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Two teams this time, one of which is composed of players sharing surnames with DC Comics' stable of superheroes, and the second is similar but with Marvel heroes. I made the arbitrary rule to restrict each team to a single player/hero with a given last name, but I'm not above fudging the spelling a little bit if it gives us a cooler team.

** Hall of Famers

* All-Stars


MANAGER: Bucky Harris** (Berta Haris—Nightwind)

C: Gary Carter** (Michael Carter—Booster Gold)
1B: Jeff Burroughs* (Drake Burroughs—Wildfire)
2B: Jeff Kent* (Clark Kent—Superman)
SS: Jose Reyes* (Jaime Reyes—Blue Beetle)
3B: Ray Knight* (Ted Knight—Starman)
OF: Sam Thompson** (Tex Thompson—Mr. America)
OF: Dusty Baker* (Buddy Baker—Animal-Man)
OF: Sam Rice** (Todd Rice—Obsidian)
DH: Dick Allen* (Barry Allen—Flash)

C: Tom Prince (Diana Prince—Wonder Woman)
IF: Joe Gordon* (Barbara Gordon—Batgirl/Oracle)
IF: Cecil Travis* (Lee Travis—Crimson Avenger)
IF: Pete O'Brien (Eel O'Brien—Plastic Man)
OF: Carl Everett* (Will Everett—Amazing-Man)
OF: Brian Jordan* (Hal Jordan—Green Lantern)

P: Mordecai 'Three-Finger' Brown** (Stephanie Brown—Spoiler/Robin)
P: Dave Stewart* (John Stewart—Green Lantern)
P: Jim Palmer** (Ray Palmer—Atom)
P: Billy Pierce* (Jefferson Pierce—Black Lightning)
P: Mike Scott* (Alan Scott—Green Lantern)

RP: Rod Beck* (CeCe Beck—Thunder)
RP: Steve Farr (Rita Farr—Elasti-Girl)
RP: Jeff Nelson* (Kent Nelson—Dr. Fate)
RP: Gary Nolan* (Andrew Nolan—Ferro Lad)
RP: Mel Rojas (Bernal Rojas—Bushmaster)

LEFT OFF TEAM: P Matt Cain (Cassandra Cain—Batgirl), P Mel Queen (Ollie Queen—Green Arrow), P Steve Stone (Vic Stone—Cyborg), P Tim Wakefield (Jeremy Wakefield—Tuatara), P Jack Armstrong (Mark Armstrong—Centrix), P Glendon Rusch (Jason Rusch—Firestorm), RP Marvin Freeman (Freddy Freeman—Captain Marvel Jr.), RP Justin Wayne (Bruce Wayne—Batman), RP Mike Trujillo (John Trujillo—Black Condor), OF Darrell Whitmore (Courtney Whitmore—Stargirl), OF Jay Payton (Will Payton—Starman), IF Jim Mason (Rex Mason—Metamorpho), IF Tim Cullen (Jazmin Cullen—Kid Quantum), IF Danny Sandoval (Rafael Sandoval—El Diablo), IF Hee Seop Choi (Ryan Choi—Atom), C Harry Sage (Vic Sage—the Question)


MANAGER: Charlie Grimm (Ben Grimm—The Thing)

C: Paul Richards (Reed Richards—Mr. Fantastic)
1B: Vic Power* (Alex, Jack, Julie and Katie Power—the Power Pack)
2B: Ross Barnes (Bucky Barnes—Bucky/Winter Soldier)
SS: Honus Wagner** (Kurt Wagner—Nightcrawler)
3B: Craig Worthington (Warren Worthington—Angel)
OF: Dave Parker* (Peter Parker—Spider-Man)
OF: Hack Wilson** (Sam Wilson—Falcon)
OF: Larry Walker* (Patsy Walker—Hellcat)
DH: Ted Williams** (Simon Williams—Wonder Man)

IF: Casey Blake (Don Blake—Thor)
IF: Maxie Bishop (Kate Bishop—Hawkeye)
OF: Carlos Lee* (Jubilation Lee—Jubilee)
OF: George Foster* (Bill Foster—Goliath)
OF: J.D. Drew (Jessica Drew—Spider-Woman)
IF: Johnny Logan* (Logan—Wolverine)

P: Steve Rogers* (Steve Rogers—Captain America)
P: Tim Hudson* (James MacDonald Hudson—Guardian)
P: Walter Johnson** (Tyrone Johnson—Cloak)
P: Mudcat Grant* (Greer Grant—Tigra)
P: Bucky Walters* (Jennifer Walters—She-Hulk)

RP: Pete Munro (Ororo Munroe—Storm)
RP: Steve Sinclair (Rahne Sinclair—Wolfsbane)
RP: Arthur Rhodes (James Rhodes—Iron Man/War Machine)
RP: Mark Guthrie (Sam Guthrie—Cannonball)
RP: Jeff Gray (Jean Grey—Marvel Girl/Phoenix)

LEFT OFF TEAM: P Dave Frost (Emma Frost—White Queen), P Kickapoo Ed Summers (Scott Summers—Cyclops), P James Baldwin (Robbie Baldwin—Speedball/Penance), C Matt Stark (Tony Stark—Iron Man), OF Paul Blair (Alison Blaire—Dazzler), OF Bobby Ayala (Hector Ayala—White Tiger), OF Curtis Pride (Kitty Pryde—Ariel/Sprite/Shadowcat), IF Benny McCoy (Hank McCoy—Beast), IF Mike Morse (Bobbi Morse—Mockingbird), IF Doug Strange (Dr. Stephen Strange), C Gordon Mackenzie (Namor Mackenzie—Sub-Mariner)

It looks like DC's roster fills out a little more evenly, but Marvel has better star power (if you’ve got Ted Williams, Honus Wagner and Walter Johnson, it makes up for a lot). Can anyone help improve these teams? Face front, true believers!

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Mick Doherty - Saturday, October 13 2007 @ 12:01 AM EDT (#175270) #
Genius. Bravissimo. One of the Top 20 Hall of Names efforts done to date (Hey, there have been more than 280 -- that's high praise!) ...

The only quibble I have is that you can't really play Burroughs at 1B -- he only played there a half dozen times in a long career. But there's an easy fix -- your DH, Allen, was a 1B, so just flip those two and you're good.

And bonus points for the classic Terry Cashman reference in the headline!

Parker - Monday, October 22 2007 @ 04:47 PM EDT (#175425) #
Way to get Speedball in there, even if he didn't make the team.  Nice work; reading over the Marvel roster sure brought back some memories.
Hall of Names: Yogi Read the Comics All the While | 2 comments | Create New Account
The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.