that wild rumour.
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