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Today is Tax Day in the United States, that annual 'holiday" which "permits" U.S. citizens (like me) to send some inordinantly huge percentage of our income to the U.S. government's Internal Revenue Service.

It'd be easy to throw together an all-financial Hall of Names team -- hey, actually, we already did that, back in April of 2004, and names like Cash, Money, Bonds, Penny and Banks filled that roster.

But today is all about taxes, the anti-Money (sorry, Don) ... so can we build a Hall of Names roster on this premise? Well, we certainly have a team captain in ...

1930s OF Suitcase Bob Seeds whose given name, Ira Robert Seeds, makes him literally the only true I.R.S. agent in the history of the Great Game.

However, there has never been a player in the game's history with the name "Tax" (or even with that as part of his name) ... near as I can tell, the closest we can come is a misspelled nickname for Clifford "Tacks" Latimer, a cuppajoe backup catcher (five years, five teams, 86 career at-bats) around the turn of the 19th/20th century.

So let's get creative -- heh, filing tax returns always inspires rare "creative" bursts! -- and figure out who has names related to today's U.S. anti-holiday.

Anyone? Ante up ...

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Mike Green - Tuesday, April 15 2008 @ 12:49 PM EDT (#182756) #
This is definitely Burley territory.  There are no IRAs that I could find, nor any RRSPs, but Ronald Peter Perranowski garners the save in more ways than one.
hugo - Tuesday, April 15 2008 @ 01:03 PM EDT (#182757) #
Hmm, how about Braggo Roth, "the Globetrotter," a dead-ball era outfielder with a career 123 OPS+ over 8 seasons, in honor of the Roth IRA, one of the most tax-preferred investment vehicles? 
Mick Doherty - Tuesday, April 15 2008 @ 01:22 PM EDT (#182760) #

Well, Seeds was an Ira, if not an IRA. --- there have actually been about a dozen MLB players named Ira, not counting the fat toad hissownself, Hideki Irabu ....

As for RRSP, I guess that would (sort of) qualify any righty swing man (Right-handed Relief/Starting Pitcher = RRSP?)

vw_fan17 - Tuesday, April 15 2008 @ 02:41 PM EDT (#182763) #
Well, I'm not very good at this, but, using bbref, maybe we can find something.. (I think this is my first ever try, so go easy on me!)

C - Matthew "Dodge" Nokes, 1985-1995, All-Star/Silver Slugger in 1987
1B - Pat Sean Tabler (Mr. PST!) - All-Star in 1987 (wow, didn't realize he had a lifetime SLG of 379 - for a 1B/DH??)
2B - Wayne TOLLeson - played 409 games SS, but also 292 2B..
3B - John "Dodge", 1912-1913 with PHI/CIN, OPS of 78 in 1913.. (maybe a defensive specialist?)
SS - Ed Sales (Tax), 1890, OPS of 88 for PIT
OF - Travis "1040EZ"i (Ezi), career minor leaguer so far, OPS of 671...
OF - Fred S Treacy (FST) - OPS+ of 78 from 1871-1876..
OF - Darrell Sales (Tax) - Rookie league for LAA, OPS of 687
Danny Darwin (nickname: Dr. Death - only two things in life are certain...)
Tom Filer (it seems he submitted his taxes :-)
Brian TOLLberg, 15-16 from 2000-2003 for SDP, ERA+ of 90

Bob File
Sam Dodge - Career ERA+ of 80 in 7 IP in 1921/1922 with Boston..
Jake Thies (Given Name: Vernon Arthur Thies - VAT) - lifetime ERA+ of 108 in 134 IP in 1954/55 for PIT (started 19 games, appeared in 34)

Note: there was a Mr. GST (Gregory Steven Tabor), but.. with 9 career PA, OPS+ of -14, well...

Ok, gotta run.. Work calls..
CaramonLS - Tuesday, April 15 2008 @ 03:15 PM EDT (#182765) #

Tommy Fine

Jack Fee  - handedness unknown, 40IP.  31:10 BB/K ratio.

Matthew E - Tuesday, April 15 2008 @ 10:13 PM EDT (#182777) #
1B/OF Ed Levy.
Dave Rutt - Wednesday, April 16 2008 @ 03:30 AM EDT (#182780) #
How bout getting a hall of famer in there? (Whi)TEY FOR(d)
Mike Green - Wednesday, April 16 2008 @ 11:02 AM EDT (#182790) #
Is Jake "Estate" Freeze too remote? The Canadian version of the IRS is the Canada Revenue Agency or CRA; CRA will get you Calvin Ross Abrams, who was actually a useful player for a few years there.
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The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.