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Sorry, Wilson Alvarez, Wilson Betemit and Wilson Delgado. Sorry, Hall of Fame RHSP Amost Wilson Rusie and former Jay Woodrow Wilson Williams; this look at Hall of Names teams for the most common surnames in North America lands us on the 11th of the 25 of those most commone last/family names, and on #8 overall -- Wilson.

As of this writing, there have been 65 Wilsons to appear in big league uniforms, including one actually named George Wilson -- though presumably not the same one who lived next to Dennis "The Menace" Mitchell, as per the reference in the headline -- who spent some time in the outfield of the White Sox, Giants and Yankees from 1952-56.

George was just a .191 career hitter, though, so if he makes this roster, the All-Wilson squad is probably in some trouble. Not to worry though, as we have had eight Wilsons make All-Star teams, and one of those Hacked his way into Cooperstown.

Now let's meet ...

25 Most Common
North American Surnames

And links to their HoN Teams, if complete
  1. Smith
  2. Johnson
  3. Williams
  4. Jones
  5. Brown
  6. Davis
  7. Miller
  8. Wilson
  9. Moore
  10. Taylor
  11. Anderson
  12. Thomas
  13. Jackson
  14. White (Gray/Black)
  15. Harris
  16. Martin
  17. Thompson
  18. Garcia
  19. Martinez
  20. Robinson
  21. Clark
  22. Rodriguez
  23. Lewis
  24. Lee
  25. Walker
The Beach Boys (All-Wilson)
If you don't get that reference, read this, with Love.
** indicates Hall of Famer
* indicates All-Star

Player/MGR: Jimmie Wilson (493-735 over nine years; only Wilson to manage)

C Jimmie Wilson* (two-time All-Star hit .284 over 18 years)
1B Pittsburgh Craig Wilson (.269, 76 homers through 2004)
2B Artie L. Wilson (Negro League star was 4-for-22 for '51 NYG)
SS Jack Wilson* (2004 All-Star hit .308 that year)
3B St. Louis Craig Wilson (.251, 1989-93)
LF Hack Wilson** (56 homers in 1930; 244 career)
CF Willie Wilson* (.285, 668 steals over 19 seasons)
RF Glenn Wilson* (1985 All-Star hit .266, 98 homers in 10 years)
DH Preston Wilson* (.265, 146 homers through 2004)

Note: Neither of the Craig Wilsons who start at the infield corners have a middle name listed so they are tagged with the city they have or had played the most games with to differentiate them.

C Dan Wilson* (1996 All-Star at .263 through 2004)
IF Enrique Wilson (.246 in eight seasons through 2004)
OF Chief Wilson (.269, 54 homers, 1908-16)
OF Mookie Wilson (.274 over 12 seasons)
UTIL Parke Wilson (mostly a C, hit .265 did all but P, 1893-99)

RHSP Don Wilson* ('71 All-Star was 104-92 before death at 29)
LHSP Trevor Wilson (41-46, 1988-98)
RHSP Jim A. Wilson* (three-time All-Star was 86-89 career)
RHSP Earl Wilson (121-109 from 1959-70)
RHSP Paul Wilson (39-53 through 2004)

CL-R "Black" Jack Wilson (68-72, 20 saves, 1934-42)
RHRP Bill H. Wilson (9-15, 17 saves, 1969-73)
LOOGY Duane Wilson (0-0. 5.68 for 1958 BOS)
LHRP Steve Wilson (13-18, 6 saves, 1988-93)
LONG-RH Zeke Wilson (33-20 1896-97, 52-44 career)

Frankly, it's not much of a team compared to some others we've put together (and wait 'til you see the All-Robinson team) ... which leads me to conclude, naturally, you Wilson, you lose some ...

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Mike Green - Tuesday, September 06 2005 @ 09:31 AM EDT (#127463) #
Earl Wilson was quite a good hitter, perhaps the best-hitting pitcher of the 60s. During the period 64-68, he hit 29 homers in under 500 ABs, and was understandably used from time to time as a pinch-hitter.
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